iPhone 5 vs. Nexus 4: Spec shoot out

Google and LG have just announced their all-new Android 4.2 flagship phone, the Nexus 4 and it's a doozy. We all know Apple and the iPhone 5 are more about experience and ecosystem than speeds and feeds, but that doesn't mean we're not still curious how exactly those specs stack up. After all, specs are the engine that drive the experience, and while Apple's end-to-end integration lets them get better results with less horsepower, it's still fun to see what Android manufacturers are able to cram into their devices.

We also tossed in a couple other Android flagship devices, including the ubiquitous Samsung Galaxy S3 and stellar HTC One X as well as the also upcoming Windows 8 Phone, the Nokia Lumia 920.

So check out the chart up top, and if you want to know more about the Nexus 4, our Mobile Nations sibling site, Android Central, has you coved:

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iPhone 5 vs. Nexus 4: Spec shoot out


Really, some good things here. Apple needs to get on the following.
* wireless/inductive charging
* stereo speaker on iPad (nexus 10)
* user profiles on iPad (nexus 10)

The price is great for an unlocked device with very good specs. Makes it an impulse buy for me. I may get one to play with it for a while. Love my iPhone 5 but starting to get bored

Great price, but only 16GB and no LTE?

Looks like the entire Nexus line is moving to mid-range. That's disappointing.

You realize that the 16GB iPhone is the most popular for a reason right? Its cheaper.

No LTE? Remember that time when an iPhone launched and there was no LTE? The world didn't end. I don't think it will now.

Besides LTE, this phone stands on equal ground with the rest of the competition.

It's like bizarro world now. Android/Nexus users defending no LTE and catch up features that are just responses to iOS. Apple users defending inferior screen quality for ipad mini.

Things could be worse, I couldn't even make it through the Microsoft event today. That was painful. The Kid's Corner segment was the tipping point. I uninstalled windows 8 last night and feel bad for wasting 40 dollars. Back to windows 7.. That's a new first for me as a Windows user since day one. The experience is just simply horrible on a desktop..

I'm still all Android and no LTE for me is a complete dealbreaker, hands down. I believe one of the reasons they did this was to keep the price down and because this phone won't be going to VZW, which is the only network with actual decent 4GLTE coverage. Still does HSPA+ but I could NEVER buy a phone anymore after having LTE for almost 2 years. 3G/HSPA+(fake 4G) is still enabled

I don't think Google wanted to mess with carriers at all. With LTE, they'd have to and they wouldn't allow a directly updated device from Google. Only Apple has that kind of power.

The Nexus 4 unlocked price is half the price of iPhone 5.
I don't really like Android, but that's quite attractive.

It seems that after Google got pushed by Amazon into contributing to the obliteration of all profits from the Android tablet market, Google decided to do the same to the Android phone market.