TiPb Asks: So how's iOS 5 working for you?

iOS 5 for iPhone and iPad walkthrough

So... how's iOS 5 working for you? Apple opened the gates of update yesterday and unleashed a ton of new software so did you manage to download what you needed? Was it smooth sailing or did you have problems? Did it work out eventually or are you still having issues? Did you update all your iOS devices already or are you waiting on some?

For those of you who've updated successfully to iOS 5, do you like it? Is it what you expected? Are the new features implemented well for you? Anything surprisingly good or surprisingly bad? Any iOS 5 bugs driving you nuts, or hidden gems that just made your day?

One day later and one version ahead, how is iOS 5 working for you?

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TiPb Asks: So how's iOS 5 working for you?



I had a problem where when in Mail, if I hit the "All Inboxes" tab, my other two email accounts showed up, but iCloud didn't, even though everything looked fine under Settings->Mail, Contacts, and Calendars. I went to Settings->iCloud and hit the Delete Account button, told it NOT to delete the content on my iPhone, then re-created it and BOOM! It now works just as expected - before I did this I even was getting some strange failure messages when I sent test emails to that account. Good luck!

I was expecting all the mail accounts on my iPad to sync to iCloud, so needless to say, the fact that the only thing I get is a new @me.com account is a let-down

I thought you could reply to a text right from the locked notification screen without having to unlock the phone (by tapping and swiping the text icon).

It was a rough updating experience. From the server issues to a 3194 error once the server was finally up. Took a while but got it done and it do far pretty happy with the speed, notifications and the speedier camera.

iOS 5 is amazing on my iPhone 4 and iPad 2. I had no issues upgrading either device. The new features are killer... very satisfied customer. However, I'm wary to upgrade my wife's 3GS until I hear some anecdotes from others.

Upgraded my 3GS last night and it's working flawlessly. So far all of the new features I've tested are as advertised.

Yeah, same here on my black 3GS. The phone is quite a bit snappier too, although my battery life is quite shorter (probably from my CONSTANT use over the last 5 hours!).

I upgraded my 3GS last night, and I'm very happy with the results. I expected some performance issues, but so far, so good.

No problem with 3GS did THE iPad2 first, than the rest was easy and smooth. Had to wait till this morning, because of the error that drove the world nuts:-)

I upgraded my iTouch and iPad 2 and it's been smooth sialing for me bar the factt hat location based reminders arnt there for me. I have had that problem as well with the beta versions and though it would be there now but no such luck.

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Works great for me. It seems to make my iPhone 4 faster and I love how I am saving SMS by using iMessage. Haven't converted to iCloud yet since my computer won't support Lion. Worried I'd lose over-the-air sync and iCloud won't work with Snow Leopard.

Since my iPhone 4's SIM slot died, I don't really have a reason to upgrade to iOS 5 as my 4S will be here tomorrow morning. I can't wait to see it though. I still have my 3GS too, but I'm running 3.1.3, and I hear I can sell it for big bucks because it's still completely unlocable. My 4S cannot get here soon enough!!!

Install took a little longer than expected. I would like to see Gmail integrate with Reminders and the Reminder app notify you when you approach a location not in your contacts list. For example, it would be nice to set any location and as you approach the location you get a notification.

I wish the Cult would have put the multitasking bar in the drop down instead of still having to double click the home button....

I recently chanced upon a developer version of Windows 8, and I really liked the way users get to pick among open applications. I thought that would be a good way.

it is failed afrer a few hours backing up and sycn. one my friend's failed too and loss 166 apps and can't restore from itune, a lots of errors.

Is the notification center supposed to be on the lock screen on 3gs (with the weather and stocks, etc)? It's not showing on mine. Other than that, smooth sailing, after the 6 hr download.

I'm freaking LOVING the new features.. some of you guys should read a GUIDE or really explore things before saying it's disappointing... i'll give yall some hints. You know you can make Photo Albums now? you can also customize EACH applications (the built in ones) text sound. So sounds for different things. There's much much more as well, keep exploring people i'm finding new and cool stuff everytime i look around.

I had no problem upgrading either my iPhone 4 or iPad 2 to iOS 5. I just got it up on my iPhone and am still playing with it, but my two favorite iPad features are the multitasking gestures and split keyboard.

Love it on iPhone 4. Upgrading was quick and easy. I love all the new features and iCloud. My fiance just ordered a 4s and I'm curious to try out the features I don't have.

Upgraded a 3GS phone. Upgrade was "smooth", but painfully slow between the massive download and the synching, backing up, synching again, rebooting over and over. Once it was finally over, I noticed i couldn't see all my apps on my phone. I heavily use the folder capability and have over 200 apps on my phone. When the upgrade finished, only 10% of my apps were still in folders and the rest were unorganized outside of the folders. I could find my missing apps when I searched my iPhone, but I couldn't see the icon anywhere. I finally figured out that the apps had exceeded the pages iOS allows and until I started moving apps back into folders and creating room, I wasn't going to be able to see them. In addition to this, even though I created more room for the apps to be seen, I still couldn't see them until I shut down my phone and restarted. Big pain! Not to mention that iTunes no longer displays my apps as I see them on my phone which I used to use as an alternate way to organize my apps. Instead, it only displays them as a list, so now I have to move everything using the touch screen which can be frustrating at times.
Not a total fail, but an inconvenient side effect of the upgrade. Otherwise, I'm enjoying the new features iOS 5 has brought.

Couple other issues i failed to mention. I seem to have duplicates in my contact list now that I didn't have before. Not sure how this happened. Also, my bluetooth setting got switched to "On" during the upgrade. I originally was noticing a lot more battery usage after the upgrade. We'll see if by turning this back off if it goes back to normal.

Well, My iPhone 4 was fairly easy to update. My iPad, however, has taken forever. There were all kinds of problems and it went in recovery mode. I tried multiple times to restore. It would get to the end and then say that there was a problem. I was thinking of making a genius bar appointment, but I decided to try it ONE MORE TIME. Guess what?! It finally worked and is currently restoring apps and music. I LOVE iMessage. I like how it shows you when they are typing and the way it shows up on all devices instantly. While it wasn't the smoothest transition ever, I do always enjoy the new updates from Apple. :)

Working well, few things I'd like to see added though

  1. Wifi/BTooth/GPS toggles in the pull down notification centre
  2. Proper lock screen info (like IntelliScreen) rather than just notifications that clear everything if you open just 1.

I was one ofthe people that waited in line for the first iPhone and have had every iOS version since. This is by far the best iOS I have used. My favorite part is the notification center. iMessage is also pretty darn cool.
I have had a few hiccups with iCloud and I hear that I am not alone in that. Hopefully, that will be corrected soon.

Been using the GM For about a week, and mostly liking it. 3 gripes so far:
1) A little less stable -- I have had to hard reset twice in that week.
2) Battery life seems a bit shorter, though hard to say for sure
3) GIVE ME BACK ABILITY TO TOGGLE ALL NOTIFICATIONS OFF! For meetings or for a peaceful overnight, this was a huge feature of 4.x, and doing it app-by-app in 5.0 is by comparison cumbersome and easy to miss.

Not sure if you normally have bluetooth on all the time, but I noticed that after the upgrade my bluetooth was set to "On" which I don't usually have set and I know this will use more battery. Just a thought.

You mean those cheap android phones that had all those features since day one? Some perspective please.

That must be why nobody buys them then and why Android has hardly any market share right?
The best thing for iOS is strong competition but leave that nuance to us thinkers OK?
You go ahead, pick a team and RARA! like the mindless consumer you are.

Everything went smoothly with my upgrade yesterday, but I can't get the LED alert to work. I've been waiting for this since switching from by Blackberry last year. Has anyone else had this problem?

It worked ok for me but had a few hangups. I encountered a -5000 error, couldn't find help on it but applied other fixes I saw in the forums (airplane mode, reboots on everything) and that helped. After that install went well just took a long time as well as the iCloud sync. I got fully up and running after about 2.5 hours and have been tweaking my phone since but likening 5. It's making my 3GS a little sluggish and I can't close folders with a swipe anymore, have to use the home button. That's the only issue I currently have. Looking to do it all again on my 4S tomorrow!!

It took forever to finally get it installed, I love the new notifications and being able to use custom sms tones but I'm disappointed that I still have to sync to itunes to delete pictures and I'm told I have to plug into power to wireless sync, that would be my usb port on my laptop for me so no difference.

Connect your iPhone to your itunes Manually. There is a box that you check indicating that you want to sync over wi-fi. Then go to settings on your phone and turn on sync over wi-fi. Now make sure your PC or Mac is on the same network as your phone. Now if everything is done correctly you will see your phone show up under the devices in itunes as if it was connected via usb! One word of caution though, to make your life easier make sure your phone is plugged into a power source before you do any syncing or iTunes wont be able to find your device and you will have to close out iTunes and then re open it.

So far so good. Some hiccups on the update download. Still, just worried about iCloud and security.

I am loving the new features my 3GS has now that I have updated to iOS 5. Battery life is a little diminished but other than that so worth the time it took to update.

Upgrade of an iPad2 did hit the dreaded 3200 error and a second before I could get the number but it WIPED my iPad2 clean - bricked - full restore from the latest iTunes backup, then did 5.0 install... Seemed to go well, the only thing that was missing was the content of the 'Inbox' folder of the 3-rd party POP3 mail I use... easily reproducible if required...
The absolute biggest bitch I have is NOT about the IOS upgrade, but the lack of follow-thru from Apple on making good a commitment they made on Aug 28 that Snow Leopard 10.6.8 would be grandfathered in for iCloud.. IT'S NOT. So now I'm stuck in this half-in, half-out mode where my laptop is MobileMe, my iPad and iPhone are iCloud. and the kinda, sorta, maybe talk to each other...
OH, and one final issue... Apple had also said in the past that they would make additional storage available to older MobileMe accounts that migrated over - NOT... 5G - that's it....

Here is Apple Stupidity. I may just switch to Android for this... Photos. Management. Where the hell did Apple come up with this scheme?!?!?! Camera Roll - I want to move all existing pics into an "Archive" folder that I created (Archive folder will not sync because it isn't the Photostream folder or the Camera Roll folder) So After I copy all files into the Archive folder, I want to remove what is in the Camera Roll. I CAN'T! If I delete them in the Camera Roll, they delete from the Archive Folder as well?!?! What the hell is the use of that? Then I think, Well I will just move them into the photo stream folder so that they are backed up to the cloud nice and safe and then I can delete them from camera roll. I CAN'T! it won't let me copy into Photo stream. So again. What is the use? Not only that, I don't want EVERY Pic I take showing up in Photo stream and downloaded to all my devices. So why can't I take Pics and then move what I want into PhotoStream? I'll tell you why... Because Apple is a bunch of controlling freaks who do not seem to understand that we can take care of our own files thank you very much. AAARGH!.. BTW, I failed to read the small print when I tried to remove the photos from my camera roll and accidently deleted ALL my photos because I figured that the ones I just copied to another folder would stay there.

I agree with you 100%. Im also wondering why in the heck won't they let us delete photos in the photos stream from our phone?????I know its in beta but being able to determine what we put in the stream would be nice, this all or nothing feature Im not liking at all.

I totaly agree. It's too controling. I'm seriously thinking of going windows 8 or android. I just played with a android phone and found I can send songs from one device to another! Wtf.

Funny how you assume properly = your way thus properly <> anybody else's way. I haven't moved to iCloud and I know perfectly well my options, complaining and assuming are not part of the process. Reading and fact finding are.

I a bit confused. My family all has iPhones/iPod Touch's and an iPad. We all use a single Apple ID for apps, Find My iPhone, ect. Plus we have a spare iPhone as the "House" phone. How do I set that all up so we are iCloud'ed together?

Have everyone make separate iTunes accounts, then confusion won't be a problem. If you're looking for a free iTunes account, look it up in google and then you will be set

I cant get my iCloud back up to work. I get a message that says iCloud backup failed. There was a problem enabling iCloud backup...anyone know about this??

I'm having the same problem backing up my iPod (tried twice) but successfully backed up iPad. I guess it' the same problem, too many people backing up at the same time..

Love it. I wish I had the ability to change the amount of time that the notification stays on the top of the screen.

It's super fast I love iMessage and notification center iCloud is awesome
Works beautiful on my iPhone 4
And the battery life is much improve

Went from MobilMe to iCloud last night. Now my incoming @me mail is buggy. The server keeps going down.
I would much rather keep my Gallery than this stupid Photo Stream.

Having some issues w/ Spotify this morning. Or any streaming music service. anytime I open a new app, the streaming shuts down or skips...

I'm not sure if that is an iOS5 issue or spotify issue...it worked seemlessly before I upgraded. I'm not as impressed as i thought i'd be, but I enjoy the new features

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Yeah seems to be running down a bit faster. Hopefully there will be a fix for that soon.

I'm not only totally underwhelmed, but the more I use it, the more bugs I find. Safari has a text-shadow bug that leaves text blurry after resize, along with JavaScript/jquery not working.
The esquire iPad app is also broken.
Add to that last nights bullshit upgrading, Apple are very much on this weeks shitlist. It's not like they didn't have ages to get this right.

Error 3200 first try on iPhone 4. Second try completed successfully. Error 1642 first try on iPad. Second try completed successfully.

Yes it does , I have iOS 5 on My iPhone 4 and it works Great , I have the gevey Ultra to unlock it I'm on t-mobile .

I updated lion, aperture 3, ipad2 and iPhone 4. All updates went smoothly and I'm loving every new feature. I'm typing this using the new iPad split keyboard and I think it's such an improvement over the docked keyboard when your holding the iPad.

I had some issues attempting to download and install the new OS, mostly just because of busy servers. But once it was installed, everything proceeded without a hitch....it was just SLOW. So far, I'm liking the improvements, although I am sure there are things I don't yet realize have changed. Don't totally understand the whole iCloud thing (like how to get it all up and running), but I am sure I will figure that out with time. I REALLY like the fact that I will no longer have to wait until I can get to my computer to update the OS.
The only concern is that my battery seems to be draining a bit faster. What's up with that??

DUH! Now that your iDevice is actually doing more things and processes running in the background like retrieving info for your notifications, of course you will see more battery drain. It's not magic, make your device able to do more work, it will consume more energy. Now you understand why Android OS drains batteries.

What happened to putting the camera button on the lock screen? I've checked settings and everything, it's not there?

Double click your home button when in sleep or at the lock screen. Then you'll see it. Not entirely sure why apple chose only to put it on the second screen, but once you know the shortcut, it's not bad.

everything works so far except icloud backups and newstand can't be put into a folder other than that im good.

I was thinking the same thing. At least for my iPad2. My phone I wasn't so sure. But I thought I would give the OS a chance. Not play around for two seconds and then go back. Then I can appreciate what I missed.
To be fair, I do miss SBSettings and getting my Notifications on the Lock screen. But those were the main features that I used. I didn't want to go bananas with theming and stuff.
So far, I'm happy. We'll see when the untethered jailbreak comes out as to what I will do. I wasn't going to JB my iP4 when I got it. That lasted a month and a half. ;)

Minor gripe, but I can't put the Newsstand icon in a folder!! I don't use magazine or paper subscriptions on my iPhone4 and don't want to look at the app constantly! Grrrr.
Otherwise the install went flawlessly, took about an hour and ten minutes or so grand total.

I have a folder for some of the unused system apps, called: drumroll "Unused Apps". I put it on a 3rd screen so I never even have to see the folder... I'm a bit upset I could put the newsstand icon in that folder, but nothing stopped me from putting it right beside that folder. ;) If you don't wanna see it, MOVE it?

you can hide newsstand by making another folder with two diff icons. i have 2 apps in a folder...so i sep the two and readded em but quickly got newsstand over on into it and bam...it doesn't even show once the apps are into one folder....but when you open newsstand it may cause your phone to go whack or pop back out.

Yes it does, I have ios 5 On my iPhone 4 & it works Flawlessly I have No problems, I unlocked with the gevey ultra sim card :)

Spent several hours trying to update my iPad 2 but so far I keep getting error 3200. I believe it's a server overload issue but it's doing my head in lol.

I had exactly the same problem. It has to do with your proxy, or maybe your firewall. Try with an "open" internet connection. I was upgrading to iOS 5at my job. I went to my house and everything worked great ;).

I have a 3GS and everything is working fine, except for the fact that there are no location based reminders (why apple?). My only problem is backing up to the cloud. Its just about impossible. But i guess that will become easier when apples servers get a break!

I've been having the same issue. I can iMessage with others on my iPhone, but can't see that conversation on my iPad. Any thoughts?

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I downloaded and installed it yesterday afternoon, and I honestly have to say... BEST iOS EVER! Not only does my 3GS run smoother, but the new features are fantastic. Drastic improvement in camera load speed, additional ringtones (finally!), better Safari performance, the list goes on. If you haven't taken the time to do it yet, do yourself a favor and download already.

The upgrade completely crashed my 3Gs. I had to return to ATT to have them restore the phone. I'll wait until my 4s arrives.

Upgraded my iPad and iPhone 4 thru the direct download link rather than iTunes last night, much quicker download than iTunes. Function and features is ok so far. Like the new notifications feature but wish there was a way to get rid of the stock ticker. Not using iCloud services except for Find My Iphone but am using the wifi sync which absolutely rocks. Expect a very long initial sync as it backs up for the first time, after that it only backs up what has changed, or so "they" say.
I'm getting some significant batter drain, as in 100% to 80% in a little over 2 hours with minimal background apps, 60% screen brightness, no bluetooth but am running wifi. Under 4.3.3 i could go all day with same settings and still be 70+%. Hope they release a battery drain fix soon.
UPDATE: I did figure out how to get rid of the stock ticker in the notification feature. Settings>Notifications>Stock Widget>Off

No real troubles. Download and install went smoothly although I did the download over my speedy work connection and then did the install later at home.
I noted two minor problems. The button to access the camera from the lock screen only appears sporadically and when I try to edit the order of items in the notification center, it doesn't retain my settings

to unlock the camera button on the lockscreen just double tap the home button. it's not available always. Just a double tap on home and hit the button.

Not related to iOS5, the only thing that pissed me off so far is when I went to restore my settings, it wiped my apps out. I did a back up earlier, but can't seem to get them back on my phone. Of course I updated my wife's phone this morning and it worked flawlessly. Hate not having the same look that I had before...had to start all over.

I love iOS 5, but really don't like the Newstand "folder." Major eyesore IMO and wish that I could stuff it in another folder instead of keeping it out.

I agree. I don't subscribe to any magazines so Newsstand is basically useless to me. I wish I could delete it or at the very least stuff it into a folder.
I love the new notifications though! Major plus!

This x 10000000000. I'm never going to use this App, I want to get rid of it, or at the very least hide it.

Actually you CAN put it in a folder but it requires some slight of hand on your part. Take 2 apps and put one on top of the other to create a folder as usual. At the exact moment the animation begins, you must quickly drag Newsstand into the folder. Make sure you don't open Newsstand while in the folder, however. The springboard will crash.

The install was a major headache, but that was to be expected with Apple's servers being hammered. Eventually, after restoring the phone due to it being stuck in recovery mode and using a backup I made last week, iOS 5 was up and running.
My iPhone 4 is actually faster. It's snappier as far as app switching, opening the camera, etc. Almost zero lag time. I love the new notifications. The only glitch I had was the disappearing icons (remember that from 4.2 (or 4.1, I can't remember)? A hard restart solved that, though.

I was excited to try the airplay mirroring with Real Racing 2 HD on my apple TV. Awesome! The mirroring is seamless. The game filled the screen and it was like playing on an xbox or playstation. The graphics are beautiful and the experience was unexpected. This is the future. Now if they just allow the apple tv to be its own wireless router then you can take this experience with you on the road.

The new features are great. The download screwed up my calendars and took forever and kept moving my apps. Still not sure about the icloud back up though. I don't like that it says "text message" where you type. I know what goes there in that box, I don't need instructions. I also think the notification switches look cheap with the circular design. I love how everything effortlessly syncs.

Bluetooth Audio does not have volume control, slidebar moves but volume doesnt change. wasnt ever an issue in 4.3.

I'm finding a few bugs. Photos I've synced to iPhone show up in duplicate albums, and notifications are coming thru for an app even though I have notifications turned off in settings.

At first upgrading to iOS5 was a oh-hum. But I did print out the features list prior to upgrading and the more I discover, the more I get amazed at how many features are availble. Nothing really wows me, but I definitely feel more complete. Its like growing that 5th finger on your hand, things are just easier to manage now.

I really like the new notifications system but can be improved. I don't like badges, so I wish there was an indicator on the status bar that shows un-viewed notifications so I could turn off all badges.

The download took for ever and screwed up my apps and calendars. I like the notifications center. Not sure about the iCloud back up thought. I think the circular switch design looks cheap and I also hate that it says "text message" in the text box like I don't know what's supposed to go there. I love the effortless syncing though. Not a fan of the news stand app because it can't be hidden in a holder, but I think the reminders app is great.

If I hear that your phone is now "snappier" one more time I am going to jump off a bridge.........
..jumps -____________-
iOS5 install was flawless from start to finish and everything is running smoothly on my iPhone 4. Can't wait to get my 4S 32GB White tomorrow!!

It took a long time to get it loaded, and synced last night, maybe 3 hours, but it's complete, and so far so good. I haven't had the chance to play much. I did send a "card" just to try it, seemed to work very well

I can't get Twitter integration to work. It keeps giving me this:
"Error Signing In
The user name or password is incorrect."
even though I know for sure that I'm typing in the correct credentials. Been having this problem since Beta 3 so I thought it was just a Beta issue, but I guess not. I Googled it, but found no similar issues.

ios5 is working great for me! i love the new features, but ONE feature i was looking forward to was having easy access to the camera from the lock screen and i don't have that... was it only for the new iPhone 4s or was it supposed to come with the iOS 5? i tried using the volume button for shaping pictures and it works so i just thought maybe the easy access camera would be in the lock screen too?

Double click the home button while you are on the lock screen, and you should see the camera button.

Waited until last night to update so it went smoothly. I love the safari upgrades! No more stupid grey checkerboard on image laden sights, and reader is by far my favorite advancement. I love how everything backups to the cloud automatically, and iPad mirroring is great.
The one major flaw, and it's pretty effing major, is the lack of photostream editing. I do not need a 30 day record of every photo I take, and I think I shouldn't have to explain why. Also, the only way to get rid of those private photos is to reset the whole thing, and that can only be done from a computer! What ever happened to the whole "now people can enjoy their iOS device without ever owning a computer" selling point. Needless to say, I won't have that turned on until I can have a little more control over it.

I like the new operating system, but there are still some things that bother me. First the Pro: wireless sync of contacts so you dont need to connect your address book, and the fact that i can change my text msg tones to ringtones is great. Cons I dont really see iMessage as far as clarity of usage, but am willing to see how it works out. Just a couple of things I noticed.

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Really like Reminders, but it is pitifully limited on OS X (i.e. within iCal). Reminders could be a great productivity tool, nice and simple. But it has to function similarly between mobile devices and computers. Would be fantastic if look and feel were the same. And if they made data entry more streamlined.

I've been using iOS 5 since beta 1 and I have to say that the GM is working pretty well on my 3GS. It's stable for the most part and I don't notice too many lags. I can't wait until tomorrow when UPS shows up with my 4S and I get to try out all of the features (like location based reminders).
I also can't wait for TomTom to update things so that my purchases finally work with iOS 5.

Great update, 3GS here, works great and without jailbreak (it's the first time that I don't miss at all). I'm sure I have ten or more tweaks that I don't need anymore because they are in official release (even Mail Picture)
1) Status Bar Icons advising Notifications missed (even in lockscreen)
2) Delete from Notifications would delete red balloons in Mail (i.e.)
3) Answer SMS as biteSMS do
4) A sort of SBSettings ... I'm still needing Jailbreak
5) Get ipod controls swiping dock to right directly (without double click)
6) WHEN DO WE GET "Company" arrangement in Contacts. This is for Proffesional use too, I like sort my clients and providers with the company name (for now I use "Surname" as Company Name, and "Name" as the full name
7) I 'd like exit completly from an App if I want. Maybe with long click in home, or/and maybe "throwing away" the icon in multitask(without enter in editing mode)
1) I can't choose Locations in Reminder Application, even when I erase "reminder option" inside Exchange Mails (even deleted Exchange Mails and rebooting)
2) Still seeking ... I have noticed something strange but I can't remember now

As a member of the developer program (but nothing in the app store yet, too busy with school), I've been running all the betas. I never bumped up to the GM. After downloading the public release of iTunes 10.5 (on a brand new Air which had not been synced to yet) it told me I was up to date with 5.0, though I was still running beta 7 so I Just grabbed the ipsw from iClarified and took it from there. smooth sailing after that.

iCloud mail on the iMac isn't working properly as it keeps asking for the password. Can't covert my wife's mobil.me account because it says the server is too busy and try later.
I hate that the only option on setting up the sync is to merge the information. I wound up with double entries in my address book and calendar I had to go manually delete and the same with my bookmarks. Why they can't get sync down like dropbox is beyond me. They should have bought dropbox.

I like the wireless synch'ing and iCloud. But on my iPad2, double click home on the lock screen doesn't show a camera icon (it does on my iPhone 4). I like the update, but it's making a massive difference to my usage.

Mine's working great on the 3GS....couldn't be happier. No issues at all thus far. Just waiting on the 4s to arrive tomorrow!!

IOS5 for both iPhone and iPad is amazing. All the new features make the IOS experience and customization worth the wait.

Just updated my iPhone4 and my wife's iPad at midnight. The download and upgrade was very smooth and took about 40 minutes for each device. Haven't tried out the iPad yet. I appreciate how I can swipe down to get all my notifications. Everything seems a little snappier. I notice that my phone launches quicker than before, and I will launch from the lock screen a lot. Not sure how to figure out 2 different Apple ID's though. I use one for all App Store and iTunes. The other one is my Mobile Me, and I email and sync with that ID. Any suggestions?

iOS 5 is fine. iCloud is a piece of s$%&#, not intuitive at all. Apple could learn a lesson or two from Nokia or Microsoft about OTA sync and upgrade.

Here's a bug for you...when on lock screen and double click the home button for camera feature - you can slide to open phone with no PIN.....
Security out the window???

You can take the picture from the lock screen but when you hit the home key again to close the camera it'll ask you for the password before you can get to the home screen. Tried it myself...I didn't think Apple would be that thoughtless....It was good that you brought up the concern though

This is a big concern - bypassing the PIN from the lock screen is dangerous.
Can't believe Apple didn't know about this.

im using my iphone 4 as an ipod while im away from home for the year. so its the iphone 4 without a sim in it and i downlaoded ios 5 and now it wont let u use it cuz it cant activate it without the sim card? anyone know what ic an do to get around it?

its part of Messages, if your recipient has iOS5 set up, when you go to send a text message, the little window where you type will say 'iMessage' instead of text message.

I have updated to iOS 5 and so had my husband...I loved it and I loved the new messaging. It seemed faster to me, but its been about a week now and now when I send him a text message it takes at least two to three minutes to send and it says "sent as text message" instead of "iMessage" now...why is that happening?

Totally agree on the Mail app. Way too simplified for the business environment. And my Newsstand is also sitting empty. There are just no magazines offered that I want to subscribe to.
Overall, I'm not thrilled with the software update alone...however, combine it with the Siri features and we shall see tomorrow....

Half of my music didn't work anymore and some songs play as a different song when selected. Another issue I have is that mine won't wirelessly sync. Any suggestions.

I have some damn phantom app problems when trying to move newsstand around. That, and it's showing the New York Times app to be installed when it's nowhere to be found.

I had tons of problems, but none as catastrophic as some I've read about. Took about 5 hours to download (not counting the time lost b/c of a Comcast outage). The backup didn't work. It corrupted the backup I'd made just in case, so only restored the phone with the native apps. I'm still trying to get all of my apps back on and back in the right place. Thankfully, though, it kept the data in all the apps. I don't even know how...
And, I had problems setting up b/c my ID wasn't an email address and there were some issues (of my own making) with my account.
That said, the new notifications are pretty awesome. And pretty. They finally applied some of their aesthetic sensibilities to their software. Other than that, I can't really comment. I've been so busy trying to get the apps back in place that I haven't even been able to play with Reminders or Newsstand. Or investigate what the other changes even ARE.
I've only done my 3GS. Waiting to do my iPad until I get this current mess straightened out.

biggest update jump for an iphone and makes the phone much more usable without a jailbreak(tried it on my brothers iphone 4.mine is still on ios 4 jailbroken).only thing i would like is quick reply from any apps,facebook integration like twitter and most importantly use my iphone as a mass storage device and to be able to drag and drop files on my iphone like my gs2 without the need of itunes.i just hate itunes and its syncing...i cloud does make it more bearable though i guess.all in all a very nice update

Total Crap its taken two hours and my iPad2 is back at factory. Constant errors while trying to sync, backup and restore.

Fantastic. Upgrade went very smoothly, and I love the new stuff.
I had a small issue with iCal not syncing to iCloud but it suddenly began working after a few hours. And I guess my MobileMe email address is no longer working. It says it's already taken... but I'm the one who took it. But I never really used it much anyway, so no big loss. Maybe I'll get that resolved someday when I have absolutely nothing else to do.

Wow! I love it! Finally I can change all my alert tones! Why did it take so long?
Anyway, as a whole this update is really really nice. So far the animation and transition bugs that plagued 4.3.x (at least for me) are gone and everything is butter. Unlock slider seems back to 100% reliable. Notification center is so amazing, nicely copied. What else? I don't know everything just seems better. I almost feel like I have to relearn how to do a lot of stuff to take advantage of all the changes.
The bad, notification banners are only slightly less intrusive than the pop ups IMO. When one comes up it cuts off the top part of an app which often has the navigation for that app (especially Apple apps) and you can either try and tap the tiny little sliver that is still visible of the back button or wait until it goes away if you don't want to look at the notification right now. I would like to squish the screen down or something. Only other is iCloud, which I guess maybe I just don't "get". With Skydrive from MS I get 25GB free and it already does pretty much everything iCloud does. Since this summer iTunes has allowed me to download music and apps anywhere and have them deliver to my computer and iPhone wirelessly so that isn't new either.
Oh yea, wifi sync; horridly slow and essentially useless IMO. My phone also heats up and it crushes the battery. Maybe it's worse because I have Windows but I won't be using it again. Normal USB sync seems safer as well since it is also charged. I do love that I can sync and still use the phone now; awesome addition.

I am very frustrated and to redownload all my apps on my girlfriend and my iPhone 4's and lost all my photos on my iPad and I'm not sure how this iCloud is supposed to work because all three devices share the same apple ID. I am usually the first to rave about how intuitive apple products are but i wasn'teven this confused when I got my first android device.

Really good update... Although i seem to be missing the option to stop previews of a messages appearing when they r received! Anyone know how to stop this?
Just 2 things that r missing for me.
Quick reply to messages
Password protection on pictures

i like it but that problem that i had with it is that my music doesnt show up on my phone but when i connect it to itunes it says its all there and i cant take pictures from the lock screen camera icon never came up

Notifications are pretty cool, iMessages are already proving to be handy, reminders is okay but the 'geo-fence' thing is a bit hit-or-miss, Newsstand is awful and won't bugger off into a folder. The most useful feature for me is probably the camera button on the lock screen!

I notice a lot of mixed feelings about iOS 5. I have to say, having never used an Android phone I am very happy with the upgrade. I have noticed a huge difference in the battery life on my iPhone 4, probably my only complaint. I'm not a fan of iCloud.. what is on my phone should stay on my phone tho the ideal is pretty cool. I'm mainly just happy that all the features available on the GSM iPhone 4 are now the same on the CDMA iPhone 4. One thing I have noticed since the upgrade, my Wifi keeps dropping even tho I'm within 50 feet of my router.. that was never a problem before and my "sync over wifi" never works.. I'm still tethered per say. Going to try to restore the software, see if that helps. Anyone else having the same issue or anything similar?

Upgraded to iOS 5 last night...Is anyone else having a problem adding mailboxes on a 3GS? The edit option does not show?

Exactly. For some reason, only iCloud and IMAP accounts give you the option. If you have an email address that fits the "other" category in the email set up, the edit button does not appear.

Anybody else have problems with iMessage? I am set up to receive at my phone number and email address, and so does my intended contact, but it still appears to be using SMS.

OMG now you have the option to delete individual calls from the call logs instead of the entire log - I was soooooo hoping for this!!!!!

Removed all of my apps 535 of them ... and Can not get into iCloud ... a real bad issue! If it is not resolved, I will not pick up my iPhone 4s.....

I am having trouble with the reminder in location. But I don't think it has to do with ios 5. It seems that in my country the address don't work well in maps and since the reminder app works with addresses it doesn't work for me. Beside from that everything is very cool.

2 #firstworldproblem type issues: ALL of my cover flow art disappeared, including iTunes purchases; and my iPhone no longer works with my car! I just got off the phone with Honda though, for the second problem they said to turn off both car and phone, connect phone to car, turn on car, then turn on phone. I will try this to see if it works! For problem 1, the only solution is to manually add the cover flow art. (grr.) But overall the software works like a charm on my 3GS! I'm very happy with it overall.

Update: I went outside and tried the Honda representative's advice and...it worked! Car off, phone off, phone on, car on, success!

It took several attempts to get my iPad 2 upgraded. My only complaint is that I lost most of my scores in my GameCenter games. Had over 27 million points in Big Bad Sudoku Book before upgrade, after only 3 thousand. Big loss. Same in other 3 games I played. Don't know how to get back a year of my life in gameland.

It is like a new phone on my I4, but set up icloud last night also. and now have all my calender events duplicated. I used to sync calender to outlook. Thinking this duplicated. I unchecked the box for outlook calender sync, thinking it would remove the duplicates and synced again, but duplicates still there. probably synced i cloud and outlook calender.
Is there another way to remove duplicates?

Had one weird moment: was on a call, which successfully showed me the name of the caller from my Contact list, but I went to Contacts to look up another number and my Contact list was empty.
A few minutes later, it was back okay. I have iCloud picking up the contacts, but no other system so it was a cross-sync issue. Scary though.

Newsstand app would be my only complaint as well. Wish yo could tuck it in a folder like I have all the rest of my junk. Not that big of a deal though I just put it on my last page and forgot that it was there. I love iOS 5 though. The notifications system is soo much better

Updated my 3GS last night and it works better then 4.3 did! Going to update my iPad2 tonight can't wait.

Great, everything downloaded fine. One feature that deserves more attention is the built is text expander. Haven't come across any bugs, but my @me mail account does not push mail consistently.

Album art is all fucked up. And when I sync, all the old apps I've deleted come back. It's kinda a pain in the ass. This os has quite a learning curve the older ones didn't.
Oh, and I want to put newstand in a folder. I'll never use it and don't want it on my home screen.

Updated iPad2 last night, but have not had much time to play with it. The install was a pain! iTunes kept popping errors on the restore. Everything seems to be working great. Love the swipe gestures!, my poor home button thanks you Apple!

I like it but custom vibration ate not working @ all. Even the regular vibration don't work now.
Also in the GM Build one could high light all words & there would be a speak button & everything would be read aloud; from any app. Now it's gone?
¿Does anyone else have these problems?

after downloading ios 5, whatsapp is having problems, the keyboard doesnt disappear when you double tab the screen, has this been happening to you and if so have you found a solution?

My iPad had a couple of speed bumps. It first went all through the backup then said it couldn't contact the update server (no surprise, really). Second round it threw an error during the backup but let me skip that part. It didn't put my movies back on but I manage those manually. Otherwise it went smoothly.
My 3Gs went smoothly but I had to push my apps back afterward. Considering they had stopped syncing through iTunes, I've spent a considerable amount of time rebuilding my folders and reorganizing my apps. the scariest thing, though, was my contacts disappeared - literally. They were apparently still in the phone but wouldn't display. I found a fix at http://www.seangw.com/wordpress/index.php/2011/10/ios-5-upgrade-lost-my-...

I read in the betas that they introduced HQ youtube video, with the youtube app, I so wish that they included it in the final version which sucks that they didn't. I know i can use the HTML5 version, but i prefer the youtube app. Hopefully it comes back in a future update? This is the one feature i was really looking forward to. My install went great, it took all but 12 minutes from start to finish. iCloud is a joke imo, it's slow and unreliable. I'll just backup to my computer until it's more faster, and stable.

Am I the only one that noticed they finally added the ability to delete individual calls from the call log?

Once I figured out what happened to my contacts (backed up with Google) it's all good! It appears you can't have notes AND contacts unless you 1. Switch to iCloud, or 2. have gmail set us as BOTH exchange and pop. I haven't decided which email I'm giving up to use iCloud yet, so I'm making it work for now.

update both the ipad and the iphone 4. i think iOS's take on notifications is pretty good. i am however still unable to see the portable hotspot return. any tips on that? did the suggestion made in a previous post here on TIPB but it still not showing after doing the network reset.

iOS 5 is the best iOS yet. Notifications, wi-fi sync and backup and iCloud are amazing, especially if you have multiple Apple devices like myself. Imagine taking a photo with the iPhone and finding it in your iPad when you get home! (Photo stream)
One problem: I would expect that in iOS 5 you would be able to put more than 12 apps in an iPhone folder. Well, you can't!

I haven't been able to try it out yet. Can't get either the iPhone 4 nor the iPad 2 to get past the "backing up" stage during the update phase. I let both of them sit there for over 2 hours each.

Not yet. I wiped all the Apple software off the computer and have reinstalled everything from scratch. But I've now arrived at the same point again... actually, I can't even do a backup during a normal sync now. And it's hogging computer resources like crazy too!

I have a first gen iPad using 4.3 and I love using gestures; however, when I have read that the gestures are not enabled for first gen iPad on iOS 5. If this is so can I enable them the same way I did on 4.3 by setting up a developer account?

After updating to iOS 5 my Visual Voicemail is gone. When I go to Voicemail in the Phone app, it starts dialing to my voicemail. I Googled this and didn't find any recent results of anyone having this issue, but did see that it may have occurred with other iOS updates.
Anyone else see this? Know of a fix?

wish you could swipe to delete individual notifications.
notification bar is sometimes annoying still (if i need to press a button at the top of the screen).
wifi sync is acting funny. it's a hit or miss thus far for me.
my phone is faster and battery life has improved though...guess you can't win them all.

my ONL:Y gripes, and 255 comments before me-i doubt im alone here:
I'm on an iPhone 4. As I'm starting a job with US Cellular, I'm not 100% sure if I'm keeping my Verizon line....so no upgrading to the 4s for me....
with that said. No Siri on the iPhone 4? Fine, but no AIRPLAY MIRRORING TO MY APPLE TV??? WHAT THE HECK? SERIOUSLY?

Switching from mobile me to iCloud is very confusing! I got something messed up and I'm unsure what email address to use and also how to back everything up and find it?

I expected much more out of iOS 5. The updates are pretty cool, can't complain about that. But many features are still lacking. For one, notifications through "Notification Center". I love the whole concept, envied my friends that had Androids because they could access just about any notification, toggles with a simple swipe.. Now iOS 5 brings that. But its nothing like the Android version.. On the Android version you can toggle the brightness, you can shut down internet services and things of those sorts. On the iPhone, its not possible. Well it is possible through a jailbreak, but I don't want to do that. I also dont like that even if "Clear" is pressed on "Notification Center" the badges remain on the apps. That frustrating. The new banners are pretty sweet. Wish there was a way to just click on them and for a keyboard to pop out, and quickly reply other than having to go back to the messaging app and then return to the previous app you were on.. Apple totally should have integrated that feature onto iOS 5. Battery life sucks now. It goes from 100% to about 80% in less than an hour with very moderate use. There are more pros than cons to the new OS, but Apple should really get on the ball and improve it a tad more.