Bungie co-founder teases new made-for-mobile shooter

Bungie co-founder Alex Seropian has gone public with a new game called Morning Star with his new company Industrial Toys. Morning Star thrusts players into the defense of Earth from a nigh-unstoppable alien menace. Sounds familiar, but Industrial Toys promises that the control scheme will do away with any relics of the console control scheme. What, exactly, that entails is still very much a mystery, but we've seen other games go into more detail as to how they intend to make first-person shooters less sucky on mobile. At most, you can spot some Bioshock-style supernatural abilities at play, but otherwise,

The action looks decent enough, but we'll have to wait to play it to see how exactly these guys hope to change the shooter formula. Any Halo fans out there? What would you like to see change in the current breed of first-person shooters, such as Modern Combat 4?

Source: Industrial Toys

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Bungie co-founder teases new made-for-mobile shooter


As a Halo fan from 2001, Bungie always blended a great sci-fi story with humanity and superb gameplay. N.O.V.A. came closest to being a Halo clone for the iOS market, but ultimately was just that, an inferior clone of something better. With the foray into the iOS genre, I hope to see new control schemes. Personally, shooters have never held up on my phone and become tiresome on a tablet. Seeing how they can change that around with this game and still keep me attentive with an immersive story will be intriguing. Here is to hoping they pull it off!