President Obama tries out Sphero, the iPhone controlled rolling robot

President Obama tries out Sphero, the iPhone controlled rolling robot

During a visit to Boulder, Colorado and Colorado University, U.S. President Barack Obama had the chance to test drive a Sphero -- an iPhone controlled rolling robot. Obama first watches the Sphero roll around, remarking "how cool is that, you can make the ball do all kinds of stuff", before taking the iPhone and taking control of the robot himself. Surrounded by Secret Service -- and co-eds -- the President of the United States gave it a whirl, seemed to enjoy himself, and complimented the inventor, a Boulder native.

We've had the opportunity to try out Sphero a couple of times at CES, and if you like iPhones and robots, it's definitely something to check out. Video below.

Thanks Obi!

Rene Ritchie

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fspilot1971 says:

Maybe the ball could teach him how to fix the economy or create jobs. Just saying. :(

mjs416 says:

You have over 500 congressmen and senators who directly write policy and budgets yet you blame one man? Awesome.

Brent says:

Yes it's congress' job to write policy but it's the President who sets the policy and agenda goals. The Conservative majority in the House write a bill cutting spending and/or taxes, the Liberal majority in the Senate either don't vote on it or vote it down. Why does it get voted down? Because the Liberals do what their leader tells them to do.

Bob Dole says:

Sure you got your facts straight you worthless conservative?

Ryan says:

That ball is cool -- but utterly useless, kinda like our current government.

Atmatt says:

Ohhhhhh come the great arguments since everyone is always right. Shesh...stick to the subject.....anywho. Cool much is it?

Nana Yaw says:

Stfu stupid punk... He's doing a great job... Ur only hating cause he's black

wow says:

Wow how did you get that conclusion. No where in his post was there any good/bad statements about Obama. Idiot

Dr Jack says:

Please give him back his Blackberry he doesn't deserve to use an iPhone!!!

fspilot1971 says:

The "racist" argument is so 2008.... try a new one libs. ;)

Slyrobber says:

You fascists are all the same. Racist, sexist, sociopaths. Please hurry up and destroy your own country IDIOTS.

Unforgiven says:

What's amazing is that nana yaws comments haven't been removed.

Unforgiven says:

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Annoyed with annoying posters says:

When did anyone like the government anyway.... Just sayin'...