Saturday Night Live pokes fun at iPhone 5 complainers

The tech world has been ablaze with complaints relating to the iPhone 5 lately. Everything from Apple maps to scratched phones straight out of the box. Are we making a big deal out of nothing? Saturday Night Live seems to think so.

The folks over at Saturday Night Live aired the skit above poking fun at the editors of various large tech sites and their complaints over the iPhone 5. Enter the mock Chinese workers who listen to their complaints and have a few choice words of their own. Whether or not you think the complaints against the iPhone 5 are warranted, it's a good laugh.

Source: All Things D

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Reader comments

Saturday Night Live pokes fun at iPhone 5 complainers


"We're sorry, but the clip you selected isn't available from your location. Please select another clip."

Canada feels left out

That's OK. Usually us Canadians are expected to wait for the products too. Remember when the iPhones would launch a year or so later in Canada. Heck even the Kindle Paperlight is available pretty much everywhere in the modern world except Canada. They're paying us back for Nortel.

boo-hoo. Your new phone looks like a 2 day old phone. Let me show you a picture of my house.

So because you live in a shit hole - people dont have the Right complain about something brand new being scratched?

If you bought a brand new car - would you care if the sold it to you with a big scratch down the side?

I had troubles reducing everything to monosyllabic so you could understand but I think I managed.

he is apparently an English major as well. "your have no sense of humor?" your have? hmm. takes balls to make fun of someone's language ability when you write like this. I'm just saying.

Um, actually, yeah, I don't mind a scratch in my car. Probably because obviously even a new car gets test driven which even if it doesn't have a scratch, is it already in wear condition regardless. And the scratch of the car isn't important to me, it's the inside. And isn't a car a poor analogy to begin with?? Why compare a $200-$400 product to something that cost $10K+.

No, I don't care about my phone getting a scratch out of the box because I have better things to worry about. I also acknowledge the fact that my phone was also made by someone who unfortunately maybe never have the privilege of owning such device. I appreciate having the privilege of owning an iPhone so the least I could do is not complain about an out of box defect. Especially one that doesn't even affect operation.

BTW, before anybody pulls out the "fanboy" card, I am in no way defending a company that could care less about any of our opinions. I just find it unbelievable to complain about a replacable materialistic object, regardless of price tag.

The point wasn't about the complainers. It was funny, but also sad. Not that any other electronic company has better labor practices, but still...

I think that pretty much says it all. I love my iPhone 5. I find that it's a significant improvement over the 4S and a step in the right direction for a phone that long ago became my mobile computer. I would happily accept a few scratches on the metal plate if it means that my device is lighter. How exactly do minor scratches on the aluminum affect functionality of the device? Anyone?

So you are ok with dropping $200+ on something that you received blemished? I am the definitive function over form guy right here but I don't like to pay for something brand new that looks used.

Hahahahaha...that was hilarious!!! "Hmmmm, what products does America make? Does Diabetes count as a product....then let me get back to you on that 1". I can't stop laughing...I'm so weak!

While I do feel some complaints people are having are legit, I believe many people just complain to hear themselves speak. I haven't had any issues with my device but if I did I wouldn't be whining about it. Get it replaced or fixed & keep it's just a phone!!!

BTW: I do find this video sad at the same time because Americans complain about the dumbest things...It's absolutely ridiculous!! Be grateful you have the means to live the way you do & stop complaining all the time, GEEZ

I hate SNL and I actually found this to be very funny.

So I guess it's about time for Rene to post another "nitpick" article.

My wife has the iPhone 5 and somehow I don't get SNL having the maps complaint to the builders of the phone? It is a software not hardware problem. Yeah I know the SNL piece was humor and satire, just saying. It was funny though, especially the bugs part.

Guess I've lost my sense of humor, was it that funny? diabetes a product? ok, i'll give it a try.. "ha ha"