Ustream iPhone Viewer's Inaugural Debut

With built-in YouTube, SlingMedia Player in the works, and now Ustream announcing an iPhone viewer, is Flash still going to dominate most-wanted lists, or is Apple actually halting Adobe's video advance? We don't know, but we do know we're really excited by the mobile video options we're already seeing:

Ustream has developed an application for the 3G iphone that allows you to watch Ustream anywhere w/everyone. Regardless of where you are at and what you are doing, you can choose to be in the moment with others in a shared live experience around a live event. If you are out-on-the-town and know that a guest speaker at a major conference is “going live” and want to watch live and be-in-the-crowd, then you can with this application. You will be able to watch the Inauguration LIVE on Ustream with chat.

If Apple approves the Ustream Viewer in time, who'll be watching?

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Reader comments

Ustream iPhone Viewer's Inaugural Debut


WOOT for USTREAM! I think flash will be a major competitor for the advertising industry, however as computers begin to diminish in size flash may still have a large roll, but if technology continues to move with Apple being involved, then it's likely Flash will not be the "standard" for video content.

that is great... the biggest issue with ustream casts I want to follow lately is they all seem to be on a weekend or in the evening when I am not guaranteed to be near my computer. Having the option on my iPhone would be great (and worth paying for too).
I have to admit that I actually pay attention to sites that are too flash heavy and find alternatives now since I do a lot of browsing on my iPhone these days.

Can anyone help? I have two problems with my iPhone
1)IT does not sync all calendar events - there appears to be two colour types for events and OI cannot choose but it only syncs one type with or from Outlook
2) It keep dropping my bluetooth?

Is flash going to be most wanted you say? Yes especially for an iPhone user going to the and seeing a blue square indicating I cannot view whatever media is on this page because I can not have flash installed.

I'm still frustrated by the lack of flash especially when I'm catching up with the BBC news site. It does surprise me that sites like still use flash when the files can't be viewed on an iPhone.
As to Ustream, great news but I hope it works on 3G/Edge as well otherwise it'll be of limited use.

Why do you have iphone inaccessible media on an iPhone blog? I'm too lazy to get up and use my desktop, which is pretty lazy, but to not convert video to an iPhone friendly format on an iPhone site, man that's a whole new level of lazy. I like reading all this stuff about my Jesus phone, but I think I'll go look for a more logical website that will provide content for all my devices, and vices.