60beat GamePad looks to bring a console type controller to the iPhone and iPad

60beat has just launched its GamePad controller which it hopes will make gaming on an iOS device much closer to a dedicated console experience. The game content available to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices is now huge however the use of on-screen touch controls remains a major problem for many gamers.

With proprietary technology that uses the headphone jack as the interface, the 60beat GamePad significantly improves the iOS gaming experience by moving the controls from the screen to a fully-featured hand-held game controller. Developed to look, feel and operate like widely-used external controllers, GamePad easily and instantly transforms an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch into a game console. The ergonomic design delivers superior comfort and control. Buttons and joysticks are engineered to deliver precise response and the tactile sensations gamers expect.

The controller which is available to order now will cost $49.99; so it is not a cheap option. The biggest stumbling block with all of these type of accessories, is getting developer support. So far, the 60beat GamePad has only managed to garner support for two games.

Source: 60beat


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Reader comments

60beat GamePad looks to bring a console type controller to the iPhone and iPad


I was considering getting an iControlPad a while back, but it has almost no developer support. Hopefully this one will be different. All it needs is one super-popular game to start it off and then it's golden

I think it's an interesting idea. As much as Apple can try to push their products as a gaming platform, controls on glass just flat out suck for anything beyond basic gaming. A controller is a nice addition to make the iPad a more viable gaming option, though having to lug around the controller makes it less convenient and portable. I guess that's the trade off.

  1. Should be Bluetooth... Wires are a pain.
  2. Just say it's for iPad. Nobody in their right mind would use it for iPhone lol its bigger than the thing itself

This is unbelievably stupid. You can get a Universal Bluetooth OnLive controller for the same price and (get this) STILL BE ABLE TO USE YOUR HEADPHONES at the same time! What a novel idea!