iOS 6.0.1 reportedly in carrier testing, could make its way to users soon


Apple has reportedly started testing iOS 6.0.1 with carrier partners and the update could launch as early as next week as part of the iPad mini release. iOS 6.0.1 is said to contain bug fixes for various issues found in the original iOS 6 release, such as keyboard rendering glitches, the camera flash failing to go off, and a number other issues, from smaller annoyances to security problems. Jonathan S. Geller of the newly redesigned BGR reports:

In addition, the new software will improve Wi-Fi support, fix cellular data not working in some cases, add a consolidated cellular data switch for iTunes Match, fix a bug that allowed access to Passbook pass details from the lock screen, and also finally fix the bug that caused Exchange meetings to be unexpectedly cancelled for the entire calendar invite group.

Geller also says that Apple has only begun testing iOS 6.1 internally. It is not yet known when that update will be available, but it could be months before its public release. In previous years, the first minor update to the new iOS release came less than a month after launch. The first major post-release update, x.1, usually releases between two and three months after the initial release, though last year, iOS 5.1 did not appear until almost five months after iOS 5 was released.

If Geller is correct, and his carrier sources have provided accurate iOS update information in the past, it seems that iOS users will get at least a few fixes sooner rather than later.

Source: BGR

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tuffy100 says:

I haven't noticed any bugs, but updates are always nice!

daking1000 says:

Hopefully my time will stop changing on a daily basis causing my gmail cert to crap out

Chris B 1364 says:

Me too.... It's getting out of hand.... Causing a lot of problems for me and my Wife

dgbrock says:

And hopefully it will stop booting me out of apps when I try to open them.

as400man says:

Hopefully it will fix the Exchange Push issue on iPhone 5

lungho says:

Battery percentage bug for me:

As soon as I take the phone off the charger, the battery indicator drops to 97% within a minute or two. Reboot the phone and it's back to 100%.

tubaguy63 says:

I have data issues. If LTE falls off than I lose service or data and sometimes fall back to edge.

Premium1 says:

Hopefully this fixes every time I make a call and end the call it kills all data( only for about 2-3 sec) but it is still annoying none the less

7venup says:

What about the Bluetooth streaming issues? I recently installed a Kenwood all in one screen navigation system in my wife's car and the thing she loved the most was Bluetooth streaming with her iPhone 4. Everything was fine with iOS 5. Ever since the iOS 6 update that option is no longer usable. I know a lot of aftermarket radios that are experiencing the same issue. Hopefully apple fixes this problem with the new update.

bigdad84 says:

Agreed! I have this exact same problem! Quite annoying actually!

DrBit2011 says:

I hope solve the poor wifi range in my 16GB iPad2... 15 feet range is not enough (when in other devices i have wifi in all over my house)

Iceyapple says:

Anyone know a fix my iPhone keeps on crashing since the update of iOS 6 thx