Twelve South to start shipping iPhone 5 BookBook case this Monday

Twelve South to start shipping iPhone 5 BookBook case this MondayTwelve South has announced that it will start shipping its hugely popular BookBook case for the iPhone 5 this Monday. The BookBook was first made available back in 2011 and was a superb case that was also a fully functioning wallet. If you were looking for a converged case and wallet then you couldn’t do much better than this. Well from Monday you can get hold of one for your iPhone 5 too.

Between the hardback covers of BookBook for iPhone 5, you’ll find a leather-wrapped frame that securely holds iPhone and offers edge-to-edge access to all four inches of iPhone’s stunning Retina display. You'll have easy access to all ports and buttons as well. Thanks to customer feedback, this BookBook has a built-in camera hole so you can quickly capture photos with the iPhone 5 iSight camera. And Apple’s Passbook app is a great way to carry your rewards cards, airline cards and coupons without fattening your wallet.

One look and you’ll be hooked on this beautifully-designed mini book. Available in your choice of Classic Black and Vintage Brown, each BookBook is hand-distressed using high quality leather. BookBook is a conversation piece and a totally unique case that disguises your phone and wallet, while protecting both. It’s a wallet that looks like no other and a case that keeps your iPhone from looking like everyone else’s.

The BookBook case will cost $59.99 regardless of your color choice; although Vintage Brown is only available at launch. Shipping is included in the price in the US and Twelve South does offer international shipping at extra cost. Could you see yourself using a case like this? I personally love the look of this case and think it looks extremely well made too.

Source: Twelve South

Twelve South to start shipping iPhone 5 BookBook case this Monday

Twelve South to start shipping iPhone 5 BookBook case this Monday

Twelve South to start shipping iPhone 5 BookBook case this Monday

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Twelve South to start shipping iPhone 5 BookBook case this Monday


Gotta have it! I had the BookBook for my iPhone 4, but when I was forced to go back to my wallet when I picked up the 5. Can't wait!

Ordered mine, for international orders you have add 25$, still had a look of the price in my apple store in Spain for the book book for the 4S, and it´s cheaper to buy online the new one than the old one in the apple store

Stoked. Ordered two immediately upon receipt of the email from TwelveSouth. Have missed not only the functionality, but the (literally) daily comments from people out and about regarding what a cool looking, fun case the BookBook was.

I had one of these for my 4S, and it was great. The only issue I had was that when using the phone as a phone (can you imagine that), it was awkward to hold it open and put it to your ear. Usually had to use speakerphone. The thing I miss about not having this case is I keep forgetting to grab my wallet when I leave the house.

I had the same fear but in reality having to only manage one item rather than two will lessen the probability that I lose anything.

Looks like i've found my case for the iPhone 5 (when I get it). I may still augment it with a bumper like case when I want to travel really light but I suspect I'll get the BookBook and that'll be what I use 80% of the time.

This still freaks me out. Having had my phone stolen out of my purse...not something I will probably go for. I've had my purse stolen while having my phone IN my hand, so at least I still had my phone while losing my wallet...I can't imagine losing both at once.

This will fit right into your man-purse! Got to be the most emasculating product on an already emasculating phone!

anyone know how well this fits in a pocket? I like carrying things in my front pockets but dont want it too bulky... I would be a little nervous carrying this in my back pocket....

Very uneasy about the hard plastic parts of the case. The outwards facing plastic IS leather wrapped, but the inside facing plastic is very hard and rough along the edges. Im concerned this hard plastic will wear the finish off the corners of the case where the plastic rubs. I also fear it will scuff the chamfered edge. Anyone have any experience with their cases yet? Mine is staring me down but im not sure im down with it.