PSA: Don't pay for fake iPhone 4S or iOS 5 Jailbreaks

PSA: Don't pay for fake iPhone 4S or iOS 5 Jailbreaks

We're getting tons of email asking us about a supposed iPhone 4S/iOS 5 untethered Jailbreak that's being shopped around -- yes, a paid Jailbreak. Needless to say, it's fake. Fake.

Don't ever pay for a Jailbreak. Not ever. Every legitimate Jailbreak to date has been given away to the community by the well known Jailbreakers and/or Jailbreak teams.

If someone is offering you a Jailbreak for money, they're trying to rip you off, just like any scam. They want to steal some money now before the real Jailbreak is released.

Until that time comes just sit tight, the moment the real Jailbreak is ready, the news will be everywhere.

(Please pass this on to your friends, especially new iOS users.)

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PSA: Don't pay for fake iPhone 4S or iOS 5 Jailbreaks


Why would anyone pay for a fake iPhone 4S? Unless of course they want one. It would be helpful to know that fake 4S's are being sold and how to spot one.
I read about this somewhere but maybe not everyone is aware. How about "if it seems to good to be true, it probably is".

Or it could say...
PSA: If you're a moron and read the title of a blog wrong, don't comment and make a fool of yourself.

On a side note, anyone know how to delete a post after you have already posted it? You know, so not everyone thinks (knows) you're a moron?

Not so wrong. iPhone 4 runs iOS 5. So it should read "Don't buy fake iOS 5 Jailbreak" if you read the post it makes sense. The title is misleading...

I agree with this totally. In my younger days I paid for something that could get me "discounted" software. Twenty dollars later I got a link to uTorrent. Young and dumb.
By definition jailbreaks are free. Free!
I will suggest one exclusion to this. I know of several legit people who will perform the work of jail breaking an iDevice for nominal fees. In those cases you aren't paying for the jailbreak. You are paying someone for the service of jail breaking your device. Now a novice may find paying someone else a less stressfull endeavor than doing it themselves. In my opinion if you aren't skilled enough to do it yourself you probably shouldnt be doing it at all. But that's my opinion. Anyway I just wanted to point out there are legit people who make side incomes from jail breaking as a service.

Yeah, I got concerned that I may have to get a second opinion before I buy my 4s, you know how I hate buying fake cell phones...just kdding...Honestly, i am still holding onto my webOS device, Pre minus, but while looking into jailbreaking 5.01 I did run across this very well done site selling the jailbreak and for about a half a second I figured I should go ahead and buy the 4s since there's a jailbreak with free tethering already out there....but only for a half a second before I remembered how amazing the webOS community is on creating patches, apps, etc, and most of the time they ask for a donation...not a fee. So, even though the title is completely misleading, it does get the point across and I think it has probably saved more then a few people some embarrassment and money. I don't get why the site is even still up and running.