JoeyBra lets ladies carry their iPhones safely and discreetly while dancing the night away

Stealthy iPhone carrying JoeyBra could be a clubbing girl's best friend

The pitch for this one was simple -- girls just want to have fun dancing the night away without having to keep track of a purse or a coat, but they still want a place to safely stash their iPhone, credit cards, IDs and key. Enter the JoeyBra. It has discreet pockets on the side that, if you're wearing the appropriate night club attire, you can easily slip your iPhone out of for a quick call or text, and slip right back in when you're again ready to rock.

We are now taking pre-orders for the first sexy, yet functional pocketed bra that will allow you to leave your purse behind and hit the dance floor without ever having to worry about the safety of your valuables. Our unique design will hold most cellphones, ID, key, and other small items regardless of bust size - no amount of items will change the way your bra fits you. When the pocket is empty, our patent pending design will look exactly like any other bra which means you can wear it night or day. Never again will you have to reach down the front of your dress looking for the key that slipped out of place. Our product places all pockets within easy, yet appropriate reach.

We've seen clothing getting more high-tech for years now, especially outerwear like jackets and even sports tops, so it's interesting to see inner wear getting the same attention.

Sure, the JoeyBra won't be the iPhone carrying method of choice for every lady, but the beauty of the internet and the new generation of manufacturing startups means niche products actually have a fighting chance.

There's only one style of JoeyBra available right now, but it looks like there might be more to come. Also, no word if men will be getting a boxers or briefs version...

The JoeyBra is expected to ship in June and can be pre-ordered now for $29.99.

Source: JoeyBra via CNET

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Reader comments

JoeyBra lets ladies carry their iPhones safely and discreetly while dancing the night away


Seems like a cool idea. Showed it to my wife. But what happens when you're out dancing and work up a sweat?

That looks so uncomfortable. That iTunes gift card looks like it's gonna dig in. And haven't ladies been keeping things in their bras for ages? I know I have. This might be be more popluar with the smaller ladies.
This also looks more akward to use. It's one thing to reach into a cup or bra strap, but to reach in and over to the side… I'm not certain that's gonna be cool with any outfit that's not strapless.

How about you leave the damn thing at home and have a good time at the prom or whatever else.

cool idea but have to say sweat would be my concern, too. I wear portapocket on my leg for my ID & cards... and a phone sized one at my waist for my cell (which I also wear under a dress on occasion). it's a super comfy solution and I never have to worry about where my things are. yay!

You should probably let people know that as the owner of the company that makes the protapocket you have a vested interest in recommending it.

thank you Justin. excellent point. though just trying to follow the rules, here. and mainly trying to help people. As a small outfit, we simply don't have the resources to compete w/big corporations so people don't know about us. our mission at its core is to offer solutions to problems we all share. I spent life savings & 5 yrs working 24/7 to get this out to the world and believe in it 100%. I put my heart, soul and bank account into this and stand behind what I've created. am truly not here to create issues for anyone...

Apple Customer Service: How may I help you today?
JoeyBra Customer: My iPhone stopped working.
Apple Customer Service: Well, it appears you have tripped the moisture sensors. Sorry, your warranty is void.
JoeyBra Customer: :-(

Lol lame idea!!! Sweat n d fact that ull look weird lifting ur arm to grab ur phone.. Who in d world would want to use a phone after being under ur armpit?

How about the girl in the video put on that bra and show us what it looks like. Soft porn. Then maybe I would be interested.

Excuse me, but your bra is ringing. I can see the adds 20 years from now. Did you have a JoeyBra, and had cancer due to the phone. Call .........

When are the panties coming out? I'm sure many femme fatales will flock to that one.
Bob: "Doris, are you ok?"
Doris: "I..I...eeeeeeyeeeem getting a caaaall and it...iit's viibraaating.....ooooooh"

JoeyBra was the best name they could come up with? It reminds me of a certain Seinfeld episode, will there be a male version, the JoeyBro?

I have been married for a long time now so my opinion on something my wife might be interested in wearing is kinda pointless; but from a distance wouldn't a person look like they were scratching themselves when they were retrieving an item?

its a good idea but the idea of women carrying there valuables inside there bra has been around for a long time. i worked in a bar-night club years ago and how many women have i seen reaching into there bra cup to retrieve there money. my opinion a woman can feel the money shes carrying if she has it directly inside her bra cup. on the side i dont think the ladys will go for. just my opinion.

I know women have been keeping things in their bras for ages but, Jessica "JBaby" Moss, you guessed right: it doesn't work as well for those of us with smaller breasts. And skip the going out dancing, I want one for practical reasons as well!
Sorry, I'm boringly middle aged but I still need to know when my phone's ringing and I'm not always wearing something with pockets. Okay, I wouldn't want to grope inside my shirt to my bra but at least with this one I'd know I needed to check my phone.
(And I really learned that last year at a social event: a friend called to say he wasn't meeting me at the after-party, he was going to the hospital. Loud party, phone in purse . . . )

I just did the weird thing of reading a review - Forbes answers the sweat issue.
"The material also helps wick away body moisture, instead of absorbing it, so any iPhone tucked into a JoeyBra shouldn’t be damaged by a night of too-much-fun."
Don't know if it would stand up to August around here but they just got my order!