Add an instrument input to your iPhone or iPad with Griffin GuitarConnect Pro

Add an instrument input to your iPhone or iPad with Griffin GuitarConnect Pro

Griffin has announced a new iPhone, iPod touch and iPad accessory called GuitarConnect Pro, and it aims to add both an instrument input and gain controller to really let you rock out with Apple's GarageBand.

Designed to work with any instrument that has a ¼ inch jack (including guitars, bass guitars, electric violins, keyboards, etc.), GuitarConnect Pro was created to turn iPad or iPhone into a compact performance or practice rig. A built-in gain control wheel allows the user to adjust the strength of the instrument’s input signal.

Any music loving, guitar wielding members of the TiPb Nation planning to try this baby out?


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Carolyn Hayes says:

I got the last version, and got it replaced because the connections didn't connect properly. The replacement is better but still not consistent enough to play. Will this new version work? I really don't want to pay to find out a second time.

Don Dirks says:

I'm gonna try the Tascom iXZ. I saw it at Guitar Center tonight. I think I would trust Tascom, who makes audio interface products, over Griffin. The iXZ is $50.

Anton Frost says:

This is the kind of thing that brought me to the iPhone and Macbook Pro. I'm a musician and there are far too many apps and accessories that cater to me when it comes to Apple. None of the other platforms have anything for me. This sounds like a fun device. Will have to look into it.

Mercer_hawks says:

Considering I won a copy of garage band from a tipb contest, I now need a cable like this to connect my guitar. So I'll have to make a trip to guitar center and see what my options are... That's if I don't fabricate a custom cable in the meantime.

kirbini says:

Oh wait, $80 for an interface adapter I could probably build myself?
No, no and um, no.

Tmaleman says:

the pricing on this is absolutely crazy. 80 bones for an interface adapter, puh-lease