Enter now to win the iPhone, iPad, or iPod of your dreams from iMore!

Win the iPhone, iPad, or iPad of your dreams from iMore!

Have you been dreaming of a new iPhone 5 for Christmas? An iPad or iPad mini for Hanukkah? An iPod touch for Festivas?

Well you're in luck! Every week for the next four (4) week we're going to be giving you a chance to win the iOS device of your dreams! (Technically four (4) $350 U.S. Apple Store gift certificate for you to buy (or put towards) whichever Apple device or devices you wish!)

You can enter each contest, each week, for a total of 4 chances to win! And entering this week couldn't be simpler:

  • Just leave a comment below telling us which iOS device you want and why!

We'll announce winners each week when we announce the next way to enter. That's it. That's all.

Enter NOW!

Rene Ritchie

Editor-in-Chief of iMore, co-host of Iterate, Debug, Review, The TV Show, Vector, ZEN & TECH, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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There are 4330 comments. Add yours.

Romas Cacurinas says:

Got amazing family:. Big papa macbook pro with, with little son iphone 5, missing only Chinese wife ipad mini. Help back family together.

Niels Dam says:

Definitely the iPad mini for me. As a medical student the mini would be perfect to replace the guidebooks, which I carry around in my lab coat during my various internships, with ebook versions on the iPad mini, which fits perfectly in its pocket.

pendragyn says:

I would really like a gen 4 iPad. Mini looks good but prefer the retina display.

asuturo says:

I would love to win the iPad mini so i can give it as a christmas gift for my 3 years old little angel. Thank you imore..

Wink467 says:

I would like to win an iPad mini so to give to my mom, since her iPad 2 got stolen. Thanks iMore!!

brianmg says:

I would definitely go for the iPad Mini. Just saw one for the first time last week and they look awesome!

foleypat says:

iPhone 5 because it's my favourite phone.

andyokc says:

Definitely the iPhone 5, as my current phone (4S) is my go-to device for everything. I find the iPad (and even iPad mini) a bit too big to be used regularly and I always have my iPhone within an arm's reach anyway. Would love the extra half an inch of screen real estate, too...

mungera says:

The new iPad! I promise not to put my eye out with it!

mustang8918 says:

A nice new slate iPod touch would be a nice present for me this year.

nsquared says:

I'd like an iPad Mini please. I find it would fit my traveling lifestyle more than a ful-sized one.

woojoo83 says:

as a combat veteran returning to school, i'd love to receive an ipad to help with productivity! regardless, merry christmas everyone!

lwu886 says:

I would love to win an iPhone for my son so I can get him something nice for the holidays.

brettbarthlow says:

Any Apple product would make my holiday brighter! Thanks!

eric6052 says:

I would really like an iPad Mini. The size is great and with 2 kids it would never get put down.

Hassan Lindsay says:

I would like the iPad Mini so I can replace the Mac Mini carputer I currently have in my car. All in one mounted in the dash would be amazing!

melvster says:

i would love an ipad for christmas! thanks imore!

babs1003 says:

I would really love to have the new iPod to gift to my child for Christmas... please and thank you!!

juleguilfoyle says:

Dying to have the ipad mini please :)

Gsarfin says:

Oh how I could use an iPad or iPad mini for work... It'd make life easier! PLEASE!!!

Jaime Rivera says:

I'd like to get the new iPad. It's faster and, since I already bought the new charging cables for my iPhone 5, I'm ready to take it anywhere I want. Plus, my 3rd generation iPad already feels sluggish, believe it or not, compared to my new iPhone 5. So, can I please get my fourth generation iPad?

ripcity00 says:

Verizon iPhone 5 would be great for the bigger screen and LTE.

encizor says:

A iPhone 5 with LTE would be amazing!

Tuckerdog348 says:

My ipad I gave to my brother for school. Now I'm without one. Would love to have one again. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year

brycesaplywy22 says:

I would like an iPhone 5, because after being constantly teased by apps being updated for the iPhone 5, I find myself longing for the 4-inch screen and beautiful design that it has!

ThomasJL says:

iPad mini please. Merry Christmas.

jlb21 says:

iPhone 5 for my wife please!

dgrass90 says:

I would LOVE a new iPad From you guys because i don't think Santa is going to put me on his list

Eindeutige says:


I would give it to my mom who needs a new computer, but is considering the convenience of an iPad in the next few months.

artjz24 says:

I would love to add an iPad mini to my iPhone 5 and my new iPad.

achitay says:

iPad Mini because I like the size!

serwan says:

I really like to have an ipad mini for my study, is it is very useful for students

briankeith513 says:

Hey, thanks for the opportunity, iMore! I want an iPad Mini, because I'd like a more portable computing/reading device for school and for personal entertainment. The iPad Mini seems to be the perfect device for people who are always on the go.

ReedMA says:

iPad 4 baby. Looking to replace my old tired laptop.

pstmd says:

iPhone 5 please.

Otherwise I have to wait until May when my contract is up - and then I might as well wait until October for the iPhone 6 ;-)

iphone22 says:

I would like to upgrade from my iphone 2g
this will be the best xmas present ever!!

fatt133 says:

I wish I could get an iPhone 5 in this coming Christmas!!
Thank you iMore!!!

Craig Makin says:

I'd really like an ipad mini 16gb wifi from imore because everywhere else is out of stock :) Merry Christmas

bshipler says:

I would want to buy the iPhone 5. Using an iPhone 4 at the moment, and would love to upgrade to the 5.

buckethead116 says:

I would love to get a iPad so I could give it to my wife for Christmas

LeFrenchFab says:

An American iPhone 5 would make my regular travels between France and the US easier to manage.

secondman says:

iPad mini in white. It sounds like Apple has really nailed the form factor and I'd love to upgrade from my iPad 2.

ddabiz says:

I can see it now. An iPhone 5. Yes!

jtcarrasco says:

i would like the ipad mini thanks!

Leedsnutter says:

I would choose an iphone for my wife, or an ipad for my daughter or a ....oh darn it what a choice to make....I choose an iphone. Merry Christmas !!

Roadrunner3429 says:

I would love a new iPad. Thank you.

Briguy616 says:

An iPhone 5 would be stellar- dropped my phone chasing the kids around and smashed the screen, an upgrade would be nice.

andyljohnson says:

I would like an iPad to read comics on.

konaman01 says:

A shiney black iPhone 5, with 32gigs of space would make a wonderful gift. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

jwhettingsteel says:

I would love an iPad Mini :)

davez57 says:

I would like an iPhone 5 please. My son has a 5 and I have a 4. I need to catch up :)

ml814 says:

An IPad Mini. Why because my kids would like one. (Oh yeah me too.)

roefernj says:

I would like to have a brand new shiny iPad for my wife! Merry Christmas!!

0pusX says:

I would either pick up an iPad or iPad Mini, not sure which one for sure, I have an 8 year old and 4 year old that would love to play some of their math/learning apps on something bigger than my iPhone screen.

kjparfekt says:

A new iPad would be awesome!!!

chuck1231958 says:

today is my birthday, i would like an iPhone 5 please.

lpotr4 says:

I'd love to win an iPad Mini wrapped in a bow and with sprinkles on top!

sawinter says:

I would absolutely love a 4th generation iPad. My iPad 2 is great but I would love to have the Retina Display and A6X. Thanks iMore!

Sunil Kumar Narayanachetty says:

i would love to have an Apple product anytime

chadec says:

iPad mini would be my ideal gift

MrBru06 says:

I would like the iPad please, so I can watch my HBOGo on a bigger screen!! :)

UnDEADDr3w says:

I would love an iPad mini it would be great for school and work

herkyMD says:

I want an ipad mini so I have something portable and useful to carry around while at school!

NovaTornado says:

iPad for reading. I have an old kindle, but its actually inconvenient with no backlight sometimes. :\

clearrants says:

I'd love an iPad mini! Just got an iPhone 5 and keep on wishing that I could do the same stuff I do on it except on a bigger, tablet screen.

omgwhatchuwant says:

4th gen ipad for steven please!

politicsoffear says:

I want the iPad Mini. I'd carry it everywhere and it's so thin and light that would be easy to do. Since saying "I'd make iMore my home page on the iPad Mini" won't increase my chances of winning so I won't say that. Oh wait.....

tomvarela says:

Thank you! I would like to present my wife with an iPad (4) so she can read ebooks easily and visit with far-away family members via FaceTime.

Zeropia says:

iPad mini, because iPad Mini + iBooks + Pad and Quill Case = Pure Happiness.

mfm77 says:

Definitely the iPhone 5. I love my 4, but it's time to pass it on to my bro and upgrade to the latest and greatest.

Larr32 says:

Would love am iPad mini for my wonderful wife!

Awhatnot says:

I'm still rockin the first gen iPad, it's time to update!!!

alani27 says:

I would love a 64gb white iPad 4. It would be the best gadget i have for school.

Nicholas Stark says:

I would love to get an iPhone 5!

the13th says:

iPad!!!!! My hp touchpad died :(

1776_1865_RIP says:

An iPad4 because my wife has all but stolen mine but is opposed to buying another; winning would avoid the inevitable argument to come.

Mark511 says:

Wrap me up an ipad Mini and I'll put it under the tree for my Wife!!

cjurdaz says:

iPhone 5 cause my iPhone 4 home button is not working too good

Erfjr says:

I would live an iPhone 5! I love the new design and light weight!

scbou says:

The iPad Mini, I prefer small light device and I want a tablet !

yoestaban says:

iPad 4 - 3g
Latest and greatest - why not?

MeanMark says:

Just got an iPhone 5 on Friday and I'm in love with this phone. If I win, I can give one to my wife six months before she's due for an upgrade!

gizmo04ss says:

I'd like the iPod touch. Mine is the 1st generation.

crassbasket says:

My wife loves her first gen iPad, but it's showing it's age. But getting latest iPad (4th gen) for Xmas would certainly put a smile on her face :)

raffaelepicchio says:

I would really like to get an IPhone to pair my wonderful IPad mini. Please, make me win!!!

The_Shawn says:

I'd like a nice iPhone 5 because is slick looking and would be a nice upgrade from my iPhone 4.

RRF785 says:

I'd love a 4th gen iPad for Christmas!

iOSten says:

An iPad mini to catch up with my podcast queue and reading. Thanks, guys!

Imahunnibunni says:

I would love the iPad 4 64GB so I could give my kids my iPad 2!

GMTZII says:

Ipad mini black or white i take it merry christmas

trickedoutdavid says:

The Ipad Mini
=== Simply because I love #WINNING

poste says:

I would love the ipad mini. It's the perfect size and would be excellent for travel, everyday use and definitely for reading books.

poste says:

I would love the ipad mini. It's the perfect size and would be excellent for travel, everyday use and definitely for reading books.

Macguy70 says:

I would love to win the iPad mini. I have been looking forward to getting one soon. It is my birthday this month so it would be a great present.
Merry Christmas

hittrj01 says:

I would get an iPad mini for traveling and sports/Netflix while on the treadmill.
Thanks for the Gift Card in advance! ;)

gregorypjordan says:

iPad 4 because my 6 & 3 year old are always on our iPad 2.

MAGNUS says:

Yo quiero iPad mini because it's magical and revolutionary. Please and thanks!

NullifiedOne says:

Would love an ipad or ipad mini, been wanting one for a while. santa never seems to bring me one.

Chargersjr37 says:

Whould like to win an ipad mini for Xmas,it be a great gift to give to my son!! Thanks and good luck everyone

Jorge Avila says:

I'd love to be able to win an iphone 5 i have a old iPhone 3gs with a cracked screen and been stuck with it because i never been able to afford a new phone because I'm a full time college student living on my own so it would be so awesome to win an iphone 5 it would be a better Christmas gift then just the homework i been getting i'll keep my fingers crossed hope you all enjoy your holidays merry christmas!!

MiXoLoGiSt says:

I would like to win an iPad mini for the small size.

dtdschmidty says:

That would be a pleasant surprise winning a gift card. Thanks!

ndogdrumz says:

i want an iPad mini because i have dreamed of wanting an iPad since the day it first came out, i just never had the money.

DarWinnz says:

I recently purchased the new i-phone5 and as a first time Apple product owner, i must say this is the finest cell phone on the Planet hands down ! And oh, what a Merry Christmas it would be to find a brand new White ipad mini under my tree on Christmas morning. It would be a nice 2nd addition to my household as a new diehard Apple owner. You guys rock us with your giveaweays! Another Great year for Rene and all of you that make up the I-More gang ! Merry Christmas to All !

ABC says:

I would like to win in order to buy an iPhone 5!!!

ClanCochrane says:

I've got 5 kids & its looks like I may be going down the route of Kindle Fire HD for Christmas..... Please don't let that happen!!!!!!

Fawicted says:

I would like to gift my mom an iPad Mini it would be a nice gift for her by Christmas ^^

LunarFlame17 says:

I want an iPad 4, cause I sold my iPad 3 to get an iPad mini, and as much as I love my mini, I miss the Retina display.

bbreckling says:

You people are great, I would love the iPhone


Stychill says:

here we are again, another great contest from imore, i would like an ipad mini, christmas is around the corner and that would be the perfect gift to set my spirits up, 10" tablets are way too big for me that 7.9" is just right, all the reviews for it make it look excellent, let that be mine imore

RealNeal says:

I would like to enter because I need a new iPad Retina, which is the mostest awesomest thing EVER!. And I should win it because I've just been so darn NICE this year! Please, Santa! :)

harviej says:

I would love a new iPad so I can watch your podcasts!

sirrich says:

IPAD with 3g for the wife.
Merry Christmas

notateki says:

I would like an IPad!
I am relocating to a new job clear across the country; from CA to NY. An iPad would be perfect for traveling from business to business.

Thank you!!

Midwest79 says:

I would love to have the new iPhone 5. This would be my first smart phone, I couldn't think of a better way to start off with, a genius phone!

Youngtky says:

I love apple product, its would be nice if i have change to get iphone free.

josephk71 says:

iPhone would be awesome, this would make awesome Xmas gift for my wife, she would be thrilled to have one. Always taking mine. Hope to win, Happy Holidays To All!!!!!!

mef613 says:

Our family could use an iPad...

Alpha says:

I would Love the Verizon Wireless 16GB White Iphone 5

Roundel says:

iPhone 5 white for me. It will be a nice gift for my wife.

ShesMixed says:

I have been dreaming of a new iPhone 5 for Christmas because my BlackBerry 9780 doesn't work properly anymore. If iMore doesn't save me I'm stuck with it untill januari 2014, that's when my contract ends.

ERNAU says:

Please Santa Imore, I will exchange cookies & milk for an Iphone 5 :)

skirsk says:

I'd love the iPad 4 so that I can give my first gen iPad to my brother who can't quite afford one.

GlowingBlue says:

Gimme Gimme never gets, don't you know your manners yet?
Yes I do, thanks so much, gimme gimme any how. ^_^

I want the iPad mini! Perfect for gaming on the plane & train!

comiranda says:

I would love to have the iphone 5 since i was forced to upgrade to the iphone 4s. I was at work during the fourth of July and students thought it would be funny to get my wet. Well they also got my iphone 4 wet and forced to get the iphone 4s and work couldn't pay for my iphone. This would be awesome to be able to receive an iPhone 5! :D

pgsman says:

An iPad Mini please! I recently bought an iPhone 5 and I love it! But I need a tablet to complete the family ;)

renegad3 says:

Hope for an iPad mini, think it would be a great device for my daughter to use!

Ernieican says:

Sleek Slim Sexy Shiny Shapely Surreal iPhone Five Wins Hands Down Over any Phone in today's Market , and Need to Upgrade my Old 4s mmmmmmmm!

Rossce214 says:

Yes please and merry Christmas!

Gordonw says:

iPhone 5 or mini, can't decide

RBB88 says:

I'm still using the 1 generation iPhone, so I think i'll take the Iphone 5 please :) and merry christmas..!

maresp619 says:

We are a family if 6. It would be great not to fight over the MacBook and iPad anymore. An iPad mini would be a great addition to our family. Thanks

Omar Hernandez1 says:

I would love a white iPad mini. it would make the perfect christmas gift for my son :)

darrylmendo says:

I'll take the new iPad please :)

Tony the Tiger says:

I would like an iPhone 5 because they're cool.

How2BeAlfredo says:

pleaseeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! i want an ipad mini so much and I really need it pleaseeeeee! i Am crazy about the size of the ipad mini i have been waiting a lot to get a tablet from apple on that size but right now i am a bit tight on money so i dont think i might be able to buy me one for christmas :( ...

Axdrake says:

I really need an iPad. family entertainment is key and the new iPad would be killer.

Alpha says:

Thanks for the opportunity. I would like to have a White Verizon IPhone 5 16GB so that I could give IOS a fair shake with out having to spend my hard money. I like a lot about Iphone and IOS but have always been Windows or Android. That and it would be a nice Christmas present. **I attempted to edit my last post but wouldn't work so I refreshed and couldn't find it. **

wocampb says:

iPhone 5 because I still use a BlackBerry and am finally giving in and converting to iOS devices. Please pick me so I can get with the modern times!

KekoaLani says:

Aloha, I would love the iPad 4! Mahalo plenty for the chance to win one. IMore rocks, as usual, with such great contests!

jamesbemery says:

I'd like an iPad 4 (or maybe an iPad Mini). I just upgraded from a BlackBerry to the iPhone 5 so I think one of these tablets would compliment the iOS experience nicely.

mcfryus02 says:

I want it please. I want an IPAD MINI.

Bosque Bill says:

Oh, I'd love an iPad mini as I love reading eBooks and it would be so handy to carry around.

bergman says:

iPad Mini please. I need to fund out my collection.

taz1070 says:

I would love an ipad. I find them to be great. My friends have them, and i just got lost playing angry birds. The screen is just gorgeous. I wanted to surprise my mom with one for the house.

gustovsjustin says:

I would like to win the Ipad. Reason: I will love my mother-in-law to have it as a gift for Christmas! She has always been good to me and this iPad will make her day as she always said she wished she had one!

jamestr68 says:

I'll gladly take the iPhone 5. I'm definitely ready to upgrade from my iPhone 4.

applejosh says:

I've kind of been hankering for an iPad Mini.

rich1017 says:

I'd love an IPad mini for Christmas!

ef4ervescent says:

I would love to get an iPad (4th generation)


kwright817 says:

I'd love to give an iPad a spin, Perhaps the Apple bug will bite and allow me to gift my Android tablet?

PSelby says:

I would love to have the latest/greatest full-size iPad.

jasonpolk says:

Oh the iPad mini, please. I think it would be a lovely holiday present for my family.

hknsmsn says:

I would like to have an iPad mini for my college classes and entertainment. I need a device that is flexible enough to help me take class notes and reach my media archive virtually anytime. Weight is a huge concern because my 15" laptop gives me backaches :( An iPad mini would be both a good tech tool and health saver (in my case).

hiniaky says:

The two brothers iphonefourS and ipadtwo are waiting a third one to play gotcha!, only two is.... boring!!!.... iPadmini we are waiting you at home!!, welcome to your new family!! :-D

zefurher says:

New iPad.

ctizz36 says:

An iPad 4th generation because I always wanted an iPad and I would share it with my family.

nmaguire001 says:

Happy holidays, I would really appreciate an iPod. Thank you very much.

beri says:

Id love the iPad with retina display!! For my wife's Christmas!! She really wants one! Thanks :) Happy Holidays

hoosieriphone says:

I would love a new iPad with retina display. Having put 2 kids through college and the last one starting next year...just can't afford one. What a thrill it would be to have one. Thank you

cwiekajakub says:

ipad mini because i already have the iphone 5 :P

DynaGix says:

I would be happy with any of the devices.

cfyre0815 says:

Doing a lot of work with cars and various other appliance repairs, electronic repairs I could benifit from owning an iPad or ipad mini. I view a lot of live engine data in addition to schematics, flow charts on my iPhone 4S and it makes it a pain viewing a lot of technical information on my iPhone. I usually end up going to my desktop machine at times to view certain things I need to do the job right. The end result is wasted time from going to my desktop back outside or whatever I may be working on. The screen size on an iPad would be very helpful for me and not wasting so much time going back and fourth between a repair job and to my desktop

Jason Reid says:

Love to have the iPad Mini up here in Canada. Thanks Eh!

rayz336 says:

iPad mini, so that I can give my mother my iPad 2 so she can fully enjoy it.

peligon1 says:

I will be grateful for any of the entries..my kids have been really good this year but things are hard for us this Christmas...please consider us for any of your prizes thank you and God Bless!!

Rbminlv says:

My wife really wants a mini badly

artwest50 says:

I would really like the Ipad for my wife! Merry Christmas!

rpol86 says:

Please wrap the iPhone 5 for me. Thank you :)

Dopekidnate says:

I would LOVE to have an iPhone for Christmas my little sister wants one really badly and we can't afford to get her one so this would be an awesome gift for me to win and give to her. Crossing my fingers :)

jngmin00 says:

I would like to win an iPad Mini. I'm a great apple fan but has't got a tablet of apple. I want it so bad for my christmas but my father won't budge. Please give me an iPad Mini. I'm looking forward to use it as my portable browser. I just want the lowest price no celluar or huge storage just 16GB Wi-Fi only version please. I'm sorry for my bad English.

slippieslik says:

New iPad retina would be awesome sauce! And help me through my new job.

kepano915 says:

I would like to win an iPad mini. White since mostly everything I have is black. I wanted a white iPhone 5 but they ran out so maybe winning an iPad mini white would be cool. Thanks.

Talker says:

it will be nice to use the brand new iPad 4th generation to carry all the music scores I need all the time!

Thanks and happy holidays!

iDanPat says:

I love to gift the Mac Mini for my sick wife!

lakkers91 says:

It would be an iPhone 5 for me if I won.

pbcomputer says:

I just upgraded to the iphone 5, and would love to upgrade my ipad as well. The Ipad celluar att is what I would love to have

Atlas Simmons says:

i would love to have some luck this time around and i would love to win the ipad mini,i just have to have that and money is very tight right now and i would love to have it

dayzeedawg says:

I would love to win a iPad mini.

nmaguire001 says:

Happy holidays, I could really use an iPad. Thanks

Gregory Ryan says:

I would love an iPad Mini. Thanks!

Kenjamin0925 says:

iPhone 5 please!! Happy Holiday everyone!

Richard Roberts says:

I would love to give my son a new ipad for Christmas

Joni Theurer says:

I would love to win the ipad mini. Love the ipad and would love to have a smaller version. I love Apple products

Chris McClendon says:

I would love a new iPad because my last one was stolen out of classroom and haven't been able to afford to get a new one.

Callie25#AC says:

I would love to win an iPad mini. Maybe then I would be able to pry my iPad away from my nephew!

troystaylor says:

I would like an iPhone 5, but I would probably just by a 64GB iPod Touch. Need a 4" screen for development testing.

Tom Brown1 says:

Would love to get my hands on a black/slate iPhone 5 as a festivals for the rest of us gift. It's just sooo badass!!

kublai says:

A new ipad mini would make my Christmas bright!

ericvech says:

I just want a white iphone 5.

giang09 says:

iPhone 5! My Blackberry isn't doing it for me anymore...

bigbluehifi says:

64gb iPad mini would be dandy!

Dan@ says:

I would like an IPad!

mobile79 says:

iPad mini for my son....because he REALLY wants one!

jusdis says:

Sweet! Merry Christmas to me! (Merry Christmas to all of you too, but mostly me) :D

lmdgeneral says:

Prefer an iPad mini, because it is awesome.

mballs4life says:

I'd love to win an iPad mini, very functional and right size!

yocubed says:

Being as i just dropped and broke my old 2nd gen iPod touch screen i could use a new one

JPiLLa says:

Please put me down for an iPad Mini because I have everything else! Thanks iMore!

Ziltoid says:

iPad mini. I played with it finally for the first time today and its the perfect size. (That's what she said!)
I don't own a tablet of any kind and I want the mini to be the first for the household.

torresjohn says:

A black ipad mini would be nice for school, reading, and entertainment. Would be good for watching movies or playing games.

mled203 says:

Poor college student.... pick me! I would like an iPad Mini White to be able to put some books on... they I would not have to carry them around as much!

mfazlie says:

I been using blackberry and android. Never had experience with ios before. Yes... i want iphone 5.

sgeneral says:

Would like iPad mini. It is nice and right size.

sakebomber77 says:

I will prob get a new Ipad or Iphone 5. Chee Hoo!!!

cruzmisle22 says:

I would have the best Christmas and be MERRY with an iPhone 5!!

SSc129 says:

A new iPhone 5 would be awesome, happy holidays iMore

ultbruin says:

Would love an iPad 4 because it's the perfect tablet size, retina display, apps galore. Plus I already have iPhone 5.

photopaul65 says:

iPhone 5 please, because I have a year to go on my upgrade from my android phone and I wants me some 4G Verizon iPhone goodness!

admac83 says:

Dear iMore Santa,

I would like a brand new iPad Mini. I have been a very (well, slightly) good boy this year.

PS - I have cookies.

minchman says:

I would like to win the iPad 4. To restore my faith in Santa. Thank you!

tech fan 87 says:

i would like a blue iPod touch thank you

Tundra13 says:

Still using iPad 1 would love an iPad 4 for Christmas

Phishbait says:

iPad because I don't have one and it would work well w/my 4s

jmbburg26 says:

I want to replace my iPad 2 cause I dropped it and shattered the screen.......for the 3rd time,

dmason508 says:

I would love an iPad, because there is so much I could do with my kids!

metsfan829 says:

I would be so happy :))) to get an ipad mini. My laptop just decided to go bye bye :(( so this would be super fantastic!!

fahfah says:

I would love to win a new iPad 'cause I don't have one!!

baadpuppy says:

I'd like a new iPad for my fiancee

Mriley1058 says:

I would love an iPad mini! My mom already has one, my mom!!

boris.sical says:

I'm very simple and humble.. I'll take anything lol.. But perhaps the iPad 3 (4th gen)

squire says:

The new iPad so I can check out the retina display.

Freiteez says:

The ipad mini would be awesome because I love portability and the device looks really sleek!

Eddie Rubin says:

I'm an independent film producer and would love an AT&T cellular iPad mini. I travel a lot for work and read an enormous amount of books and scripts. The portability would be great!

Mahoganie Gaston says:

I would love to win a iPhone 5! It would be a great birthday and Christmas gift!!! I love anything Apple!!!

clu10 says:

That would be great! Would love a new iPad.

Necole Key says:

iPad to give to my teenage daughters! A single mom's Xmas wish

pNoyz3Ro says:

I would LOVE an iPad, it would be great to accompany me when I go to Afghanistan for deployment.

AndyS_OSU says:

Need an iPad mini to help convince the school where I work to go ahead with a one to one program.