The Omni Group talks iPad apps, user interface, and the future of the platform

The Omni Group is famous for their high quality, thoughtfully designed, and enormously useful productivity apps for iPhone, iPad, and Macs, including OmniFocus, OmniGraphSketcher, OmniGraffle, and OmniOutliner. They were one of the earliest high profile developers to go all-in on the iPad, bringing several of their premium apps to platform on launch day. Not believing the "consumption not creation" mantra of the usual suspects, they took cues from Apple on model controls and full screen workflows and re-imagined their apps until they became a way to almost finger-paint with productivity.

In addition to their user interface and user experience work, they've also been early adopters of new iOS features, such as adding location to task management and implementing iCloud sync.

Live from [Macworld 2012], Ken Case talks about all of the above and more, and where The Omni Group might be going next.

Check out the video above, and find all of the Omni Group's finely crafted apps on the App Store via the links below.

The Omni Group talks iPad apps, user interface, and the future of the platform

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Bengillam says:

They should get of their mac high horse and give people the windows build of omnifocus they are crying out for, that and maybe have a sale once in a while!

Roger says:

You're using the microphone wrong!

iBlackdude says:

And also very bad video quality.
You shoul use an iPhone 4S and shoot 1080p