AT&T launches cloud-based storage service, offers 5GB of free space

AT&T Locker

These days, cloud storage options are pretty plentiful. Dropbox, Box and even Google Drive all offer up pretty reasonable amounts of storage for free but now AT&T is tossing their hat into the mix with the freshly announced AT&T Locker service.

AT&T Locker has been released for both iOS and Android, AT&T is offering 5GB of free storage to customers wherein they can not only store but also share files such as videos and pictures.

  • Easy access from your phone and computer - Now you can access content on your phone anytime from virtually anywhere. AT&T Locker provides easy access to all your photos, videos, documents and music. And uploads are synced and organized so it's easy to find what you want when you want it.
  • Sharing is fast and and easy - No matter what you want to share – first birthday videos, new puppy photos, important documents – with AT&T Locker, it's easy to share via email, Facebook and Twitter.

Just in case 5GB isn't enough for your needs, AT&T does offer paid plans as well. Upgrades to 30GB are priced at $3.99/month or 100GB for just $9.99/month. AT&T customers can download the app right now from the iTunes app store for free and its supports devices starting with the iPhone 3GS and up.

Free - Download Now

Source: AT&T via: Android Central

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Reader comments

AT&T launches cloud-based storage service, offers 5GB of free space


I have a similar apprehension... I've not downloaded or signed up, because I simply don't trust AT&T to not change the deal or rules later... I'll wait and see what others experience first.

This is pretty cool. Too bad I can't get a data connection within a mile of my office and I can't get a signal within a mile of my house.

As soon as my new fives get in, it's good bye AT&T.

I had no problems with AT&T other than the fact that I paid $220 a month and couldn't get a signal. But they were friendly!

yes, let me pay AT&T so they can store my data, then charge me when I want to dl my data to my iphone.. double dippin'