ZiPhone (Finally) Jailbreaks iPhone with a GUI

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Two good pieces of good news on this cold Valentine's Day Morning. First, the SDK is still on track to be released this month despite earlier rumors it could be delayed, according to tuaw. Apparently Apple employees are working triple overtime so we can love our iPhones just a little more. Our advice: take tonight off, kids, and love the one you haven't been with just a little more since you've been putting in so many hours.

If you just can't wait for the Apple-approved native app solution, ZiPhone 2.0 had been released, which combined with the convenient and simple interface of iJailbreak means Mac users can unlock without the command line at all. Windows user can just go with ZiPhone, of course, because it's packaged as a .exe file they can click on. [via]

Or you could, you know, put your iPhone down and go buy some flowers.

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ZiPhone (Finally) Jailbreaks iPhone with a GUI

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