N95 to iPhone Comparison

Here's a quick N95 vs. iPhone video feature showdown. As you can see above, Dieter of WMExperts confirms he's begun using the Nokia N95 as the little mini-extension to the Smartphone Round Robin. There were a lot of calls for us to try something with Symbian. I hope we give it a full turn the next time around.

(video via MobileWhack)

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N95 to iPhone Comparison


They're not really competitive products. Nokia is more akin to WinMob although it trades a more limited OS for better overall stability.
Apple sidesteps ultimately irrelevant feature checkbox games to establish consumer revolutionary devices.It's not what it does (and most remarkably, what it doesn't do), but HOW it does what it does. Apple gets consumer design, and (currently) they own innovation and UE/UI. Look at what they did with Webkit out of the gate compared to what Nokia has (not even thought of) over device generations. (and we won't even go to IE...)
Same basic problem as the Rubenstein thread. No other company is even trying to compete on sheer vision.
(And if Nokia had come up with an iPhone caliber device first, UE-wise, I'd be typing this reply on it now...)

Each of the three phones received a score between one and five (five being the highest) in each of the five categories. The overall result has been calculated based on these ones. In terms of usability, iPhone proved to lead at a great distance from its two competitors. Its overall score in the usability tests was 4.6 out of 5. The HTC Touch scored 3.4, while the Nokia N95 only 3.2.http://www.satphire.com/