iPhone Australia: Telstra Talks

Australian Coat Of Arms

Apple is reportedly in talks with Telstra about providing the iPhone in Australia. Sol Trujillo, Telstra CEO, confirmed that Apple and Telstra had discussed the move, but that nothing had been confirmed.

"We have been testing the iPhone as we would any device that comes into the country."

Marketwatch claims that Apple would have to make a special 850MHz version to work on the Telstra "Next G" Network, but I'm going to call B.S. on it: the Next G network is an HSDPA network; I think it's more likely that Apple would provide their standard EDGE iPhone before they developed a 3G iPhone specifically for Australia. And I'm guessing that any HSDPA towers that Telstra puts up will include the slower varied 2G data networks: GPRS and EDGE.

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iPhone Australia: Telstra Talks

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As much as I would love the iPhone to be available in Australia, I think the reality is Telstra will require a HSDPA version before they distribute it.
Don't get me wrong: you're dead right that GSM/EDGE is well supported in Australia. However, after Telstra made the committment to their so-called NextG network (fundamentally, a 3G network which uses the 850MHz band rather than 2100MHz as used by many others) they adopted a policy of only getting NextG-compatible handsets from that point on.
I was keen on a Nokia N95, but alas, Telstra never brought it in due to this philosophy. Of course, you could buy a Nokia N95 from other vendors and put your Telstra SIM card in and it would perfectly - but the point is Telstra do appear to have made the decision they only will be procuring new handsets if they have 3G/850MHz support.