App for That: How to draw shapes on your photos

There are hundreds of thousands of iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad apps for just about everything -- so how come the one you need, the one you know just has to be there, is so hard to find? Enter TiPb's weekly feature where staff and readers alike sort through the App Store and help you find just the right App for That. This week, Darryl asks:

I noticed in your article about rotating pictures, you had drawn circles around the specific buttons you were talking about in your steps. I was just wondering if you used an app to do that. I have been endlessly searching for an app that allows you to draw over pics, screenshots, etc and still have yet to find one. Do you know of any? Let me know. Thanks for your help

I had actually used a desktop app called Skitch to draw the circles, but a dedicated iPhone app would be much more convenient! To see what we found for Darryl (and me!), follow along after the break!

Sketches 2 [$4.99 - App Store link] is an iPhone and iPad app that comes with various shapes and stamps to add to your photos. You can also switch to freehand mode and draw whatever you want. Additionally, you can add text and integrate apps to draw directions.

Once your sketch is complete, you can export it to your photo album, share it via twitter or email, or download your drawings to your computer in PDF (full vector format), JPG or PNG.

LateNiteSoft also has the classic Sketches availalbe on the App Store for a lower price of $1.99 [App Store link]. This version has fewer features and is not universal for iPhone and iPad.

Anyone else have any App for That suggestions for Darryl? Let him -- and all of us -- know.

Having trouble finding what you need in the app store? Head on over to our App and Game Feature Forum and let us know what you're looking for. The TiPb community will do our best to find you just the right App for That!

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Leanna Lofte

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App for That: How to draw shapes on your photos


Don't let the name fool you, Adobe Ideas was a disappointment. For iPad (only) there is "iDraw," this is an amazing app. Manipulate photos, or drawings, with just about every tool that you would expect from Adobe Illustrator's tool box and more.

I use the "Pen and Paper" app. You can draw a picture or import a photo, add text, arrows, shapes etc.. When done you can save, print or e-mail as a PDF. A stylus is a great accessory for this program. $1.99 in the app store.

To use such apps is lot of fun around, I haven't used such a app still now so would be loving to use it and pass it to my friends, so that they can enjoy too.

Topi (a free messaging app) lets you draw freehand on pic's or blank canvas and send it to the person/group you are chatting with, share it on Facebook or save it on your phone.
It also has a Live Sketch feature which is a realtime whiteboard where multiple people can draw on the same image at the same time.
(For full disclosure, I am a member of the team)