New York Post Says iPhone Sucks! That's What She Said!

402759439.jpgNew York Post (that's POST, not TIMES) columnist Glenn Fleishman doesn't like the iPhone. In fact he hates it. And he hates you for even thinking of buying one. His column isn't what I would categorize as a product review. In fact it sounds more like he has some grudge against Apple. The guy only spent a brief moment looking at the device and from that he writes a review? The New York Post must have low review standards.

The iPhone crams so many different features into its slightly bulky form that it can only excel at one, and compromise on the rest. After spending some time, albeit briefly, with the iPhone, it's clear to me that Internet and e-mail are the parts that suffered.

Perhaps he didn't get a free iPhone? Seriously, Glenn...why the hate?

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New York Post Says iPhone Sucks! That's What She Said!


I wouldn't have called it a review; that's the Post's tag. I was writing up what I thought were a combination of conceptual problems that were confirmed by a few minutes' experience with a prototype back in January. The Post is a tabloid and its readers have very little time to read, so everything is much faster and breezier than more serious papers (or even many blogs that go into great detail).
I'm actually planning to buy an iPhone. Just bought a Mac Pro a few weeks ago and love it. I own, let's see, 10 Macs?
I had two main points in my column. First, that the iPhone tries to do too much. That's both conceptual and firsthand. Second, it's not going to be a greater browser or document reader, even though Apple touts this as a top-line feature, because Apple chose to not offer a way to reformat Web pages or documents to flow to the screen. Instead, you zoom in and out and drag, which isn't how most people read. At 100-percent scale, where text might be legible, most Web pages and Word documents won't fit on the screen. There are mobile devices and software that can switch between real HTML rendering (not as good as the iPhone's) and a readable mode. Same with Word docs, where they can extract the text with minimal formatting.
Third, it's strange to buy an iPhone now, because Apple will absolutely have a 3G iPhone within a year, maybe six months. The EDGE network is too slow, and (this came out after my article was published) AT&T's data plan doesn't include any Wi-Fi hotspot access. Sure, you can use Wi-Fi for free in many places or pay a separate fee to another network operator. But see Walt Mossberg, David Pogue, etc.; they all complain about the EDGE--and they actually had iPhones to test.

"Perhaps he didn’t get a free iPhone? Seriously, Glenn…why the hate?"
Kent Pribbernow
ummm cause it sucks...