Nokia's new Lumia 820 and 920 go cheap to compete against iPhone on AT&T

Nokia's new Lumia 820 and 920 go cheap to compete against iPhone on AT&T

Nokia and AT&T have announced that the new Lumia 820 and the Lumia 920 will be available for $49 and $99 respectively when they launch this Friday. That puts the more modest Lumia 820 smack in the middle of the free iPhone 4 and $99 iPhone 4S, and the flagship Lumia 920 at exactly the same price point as the iPhone 4S, Apple's year old phone, and fully $100 cheaper than the $299 price for Apple's flagship iPhone 5 with a similar 32GB of storage. Daniel Rubino from WPCentral has all your info:

There is little doubt in our mind that AT&T is making the Lumia 920 the best option with heavy subsidies. Coming in with 32GB of memory, the Lumia 920 is significantly cheaper than the same offering of the iPhone 5 with comparable memory ($299). Throw in a free wireless charging pad and for $99, users are getting a very good bargain for what is arguably one of the most powerful devices on the market today.

Undercutting Apple on price is nothing new. AT&T and Nokia launched the previous generation Lumia 900 for $99 as well and, sadly, it ended up being barely a blip on the radar. The problem with Windows Phone has never been price. It's been a) Microsoft not wanting to market it as something better than the incredibly bad Windows Phone brand, b) carrier reps not wanting to push it over Android, and c) customers not wanting to buy it over iPhone.

Right now, I'm not sure a free price point would move substantially more units of the much larger, heavier, thicker, far better camera equipped, but still very app-contrained Windows Phones.

That's why it remains flabbergasting to me that, even with Halo 4 launching this week, Microsoft still couldn't pull the trigger on Xphone Halo Edition. They couldn't figure out a single way to leverage any of the Halo 4 hype for their mobile platform.

Imagine the phone-branded equivalent to this sitting on shelves between Android and iPhone (or the empty spot where sold-out units would have been.)

Source: WPCentral

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Nokia's new Lumia 820 and 920 go cheap to compete against iPhone on AT&T


every new operating system takes time to set its roots n make fan following... few yrs back frm now, nobody thought android will b the world's most selling OS. If something is good ppl will sooner or later buy it. Yes they r giving cheesy n low price offering for lumia 920 n 820.. but its their marketin n sellin strategy.

70%+ of smartphone sales on AT&T last quarter were iPhone, so that's clearly the preference on AT&T right now. And still.

Regardless of all the other carriers having the iPhone, AT&T is always going to be knows as "the" carrier that has the iPhone. You think of how many customers AT&T gained when they exclusively carried the iPhone. And the customer retention play a big factor in that number.

We saw the GS3 take the top spot on Verizon. It's the normal cycle of life for technology. Remember the day when BB and WinCE ruled? Now it's Apple and Android. In a couple years it may be BB 10 (or 11?) and Windows Phone. That's just how it goes. Bottom line is more choices = better for everyone.

I went in last week to an AT&T store to pay bills and such. Literally every customer that walked in asking about phones was taken to the iPhone first. The Android phones. Then Windows (if they made it past iPhone or Android). While the iPhone may be 70% of all sales, a good chunk of that is because the iPhone is what the employees are pushing. Even the employee with an S3 clip to his belt was "recommending" the iPhone.

The irony of all this is that AT&T has a better phone selection overall than that of any major US carrier. They're getting all the good shit!!

It's a whole new generation of Windows Phones and the OS. I think MS wishes they never released Windows Phone 7, because WP8 is a whole new beast. The Surface RT tablet is great, and I think they are at least going to make a dent with Windows 8 tablets and phones.

I see Apple as Tiger Woods; he used to be feared, but he lost a step and no other golfer gets intimidated by him any more. Now the field is coming after him. He's still #1, but for how long?

i wont go as far as compairin Apple to Woods, but i agree on ur point. This year i have seen less innovation frm apple, they r after companies in paitent wars, in news for wrong reasons, mape n iphone 5 body issues, shuttin down google n their apps frm their eco-system, pricing ipad mini way too high n finally releasing ipad 4 jus after 6-7 months frm release of the new ipad. i hope next year is better for them or android n sammy r goin to take over them.

In point of fact, this was Apple's most innovative year ever. Most of the innovation, however, was on the hardware side.

Slapping a graphics card, HDMI and retina display to a laptop does not make it an innovation. Just an upgrade. Just like every single iPad/iPhone that's been coming out since gen 1.

Rene if u r goin to talk abt innovation in hardware.. m sorry to say samsung, htc , etc r way ahead in it. apple is still on dual core.. while sammy, htc n lg have reached quad core n by next year they will reach 8 cores.. Apple decided to have 4 inch screens.. hell others have 4'5 to 5'5 inches. Name me one hardware innovation that u feel others dont have?

Considering that global iOS marketshare is at 14.9% and Android is at 75%, I don't really think that Microsoft is all that concerned about Apple or the iPhone.

I know this is an iDevice blog, but you guys seem to be too focused on Apple products to really appreciate the subject.

The real question is how to compete against Android, which managed to grow almost 25% from last year, not how to compete with Apple, which barely managed to grow 1% worldwide and lost almost 10% marketshare on the tablet front.

That's because Google gave away android OS for FREE to hardware manufacturers, thus it has become available from the lower-end to the high-end handphones. Google do not need to sell it to them, since one of Google main incomes is not by selling OS, but from ads revenue. Correct me if I'm wrong.

I fail to see how Google giving the OS away for free to vendors has ANYTHING to do with consumers and market share. It really doesn't matter how they got there. The market does not care. The point is the market share for Android is high. Period. Now, you can sit there and say ... but it's because Google have it away! But really? That's only you trying to justify for yourself the reason iPhone has a lower market share. They are there. That is all. If I buy a new device I don't care how the price got that low. As a consumer I only care that I got a good deal.

You're right, but I suspect that even if Andoid were not free vendors would just add that cost to their devices just to be in the smartphone market. The bottom line is that the Andoid market share, 75%, is the one Microsoft has to go after, not Apple's market share.

Apple fans will buy iPhones, whatever the cost and configuration, Android users buy whatever device is cheaper and has the best features, and thus I think it's just wishful thinking to say that Microsoft is setting prices to compete with the iPhone. They don't care about iPhones, they want Android users, the brand-agnostic 75%, not those loyal 14%.

Absolutely nothing. But the editors here have it stuck in their head that touch screen mobile phones are a legitimate competitor to console gaming, and so should be fully capable of playing games like Halo 4.