Sometimes an iCloud icon is just an iCloud icon

Sometimes an iCloud icon is just an iCloud icon

As part of its massive redesign, iTunes 11 includes a curious iCloud icon at the top left, just beside the media type selector drop down. What does this iCloud icon mean? What does it want from us? Matthew Panzarino investigated and shared his findings on Robot Tuxedo:

Clicking on it does nothing, there is no tooltip and it sometimes animates in various ways. This has led to confusion about its purpose. When I saw it I felt I knew right away what it was, but thought Iā€™d do a little testing to make sure my hypothesis was correct.

No spoilers. Hit the link below and make sure you read down to the update.

Source: Robot Tuxedo via Daring Fireball (I somehow missed it last week, I blame @panzer not tweeting it loudly enough)

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Sometimes an iCloud icon is just an iCloud icon


Its a status icon, stupid!
I figured it out in ten seconds.
Sometimes a play button is just a play button....sighhhh

That same icon in that same position on the iCloud web interface returns us to the
menu, so I say this is bad design, lousy affordance.

Moreover, the fact that we need blog posts to wonder what it is and to test it kinda proves my point.

Last week, there was a little lightning bolt in my little cloud. In believe its pertaining to iTunes Match. I don't have my music stored on my Mac, so I stream it. When the lighting bolt was there, I couldn't stream.

I love the new iTunes 11. I think. As far as the program itself goes, it's great. My favourite feature is the ability to stream music I've purchased, but no longer possess in my computer, without having to re-download. And of course being able to control that with my "Remote" app in my iPad, and iPod is fantastic. I just wish this feature was available for the iPod, or iPad as well. But the one issue I've had, and I've had no one give me a solution for, is, every time I click on the "Store" button, iTunes 11 crashes. Every time. I checked the forums and I'm not the only one. I personally have just a Dell laptop. I can't afford a Mac. But I've noticed that the majority of the other people with this issue have Macs of some kind or other. So the problem is not just with PCs. Anyone else have this issue, or know of a fix? Please help.