App Giveaway: iDownloader Pro

iDownloader Pro is an app that lets you download anything from the web onto your iPhone or iPad. You can then view them on your device or transfer them to your computer with iTunes File Sharing.

We believe that downloading to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad should be as easy as it is on your computer. That is why we created iDownloader Pro.

Web browser

  • Provides a user experience very similar to Mobile Safari
  • Tap and hold to force download
  • Full screen mode
  • Bookmark manager
  • Ability to spoof browser's user-agent

Download manager

  • Ultra fast downloading speed
  • Up to 10 simultaneous downloads
  • Download in background mode (10 min max)
  • Supports resumption of interrupted downloads
  • Download files larger 20MB over 3G

Music player

  • Music playback of mp3, wav and m4a formats
  • Playlist support
  • Repeat and shuffle songs
  • Background / Lock Screen playing mode

Video player

  • Video playback of mp4 videos
  • Thumbnails view
  • Save videos to Camera Roll
  • AirPlay support (iOS 4.2 or above)

File manager

  • Folder and sub-folder support
  • Move, rename and delete files
  • Sorting by name, type, size, date
  • Extract zip archives
  • iTunes file sharing folder support

File safe with passcode lock


The good folks at Apps2be have given us 5 promo codes to give away to our readers! For a chance to win, just leave a comment below! Must provide a valid email address.

iDownloader Pro is available on the iPhone and iPad for $1.99.

[App Store link]

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Reader comments

App Giveaway: iDownloader Pro


There need to be more apps like this! Definitely keen about it. Not sure my 8GB iPhone is really the place for it though. :)

I've actually used the free version of this app for downloading large files while at work. We have a T1 line for internet, and if I want to download Fedora or something, it takes forever. Believe it or not, 3G is faster then our T1 in my area. Enter me in for this one.

I can honestly say that winning this app would consolidate FIVE of my current ones into a super-sleek, sexy package.
Yeah, I'm interested.

I have been using the free version for a few weeks after a friend recommended it to me. Fast and better then the few I paid for before I started using this.
Would love to win the full version!

A computer in your pocket is a sweet idea... Is this app fully integrated into the iOS or can download only from within the app?

I'd love a copy of this app. It looks like it would make downloading files really easy, and would be a great addition to my iPhone.

Does this allow downloading a PDF and transferring to a laptop via USB? Because that would be awesome for reading large documents while sitting in an airport.

I would really enjoy using this. I often have to use my computer to get a file and then sync it over to my iPad with dropbox

This sounds like an amazing application. If I were to win it I would use it to download educational things for my students.

TiPb rocks.
The iDownloader seems to be an interesting app. It is feature-rich with simultaneous downloads, music and video downloads and file management. The playerrs are a bonus. Looks to be a standalone composite app.

I've used the free version in the past. I really like the multiple simultaneous downloads feature. Hope I win! :)

Ok now this is something I'll use to no end. Nice to see a such a full solution on the market.

Wow! What a great app! Now this is one worth having, even if I don't win... I need this! Should be voted "most useful"! :)

I have been looking for an app that does this an actually works!! Im looking for the perfect one before telling my friends and family about it. The ones ive tried so far havent worked as advertised. I would be extremely grateful and happy of selected!

I would love to have these capabilities without having to jailbreak! Help me to stay on Team Pure!!

Would love to have this app, i download a ton of music and videos via the web.
As always good luck yall!

had the free for like a week then bought the paid .... sooooo worth 1.99 vs others that only try to compete at twice
the price.. would like to get the paid for my other Idevices

Browsed web with Idownloader app. Now stuck in YouTube with no back button or no way of quitting. Only response I can get is to hold down on display screen which gives option to download but nothing happens. How do I get out of this loop???