Notification Center comes to Mac with OS X Mountain Line

Mac OS X Mountain Lion brings Notification Center to the Mac

Keep track of all your mail, message, twitter, and other alerts on your Mac as easily as you do on your iPhone or iPad

Notification Center will be making its way from your iPhone and iPad to your Mac with the release of OS X Mountain Lion. It was one of the most eagerly awaited features of iOS 5 and aims to do the same now for Mac -- bring all your alerts to you in one place, including mail, reminders, calendar, messages, Twitter, and more.

Among the many other things Mac OS X Mountain Lion brings over from the iPad and iPhone, Notification Center comes complete with the features you already know, including a pull out notification list you can access by swiping to the left and banners that disappear quickly so your regular workflow isn't interrupted.

You can access Notification Center from anywhere on your Mac at anytime. Swiping left from anywhere will bring up a new Notification Center section on the right hand side of your display. If you'd like to respond to an iMessage or an e-mail just tap it and you'll be taken straight to it.

iOS users should feel right at home. Apple is tightening the integration between all their devices and starting to heavily rely on services like iCloud to help make all your information available on all devices.

OS X Mountain Lion just seems like another step towards making the user experience even more alike across all Apple devices and computers. It also increases like likelihood that users shopping for a new computer may be more likely to consider a Mac if they're already familiar with and enjoy the experience they get from their iPhone or iPad.

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Notification Center comes to Mac with OS X Mountain Line


If this allowed Google Voice to notify me of messages and play them back while I'm using my Mac, it would make my Growl app obsolete. How about it, Apple?!

It's gonna be nice to be able to click on notifications and have them open the app, I haven't been able to get growl to do that.