Screens for iOS and Mac giveaway -- enter to win $50 worth of apps!

Screens 2.0 review: The best designed, easiest to use VNC app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Screens VNC, the best designed, easiest to use VNC app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, recently went 2.0 and now handles remote computing better and faster than ever before. Even better -- we've partnered with Edovia Inc to put both the iOS and Mac versions of Screens VNC into the hands of 5 lucky readers! That's $50 worth of apps for each winner!

For a chance to win, just leave a comment below! The contest begins now and ends Sunday, March 4 at midnight PST.

$19.99 for iPhone and iPad - Download Now

$29.99 for Mac - Download Now

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Leanna Lofte

App and Photography Editor at iMore. Mother, wife, and math instructor. Follow her on Twitter @llofte and send her apps to consider for review at

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There are 409 comments. Add yours.

gopackgo says:

looks like a great tool.would love to have it.

jimmers says:

Pure Awesomeness! Winning!!!! :)

Jeremy K says:

Awesome giveaway, such a beautiful app. Fingers crossed!

Phil Watson says:

Sure, I'd like free Screens apps.

Eric Edwards says:

I really hope I win. It sounds like great software

Jorge Danilo says:

Just the apps I need! They look awesome.

rbiro says:

Looking forward to trying this.

Shane says:

I am getting tired of some weird problems with Log Me In… I really hope I win this...

NovaTornado says:

Awesome! Wanted to try it out for when i need to grab a file that i might forget. Price threw me off though :/

ZackTanner says:

I could really see myself using this a lot between my three devices. I've been using iTeleport for awhile and it's pretty choppy and the UI isn't great.

stokant says:

So useful, i want it please !

chrisw329 says:

well im sure i could find a good free one but this would be nice when i setup the old laptop for a print server and storage

corronchos says:

Screens vs. LogMeIn! Go!
I've always used LogMeIn in the past but Rene's Screens review has me very curious to compare it to LogMeIn.

steven says:

this app looks sweet! I would love to win it, thanks for the opportunity!

skrimaging says:

I would love to win these great apps!!Here's hoping!!

Jez says:

Looks great! Would certainly come in handy.

bebass says:

WIth my iPhone, iPad and Macbook Pro I could really use this - thanks for the giveaway - love to win it.

Cbsstrauss says:

Screens is wonderful! Literally saved my friend's job with remote computing, would love to have it for myself !

Dustin McLaughlin says:

Awesome tool to use in a Mac-dominated work environment like mine!

carrako says:

Awesome suite of apps. Put me in :)

iDonev says:

I already bought mine!
Still, it would be great if I could gift a copy to my girlfriend. :)

Archit says:

Looks nice! Would be awesome on my MacBook pro and iPhone

bdegrande says:

I would love to win this, it looks like the best app of its type.

Steven Freitas says:

Well done, Apple style solution! Would love to win.

Ryan says:

It would be great to be able to have some quality VNC apps on my devices. I've been looking at Screens for a long time, but haven't been able to justify the cost – free is much more justifiable!

Jack Forbush says:

Count me in....would put it to excellent use!

Mike Shaffer says:

Sure, I'd like one! (or two)...

Nick says:

Just in time for my birthday! And hopefully if I get an iPad 3 when it comes out I'll be able to use it across my mac, iphone and ipad...

JD says:

Pretty sweet giveaway!!

WyckedAnkh says:

Would LOVE to have this! Definitely need this app in my life!

Johnny Mak says:

Looks like a wonderful product!

Yaron says:

I have heard a lot about screens and i hope to win ;)

Howard says:

Very cool!! I'd definitely use that a lot!

Patick says:

Comment? Sure I'll comment..

ricnmar says:

Yes! I would like to get this, especially for free!

MobiJew says:

Pick me please! i NEED this!!!

Kryptonianson says:

Would LOVE to have this. So would many others as I can see :) whoever wins, enjoy it!

David says:

I've been holding off on buying Screens VNC for a long time now. Not because I don't trust it's good (though I do have my scepticisms), but because it's so expensive. I'd feel like the luckiest guy on the block if I won.

elavum says:

Oh .. that looks awsome and I am ready to try it out as soon as i am picked up for it

asggold says:

I have been looking to purchase this but just have not got around to it yet. Would love to win to save a few $$. Thanks!

Alex Susma says:

Wow screenshots look pretty amazing ! #interested

gopackgo says:

winner,winner.chicken dinner!

Gary says:

very nice giveaway! enter me :)

MooPenguin32 says:

This would be great to win.

Alli says:

All out of witty comments, but would love this pair of apps!

ChaosShadow says:

This would be awesome to have!

dieselboy28 says:

I use another similar app, but this one looks much better. I would definitely use this.

Chris says:

I've been looking for a really great solution like this! Would be even better to get it free!

Matt Thoma says:

Looks like a great app. At that price point though they should offer some kind of freemium approach for people to test. I dont mind wasting 99 cents on a game that disappoints, but 20 bucks/30 for MAC is essentially as expensive as OSX itself...

Matt says:

This looks extremely useful. says:

Looks like one of the best VNC solutions available

Greg says:

I haven't won a contest yet.

JNGold says:

Would love a chance to win this. Thanks!

Chapman Choi says:

This is the best VNC app on iOS especially working with Macs.

Ryan says:

Damn, $50 in apps? I'm always down to try and win :D

myerscb says:

Awesome, would love to have a copy of this tool.

dtokarski says:

I'd love to win these! Thanks for all your giveaways!

chengsz says:

WOW, the apps would be great addition to my workflow!

natesac says:

I'm starting to set up all kinds of connectivity inside/outside the home. This would be an awesome addition to my current setup.

Njpete says:

This would be great for my second job!

bcbbanga4l says:

Great tools would be awesome

stevendo says:

i just got a 101 on my midterm!!! this would totally make today awesome!!

Rishi says:

FINALLY, a great app to bridge the gap of experience between using Windows on an iPad...!! :-)
Please pick me! :-)

Ben says:

I've been using VNC Viewer and would like a more powerful VNC client.

Pixada says:

Iam using Teamviewer on all my devices iPhone, iPad, 2 Macs, 3 PCs at the moment.
Screens looks quite amazing in the first, just like an iUI has to be done for remote working.
Hell yes I would love to get Screens to raise my workflow
Thanks Rene

disneyland_fan says:

I would love to win the version for the MacBook. Here's to fingers crossed.

David says:

This looks sweet! Even though I never win these things, I figured it couldn't hurt to get rejected again. Thank you for having the giveaway. Love this site.

tuscanidream says:

I would love to win! Thanks!

Martin says:

Would love to be able to connect everything remotely given I'm going to add an iPad 3 to my iMac and iPhone!

James says:

count me in to win Screens!

rajkumr says:

I should have a copy of screens on my iPad screen! Lol!!
Would love to win screens for me...

Elmstreetwest says:

Sounds great. Heard good things about Screens.

T-Will says:

Very cool looking app that would really be useful for me!

artisticdude says:

I've been eyeing Screens VNC for some time; it would be an awesome app to have!
Don't really expect I'll win, but who knows? Maybe this time I'll get lucky. :P

Tim says:

Looks great, hope I win!

shinkidousenki says:

This looks great! I want it!

MacMike says:

I use the iOS app and it's the best out there.
I'd really like the get the OSX app too!

inc says:

Awesome. Love the app and would love a chance to win

Brent Lacy says:

I can think of all kinds of uses for these apps in my life. thanks for the chance!!

Lucleonhart says:

Awesome app! Would love to get one! :)

Jay says:

I currently use Splastop and would welcome the opportunity to compare the two. This seems more tightly integrated to the mac environment. Would love to win!!

Turt99 says:

This is definitely an app I have been looking to try out.

tersoth says:

this looks pretty awesome!

iB3S says:

Great opportunity to win :) .

ashahvek says:

This would be a perfect app to integrate with my business!

ajrietveld says:

I'd love to use screens to manage my htpc. A free copy would be ideal

valdan says:

If I had screens for my Mac and iOS, that would make me soooooo happy!


this would be awesome to have

corlynn says:

This is one of the apps that's been on my wishlist for so long it hurts.
the VNC clients I have to use suck so bad.

Corey says:

This would be great for school!

AKman87 says:

Sweet! Would love to try!

RJ says:

This would be perfect for my recording studio!!!!

rgar3388 says:

These are sweet. Would be great for work.

hhenriquez says:

This looks awesome! I'd love to win this!! :)

jeffvanluijk says:

Best VNC I've seen yet for iOS!

Gene says:

Please include me in :-)

artiss says:

Looks like a great app - was wondering if something like this existed.. VNC from IOS to desktop would be awesome! Thanks for the chance to win - fingers crossed :)

Zlannie says:

This would go nicely with my new iPad 3!!

abdnach says:

Feel free to send me a free copy for my future Ipad 3 as soon as it is released.

WatersWest says:

Beats the heck out of LogMeIn.

lrv94 says:

I've only just now realised how useful this would be now that I have a vps, being able to use screens would be awesome when I'm out of the house.

Oscar Rivera says:

This looks pretty boss.. and free? EVEN BETTER :D

Ben Punch says:

Looks like great way to access my Mac via iPad when traveling or anytime!
would love to win!

Nathan says:

I'd love to win both apps, but with this many commenrers, not a chance! :-/

Paras says:

I'd be thrilled to win this! Thanks iMore!

Lukasd88 says:

Screens looks really impressive.had my eye on it for a while,but no funds.would be great to get some help!
Fingers crossed

Chris says:

I would love a chance to win this.

cbm says:

I could really use this.

Luis Cortes says:

This app looks good and I want/ NEED this

Brad says:

Imore has the best giveaways this actually looks like something I would use So count me in.

Ana says:

Wow! I always wanted to try this! Thanks this awesome giveaway! iMore rules!

Scott says:

Would like to win this.

PremeOne says:

Wow, now that's an app I could REALLY use!

andrew.ortwein says:

Looks great. Thanks as always!

Mattan says:

Screens looks great, can't wait to compare it to LogMeIn.

Jacob says:

Beautiful apps — I'd love to win a copy!

Kristy_Lyn says:

Great giveaway, good luck everyone!!

arCyn1c says:

Wouldn't mind a copy of the OS X version. Already have the iOS version though. Would gladly forward that to someone else who wants it if I were to win. :P

the Todd says:

Please help me to win this app! looks awesome and have been wanting to try it for a long, long, long time....thanks!

iOptimize says:

I would love to test these! Ya'll giveaways are the best! Thanks!

DViz says:

Hey, who doesn't love free apps?

Robert says:

This app looks very useful, excited to see it in action!

techiechick says:

As a SysAdmin, this would be really great for my work!!

Percy says:

Sweet! I'd love to have Screens for Mac and iOS!

tim says:

Nice contest. Keep up the good work guys!

Tesak says:

Love to win both apps, thanks for this awesome contest!

Hedi Holloway says:

This seems very useful, I hope to win in this draw. :D

chaosking123 says:

Great app that my friend has been showing off for a while, would love to win a copy :)

TRY says:

I have both iPhone 4S and Mac Lion OS X, Screens VNC looks quite useful and handy for both of them.Thanks Imore and Edovia Inc for the giveaway.

Keith Jarret says:

My friend said this is best VNC out there, pick me please :D

5stryng says:

I'm getting an iPad3 and want Screens badly!!!

Will says:

I bought screens when it first came out for the iPad and it's pretty awesome. There are other options out there, but using Screens Connect is still the simpler way IMO

tjaxter says:

My vision's so weird, I need to see two
a Screens for one eye, and another to do.
I'll swivel an iris just to be sure
no demo for now, or I'd use their free tour.

Rolf says:

Boom goes the dynamite!

autoy says:

Hey, great idea :) Sweet app, it looks a lot better than LogMeIn. Hope I win.

Will Phlake says:

I've used Screens for iOS for a long time and it's great. I'm sure the OS X version is great too.

geekfori says:

I honestly would use this for work big time.

Luke Stringer says:

Screens is an awesome app. Version 2.0 makes what was already an amazing app even better!

Eliza says:

Ahh hope I win! :) thank you imore

hggs says:

Another awesome giveaway, would love to win this one! :)

BalBurgh says:

I'd give that a twirl :-)

Matthew Miller says:

This looks like a great tool! If I did win, I would keep using it many times for my YouTube channel.

Mark says:

I wouldn't mind winning $50 worth of apps! Send them this way!!!

russ131 says:

Being able to access my MacBook Pro from my iPad or iPhone 4s would be amazing. Being in grad school I carry a TON of books and don't always have room for the MBP, but accessing it from campus to complete all of my assignments or when I need to access a file would be a blessing!!

Flamur says:

A MacBook Air would complete my Apple set of having an iPhone, iPad and Mac. iCloud FTW! lol.

Ginbill says:

I've heard great things about this app. Haven't gotten around to trying it yet though.

Micha says:

The OSX Version please

kmiahali says:

I'd like to win both apps!

Rod Urand says:

I have wanted to try screens for a long time. I use logmein. but i would rather a different option

Bcloutier says:

This would be pretty handy to have both around the house and at school when I want to carry just my iPad. Couldn't complain about having these apps to help with that!

Mike says:

Would like to try this...

rrodrig02 says:

Thos would be alsome for my helicopter bussiness. I want to start

William says:

Thank you for the prizes. It's a great idea even though I probably won't win.

crookone10 says:

Pick me...I'd be a good winner. I've been wanting this app.

Jared says:

Awesome! Been looking at Screens for months hoping for a sale, no luck. Maybe I'll win a copy!

Josh says:

I love remote computing and virtual machines, any development is welcome to cross the platform divide.

Nathan says:

Id love to have this app on my mac!

Sam says:

ThiS app looks really cool. I hope i win :)

asuperstarr says:

This is awesome for both the Mac and iOS device.

Shawnanadd says:

I would live to have this. It would be a great blessing

mark says:

I would really like to try that one out please!

Enzo83 says:

This would make me iMore you more!!!! :-)

Justin says:

Perfect addition to my new 4S and my new Air I just got this week. Would def help out!

Weston G says:

Screens looks pretty awesome. I've used quite a few different VNC style apps but this looks like the best! I can't wait to give it a try.

dreeves76 says:

Looks Great and even better when my new Macbook Pro arrives

Raffael M. says:

i will be the Wiener! ;-D

Bodie Smith says:

I reaaalllllyyyyyy want this please. It'd help so much with work on my iMac. Fingers crossed.

Joey says:

Always looked like a great tool. Would love to get a copy!

tennenho says:

Amazing app. Best VNC app hands down.

Ziltoid says:

Wow! Good stuff! Would definetly love VNC for my iPhone

Clifton says:

This looks like a great tool. I could get some good use out of that.

Jamie Shaw says:

Really want to give the Mac version a try. Already own the iOS version and swear by it, however, the student budget cannot extend to such frivolous spending for nerdy thrills.
Here's hopin'!

mhemmes says:

Count me in...I do a lot of VNC work.

NxTech3 says:

exactly what im looking for. easy reports on the days i have off so more time with my daughter!!! please!!!!

Fabio Galdino says:

Wow would love to have it, too.
Fingers crossed.

dark-hail says:

i would love to win the version for the iphone that would be a great present for me.

Moe says:

Screens looks so amazing!

frikova says:

I would love this utility. Looks great.

Dudeguypal says:

Screens looks awesome. I would love to win a copy

NoLoveLost says:

It looks pretty cool. Heard about how good Screens is.

mrdavis55 says:

Oh man. I want this so bad.