Man of Steel gets second teaser trailer

After successfully rebooting Batman under Christopher Nolan, Warner Brothers and DC Comics are trying to do the same to Superman, with Nolan serving as producer, and Zack Snyder of Watchmen and 300 as director. So, Dark Knight, here's your Man of Steel.

Right up front, I miss the John Williams music. It's like seeing Star Wars or Bond without their themes. I'm also concerned about some of the scenes in the trailer. Hopefully they'll make more sense when in context. But it does look like Snyder's iconic style meshes well with Superman's iconic look. He's the first modern superhero, and he had the first successful modern superhero movie. He's a tough character to write well, however.

Nolan started strong with Batman Begins, and created some of the best Batman moments committed to film, but his endings were terrible, he missed key parts of the Batman character, and in Dark Knight Rises, succumbed to a lot of bloat and bad choices. The 300 was Frank Miller's comic shot for shot, and Watchman was quite a achievement, given the scope of Alan Moore's original work, but the fight scenes verged on silly and the wisely-altered ending never quite gelled. Hopefully the pairing will bring out the best of both of their approaches.

No spoilers here, but if you want to discuss the trailer and the upcoming movies, jump into our movies forum.

Man of Steel comes out next year, but there's a ton Superman for you to enjoy on your iPhone or iPad in the meantime, including the original movies, Bryan Singer's beautiful but misguided previous attempt at a reboot, and some amazing stuff from the folks at Warner Animation. (Here's why: deadly John Byrne Luthor > comedic Donner Luthor.)

I particularly recommend the original Donner movie (Superman: The Movie), All Star Superman (based on the Grant Morrison comic), and Superman (the animated series), and, of course, Superman: The Fleischer Cartoons.

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Reader comments

Man of Steel gets second teaser trailer


"Nolan started strong with Batman Begins, and created some of the best Batman moments committed to film, but his endings were terrible, he missed key parts of the Batman character, and in Dark Knight Rises, succumbed to a lot of bloat and bad choices. "

Thats because the endings of 1 and 2 were not real endings and were meant as a transition to the next movie. Batman a la Christohpher Nolan was always going to be a trilogy. The real ending of the Batman trilogy was at the end of 3. I dont see how re-tackling the league of shadows with an awesome antagonist in the 3rd one was a bad choice or bloat. Tom hardy was great.

re: "I dont see how re-tackling the league of shadows with an awesome antagonist in the 3rd one was a bad choice or bloat."

I don't see how Bane or anyone else was an awesome antagonist - in EXECUTION, not just theory.

i don't see "bloat" or "bad choices." i thought dark knight rises was awesome. Arguably my favorite in the series. I loved Bane an Talia Al Ghul. Catwoman was great. I think people will compain about any tiny thing. And for some nothing is ever good enough. They shouldn't go to movies. They can't be happy. Oh well can't please all the people.

I'm with you. Overall, the best film of the bunch. It suffers because Heath Ledger's performance in TDK was SO AMAZING that it elevated the entire movie. You put just a really good Joker in there? No one would be complaining about TDKR.

I came close but managed to maintain mine. Imagine the laundry.

Anyway, I didn't think about the Williams music until Rene mentioned it. It would be AWESOME to hear but often they seem to think that you've got to throw out EVERYthing when you reboot - including the good stuff.

I'm very open to giving the new music a chance.

Also, I agree with Rene about some questionable choices in that trailer. It wasn't just the costume texture or patterns. Pa Kent saying, "Maybe," injured my soul.

I can hardly imagine that he did not follow that up with a complete reversal but to SHOW THAT exchange WITHOUT the reversal is terribly problematic.

Flying around the Earth in a Donner-esque/Reeve-esque manner kinda did it for me.

Preparing to fly, with the ground effects building up to it...

Suh. Weet.

logically why does he do that? If he needs to push off of something he's really just jumping not flying. And he can change direction in midair so he clearly isn't supposed to need a push. He should just rise and fly away. No squatting and pushing off the ground.

What you're talking about is internal logic. I'm not sure we have enough information for that but, assuming an answer exists, my best guess is...

He didn't just fly. He accelerated at an incredible rate. Maybe that's the key.

Otherwise, it looked cool.

i don't thing "accelerating at an incredible rate" changes the fact that if he can change direction in midair he's not dependant on pushing off someone to fly so it makes no sense to do it to start flying. just fly away. Like Ironman usually does. he just rises with his thrusters. The whole Superman jump is funny.

Space shuttles need immense power to get off the ground, but they can also change direction mid air, I dont see what your argument is. Just enjoy the effects, how boring would it be if he just started flying. Also you cant tell the context of that particular take off from the trailer, that specific one maybe a dramatic point in the film, possible re-belief in himself after being defeated beforehand, I doubt he does that EVERY time in the movie.

The problem with Superman has always been that it is hard to create an interesting story about a guy that powerful. It is hard for the audience to consider even the most powerful villain as a menace when the hero can crack mountains, or change the rotation of the planet. You need one of two things: 1) Superman has to grapple with the sort of moral dilemmas where fists cannot help, which work great in comics and often on TV, but are hard to sustain over a 2 hour movie. or 2) You need a Terence Stamp to step in as the bad guy and just knock it out of the park. [ ]

The bus snippet looks like they are going to have at least some elements of the former, but Michael Shannon has some pretty big shoes to fill. Keeping my fingers crossed...

My problem with Superman is he's boring and a goody goody. As a character i've simply found the character typically too black and white. too right and wrong. i tend to like the conflicted antihero characters.

Superman I and II were my favorites growing up. But watching them today, it's pretty corny. And the smoking going on in II was just the times we lived in. It almost looks like a Marlboro commercial today.

Superman Returns was just pathetic. It's all about the writing. Whatever happens in this reboot, I just hope it involves some imagination.