returning search results for "iPhone 5", including press release URL returning search results for iPhone 5, including press release URL

As of 10am EDT today, searching for "iPhone 5" on returned results that could indicate that's the product name Apple is going with for iPhone 5,1, their next generation phone.

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None of the documents return publicly available pages, however. So, they could be place holders until Apple announces and official name, or they could reflect content Apple has prepared for release later today using the official name. The only thing this proves right now is that Apple's site search is returning results it likely ought'nt be returning.

Update: 9to5Mac has also found search results returning for iTunes 11 and LTE for iPhone. Quick, someone search for the Game of Thrones ending!

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments returning search results for "iPhone 5", including press release URL


When trying to click on them of course you get the "page not found" I think its links to where there will be info but of course just locked out with the "page not found" until they officially announce it. Nice find Rene.

iTunes 11 would be most welcome, particularly since scrolling the multiple subscreens, both vertically and horizontally, sucks big time. Also, you can't burn more than one CD at a time (i.e., simoultaneously using and OEM's laptop burner and an external burner). Plus, how I wish you could apply many more filters and sub-filters for music search on the iTunes Store. Amazon won't sell digital music outside the US, FR, DE, UK, and few others. This is why the iTunes store still fares so well internationaly, despite iTunes 10's many shortcomings.

A bluetooth Nano would be heaven.

Nothing coming back for iPad mini? Too soon? :p can't stand waiting another 2 hours for the event to start and another hour after that for them to actually show the product!

I wasn't aware they made you read them at gunpoint. If you don't want leaks, you don't come to these sites.

It is a little weird to say that Christmas wasn't as exciting because you'd already snuck a peak all your presents.

Apple just can't keep anything under wraps after Steve died. I mean, there were leaks before but they were dealt with extreme predjudice. Now it's like a free for all!

that really is true, i remember the leak of the iphone 4, within 24 hours stuff was pulled from the internet and people were being investigated. Makes you wonder if these leaks were planned by apple to blow us away with something completely different then we are expecting. unlikely but if it were......hmmm

Personally I'm more excited for the after event. It's like a yearly ritual to see just how the iPhone didn't live up to all the hype that people had built up for it. I also enjoy reading how it's going to be the biggest flop of all time, and how nobody is going to want to spend money on such a small incremental change. And a few weeks after all that it really cracks me up how each and ever person who claimed they were done with Apple post in the "I've got mine" threads after not only buying the phone they said there weren't going to buy, but also paying full non subsidized price for the product. That's what I'm excited for...

After selling my 3GS, I've been keeping an eye out for something from Apple that would bring me back. But it hasnt happened yet. There just isn't any harware or software that is truely stands out. It looks the same, it acts the major updated software. I'll be watching today, but I really dont see anything leeked that is really spectacular. Am I missing something? What are everyone elses reasons to ditch their 4S for the 5? Bigger screen? I saw the keynote on the Lumia 920...that looks pretty cool. I like the idea of wireless charging and the screen seems to be boasted as better than retina display. And if the camera is as good as the youtube videos I've been seeing...its quite the monster. Your thoughts? (P.S. Siri isn't so hot. I've played with my folks and some of my friends...while I like the humour and personality, she is kinda useless. I hope the upgrade in iOS6 is more than what they claim, because TellMe does most of that already. Anyone try voice assistance on Android? Never tried it)