Bulletproof iPhone case denies hot lead entry to App Store, bodily organs

A bulletproof iPhone case

A metal parts manufacturer in Japan called Marudai has cooked up an iPhone case that offers protection against a .50 caliber bullet from the the rear. The inch of armor plating weighs a whopping 2 kg all told. Both white and black versions are available, and there's even a little hole so you can still use the camera. The manufacturer warns that the front won't take a bullet, and that the armor plating can easily scratch tables you place it on. Oh, and because of the weight, you'll probably want to call using both hands. Despite all of the protection, there's no guarantee that your phone will still work after getting hit, but at least the round probably won't make it through to whatever fleshy bits are on the other side.

Practical? No. Hilarious? You betcha. It's available now for 52,500 Yen, or $US 650, shipping included. Marudai will even throw in a 12.7 mm bullet casing so you can show how badass you are.

Source: Dvice via Gizmodo

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Reader comments

Bulletproof iPhone case denies hot lead entry to App Store, bodily organs


If I got shot in the pants pocket by a .50 cal sniper rifle, I'd have bigger problems on my hands than needing to update my Facebook about it.

"...but at least the round probably won’t make it through to your hand."
Won't it go through your hand before hitting the case since people tend to hold these devices from behind? Perhaps you meant it won't make it through to your head?

So stupid! A 12.7mmx108mm cartridge produces 12000-1500 ft.lbs of energy. It's also called an anti material rifle. Slightly stronger than a NATO .50 bmg. If this round impacted your phone, it would simply push the "BULLETPROOF PHONE" through your body and keep going. IMO this doesn't even have any real purpose.

The Japanese....they are innovators,but really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess if you're a secret agent or something like that.......Ethan Hunt here's your bullet proof iPhone.....if you chose to accept this mission.

Sometimes in military training, the recruits are taught to put their religious texts in their left shirt pocket to protect their heart. I suppose that if you only read your scriptures on your phone and IF your shirt pocket could hold/support this case on your phone it would serve the same purpose :)