Apple now taking pre-orders for iPad mini, iPad 4, did you get yours?

As expected, at midnight Pacific Time, Apple began accepting pre-orders for the iPad mini and the iPad 4 via their online store. Initial stock often gets sold out quickly, so if you want an iPad mini or iPad 4, and want it to arrive at your door on launch day, hurry on over and secure it now.

And once you have, come on back here and let me know which one you bought, in which color, what capacity, and for which carrier (if you went cellular).

Wi-Fi models come out on November 2, with cellular models hitting a couple of weeks thereafter. If you're having trouble deciding which iPad mini or iPad 4 to get, check out our newly updated buyers guide:

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Apple now taking pre-orders for iPad mini, iPad 4, did you get yours?


Got a 32GB, Verizon, Black iPad 4. Site was functioning with no slow down. Now just curious when it will ship since it's the cellular version...

Well, that was just too easy! Asked Siri to wake me at 12:00 AM PDT and by 12:15 had iPad Mini White 64gb with red cover on the way!

I order the 16gb wifi with a Smart Cover and AppleCare for the wife so now I don't have to worry about her to use my iPad

I have an iPhone 5 64gb with Verizon. Sold my iPad 3 before iPad 4 launch. I will wait till iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 with Retina display. Probably will happen now in 6 months. Till then I will chill with MacBook Pro and my iPhone 5. Patience is Golden. Why get an iPad mini without Retina? I really like both models sizes but all the cool features are being held back.

U will have to wait till Xmas next year for it... its a 64 Black cutie for me for this Xmas

You're assuming the Mini will get a retina display. If they can do so without adding thickness or weight then good luck. The whole premise of the Mini is thin & light.

Got a 32GB white mini and a 32GB black mini. Both WIFI only. Used the Apple Store app and was done by 12:03 AM pacific. Also got a 64GB white iPad4 w/ Verizon LTE, ship date is unclear though.

Got 16GB black mini + dark gray smart cover. Luckily they were still available even though the white was sold out!

iPad 4th-gen White 64GB Wi-Fi! Ummm... White Wi-Fi iPad 64GB 4th-gen? Or should it be White 64GB 4th-gen Wi-Fi iPad?

You get the picture. ;D

In the UK currently 32GB Black are still available for launch day (12:15pm) but 32GB White are on 2 week delivery since before 9 am this morning when I ordered mine.

Anyone know if launch day stock through the app is pooled worldwide, or pre-allocated to different countries?

Did anyone notice that it takes 2 weeks to ship the white ipad mini? Looks like only the black will be delivered Nov 2.

Coming are:
2 iPad mini 64GB AT&T, one black, one white
1 iPad 4 64GB AT&T, black
Various accessories
Deliveries are indicated in "mid-November" but accessories sooner.

Bought the 16gb white and slate wifi iPad mini on my iphone's apple app store app. It was up before the site on my computer actually. Right at 3:01 on the dot.

Black 64GB with Verizon and a red Smart Cover. Didn't order until just after 4am central. Smart Cover says it will deliver in 1-3 days (interesting) and the iPad mini mid-November as expected.

I ordered a black 32gb Wi-Fi iPad mini this morning at 6:30am US-Central. I also ordered a light gray SmartCover and a side order of AppleCare+. The Apple Store site seemed to be working fine. Delivery date is November 2.

Got a white Wi-Fi 16GB Mini model for my wife with a Product Red cover at 8am MDT. No issues with the site or ordering process.

Nope --- waiting for the inevitable retina version next year. I can't possibly downgrade the resolution after working on iPad 3 and iPhone 5.

I've pre-ordered a black mini 64MB + Cellular. To prevent Apple from going south because of too little sales volume, I've ordered a red smart cover, 12W power supply, Lightning SD adapter, Lightning USB cable and Lightning micro USB adapter on top of that.

Now I'd like to go into cryostasis until "the end of November" :-(

Oh, about the shop? No issues!

I ordered the 16gb. I have the iphone 5 32gb so this will serve my purposes nicely since I won't be storing any music on it. Just apps and a few photos. I ordered it via the Apple Store app from my phone at 4am.....super quick and easy!

I am upgrading from the iPad 2 to the iPad 4 Retina Display...i was going to buy the iPad Mini, but in all honesty, there isnt much difference between it and the iPad 2, but size. So i figured id go with the A6X processor and better cameras then an A5. So with that said iPad 4 Retina 64GB White...arrives Nov 2.

I pre-ordered mine as soon as the clock hit like 12:02 AM PT (since the site wasn't up until about that time)... Anyway, I ordered the white & silver iPad Mini - 32 GB. 16 GB is never enough for me.

If they had released an 8 GB iPad mini for $249-$279 I would have jizzed my pants. My company gave me a 13 inch MacBook Air and an iPad 2, and I have an iPhone 5 for personal use. With that many Apple devices, I can't justify spending more than $300 on another one that I really don't need, but at a lower price point I could have justified it for the added portability. I typically only install about 20 apps on my devices and I have my iPhone for music and picture taking, so I don't really need more than 8 GB. Even with 8 GB, I could load a couple movies for a flight.

Set alarm 10 minutes before the opening bell....iPad4, 64GB, wifi+LTE, white. Also ordered AppleCare, 12w charger.
Hoping the wait time is shorter than they are estimating.

I got my order in at 3:06 AM EST. A iPad Mini 32GB WiFi to replace my iPad 1st Gen 16GB. Ordering was smooth and easy using the Apple Store app.

Stayed up for the AWESOME Virtual Pajama Party pre-launch event, and we all ordered our Minis the second the clock struck midnight Pacific Time. Got a white 32GB version. Delivery guaranteed for Nov. 2nd. Then I wake up later this morning and these are the headlines:

"Interestingly, Apple seems to have run out of white iPad minis. However, at the time of writing, black Minis still ship by Nov. 2. What makes this somewhat surprising is that people told us —in our totally unscientific Poll— they’d get black almost 2-to-1 over white. That would seem to imply Apple made fewer white ones, perhaps underestimating demand."

I am SO GLAD I stayed up, and I probably wouldn't have done it if not for iMore. Thanks iMore!

I ordered a refurbished Ipad3 since the price is pretty good. My Ipad2 has no problems with the apps i'm running so i don't see the need for the updated processor. Same connector on both is a plus for me.

I ordered a black iPad mini 16GB with a smart cover. The white iPads take 2 weeks to ship according to the Apple order form.

I had an Apple iPad 3rd Generation 16GB Wifi Only and was so pissed and caught off guard when the iPad 4 was announced esp w/ Lightning (to consolidate cables w my iPhone 5) and the A6X processor. I sold my iPad 3 for $350 and ordered the iPad 4 w/ same configuration. I'll get it next Friday (11/2).

I swore I wasn't going to get one. No Retina display. Already have a 7" tablet I like. Lot of money for what you get. Already have a iPad (original with 3G). Just spent the money on 64GB iPhone5. And I just plain didn't need it.

Of course I just threw all logic out the window and ordered a black 32GB wifi-only mini with a dark grey cover. Damn it all to hell!!!!!!

Ordered a 16gig black Verizon. I had to call about the order for something and they told me Nov 23rd. She said that is for right now. Could change if the black sell out.

I got four minis three black and one white earlier this morning. My nephews and niece are gonna love their uncle more than they did last year when I got the iPod touches.

I ordered a 32gig white with a green smart cover . Also included Apple Care. It's a surprise birthday gift. (for myself).

No need for a bigger ipod touch, my ipod touch 5th gen is fine, does the same when it comes to functionality and comes with a retina display too. Waiting for nexus 7 32gb doble capacity and high res. and furthermore its cheaper than "ipad touch"