iPad mini has stereo speakers

iPad mini has stereo speakers

Wake me, I must be dreaming, because it turns out the iPad mini has stereo speakers. Apple didn't announce it during the iPad mini event, but they're clearly shown (if not clearly labeled) on Apple.com. (Really, Apple should have talked about this in the iPad mini video at the very least!)

Google's Nexus 7 also apparently has stereo speakers and Google also apparently isn't bothering to mention it. That may be becuase small external stereo speakers on a device as small as a the iPad mini aren't going to be anything like giant stereo speakers in your home theater, and a good headset will still give the best experience. Still, every little bit helps.

First the EarPods, now stereo speakers on an iOS device? I take back 12% of the complaints I've made about Apple ignoring audio. [An argument could be made for 15% - Rene]

Thanks John!

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iPad mini has stereo speakers


i thought that was obvious visible from the pictures, nevertheless that's a good confirmation, nice to know it 100% for sure!

I think it is just for aesthetics. Nowhere does it show both as being speakers; also all mentions of speaker is in the singular form..."Built-in speaker" No s.

Has this been confirmed by the reviewers? My iPhone 5 has to cutouts for 2 speakers but only one of the them actually puts out sound and it is mono.

Yes, The Verge had a review unit and confirmed it.

The other set of holes on your iPhone is for the main mic.

Pretty sure the other speaker holes are just for looks. Engadget review actually mentions that it is a single mono speaker and the other holes are not functional.

Even if it's stereo speakers... the fact that they are so small and right beside each other probably means you won't be able to notice the difference.

Every iPad has stereo speakers. The iPad 3 has stereo speakers, and we have every reason to believe that the iPad 4 will have them.

Behind the single grille are 2 speakers. (Check the teardowns; this is true for the iPad 1, iPad 2, and iPad 3.) The left speaker plays the left stereo channel and the right speaker plays the right stereo channel. You can easily confirm this yourself using GarageBand by adjusting the track pan/balance.

The only reason the iPad mini is getting attention now is because Apple added a second grille and centered the speakers. Still 2 speakers, still stereo. Apple doesn't talk about it because the speaker positioning makes the stereo effect very weak.