EA slashes prices on iOS games for Thanksgiving

EA Mobile has kicked off a great sale on many of its games. Over 60 of their titles have upwards of 90% cut, so get ready to stock up! EA is branding this as sale #5, so it's entirely possible that we'll see another four by the end of the weekend. It's a safe bet that there are going to be some huge savings to be had on Black Friday. Most of what's up for grabs is now $0.99, but here's the full list. 




There are some really excellent games on that list. Which are tickling your fancy the most? 

Simon Sage

Editor-at-very-large at Mobile Nations, gamer, giant.

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adidas26usa says:

Thanks Simon! Had been waiting for EA's, not so secret, holiday sale to pick up FIFA 2013 on the cheap. Saved me $4!

entwined82 says:

In for Monopoly and PvsZ on ipad. I had gotten them on iphone so I didn't want to pay full price so this was perfect timing!

Gsarfin says:

Pretty cool. Also, not to nitpick, but according to the App Store the Real Racing games are by Firemint, not EA. are they a subsidiary? Oh well, still pretty sweet if you're looking for any of those games! Thanks for the heads up.

Simon Sage says:

Yup, EA bought Firemint awhile back.

RWWackostu says:

FIFA and Trivial pursuit for me. Awesome sale!

Hey-Zeus says:

Simon, from that list, which would you recommend and which would you skip?

Simon Sage says:

The vast majority of them are pretty high quality. If I had to pick a few, Plants vs. Zombies, Real Racing 2, Mass Effect: Infiltrator, and Flight Control are some of my top picks.

DrBit2011 says:

To bad it is only for USA store, no available for Mexico so far.

Dionte says:

It would be nice if they would update their apps when new os's come out, I'm scared to buy due to a few crashing a lot.