1 in 10 iPhones Unlocked, Used on China Mobile

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rener points us to this story: that roughly 400,000 iPhones are showing up on China Mobile's network. That's 1 in 10. That's alotta iPhones:

According to China Mobile, the biggest wireless carrierin China, there were about 400,000 cracked iPhones using its cellular network service at the end of 2007, representing one out of every 10 iPhone shipments announced officially by Apple. - In-Stat - Information Alert

We've treaded lightly on the issue of the iPhone Gray Market and the question of just how many unlocked iPhones are floating about (and why these missing iPhones matter) - but it's time to stop treading lightly and stomp: Apple either needs to get more carriers (especially China Mobile) on board with the iPhone to staunch this wound or they need to finally admit that unlocked iPhones are still sold iPhones and the lost revenue sharing ain't a big deal.

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