Didn't get the iOS device of your dreams today? Enter now to win it from iMore!

Didn't get the iOS device of your dreams today? Enter now for a chance to win it from iMore!

If Santa somehow slipped up and didn't give you the iPhone, iPod, or iPad of your dreams this year, if he got lost using maps, if he was smart enough to realize you really did need those educational gifts, clothes, or vegetables instead, or if you did indeed get what you wanted, but would love the chance to give an iOS device to someone else who could really use one, iMore's giving you a second chance!

(Technically one (1) $350 U.S. Apple Store gift certificate for you to buy (or put towards) whichever Apple device or devices you wish!)

  • Just leave a comment below telling us which iOS device you want and why!

We'll announce winners next week. Ho. Ho. Ho!

Enter NOW!

Rene Ritchie

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SpoiledRottenAppleGuy says:

iPad Mini Please... All I got was coal for Christmas

DanBMoxley says:

Merry Christmas iMore,

Thank you for all your hard work!! I would like the new iPad so I could use it to evaluate my students and for my graduate school work.

Happy New Year,

Mikeypizzle says:

I really want to win this so i can get my girlfriend an iPad Mini because I didn't get to get her one because of an emergency that came up and took my Christmas money. :'(

soysauce44 says:

I'd love to win an iPad mini (black)!

halfdracula says:

iPad mini! Because it's the perfect size!

cwiekajakub says:

ipad mini because the normal ipad is too big

Orry.clayborne says:

An ipad mini would be awsome to take with me when I travel.


Keval Jadeja says:

everyone wants to be no.1 right!!ex.apple. so,i want an iphone5.

g0ldf1shn1nja says:

I would love the newest iPad. Reading Kindle books on something bigger would be very nice.

hermanh says:

My wife and I use our iPads so much we realize that a ipad mini would be prefect for our daughter.

mytime545 says:

i want ipad retina for my fiance ....imore u can make my life...

ChaosShadow says:

iPad for sure. It will go nicely with the new MacBook pro I got for Xmas :)

Josh McReady says:

I would use the gift card to get an iPad mini and give it to my cousin. He has a developmental disability and the iPad would be very useful in helping keep him focused and help him work towards his education.

pratikjammy87 says:

please please imore team please i beg you,i beg you please grant my iphone 5 wish!!! please please upto infinite times!!!!

ElwinAdam says:

i would love the iphone 5 because it is very sleek and I wold love to replace my iphone 4s

brhodes24 says:

Santa failed to bring me an iPhone 5 :(
Instead I got a lump of coal, I was good all year I promise :)

7Anthony says:

Thanks iMore!!!! Santa slipped up with my iPad mini.

Fredster83 says:

iPad Mini!! Good Luck Everyone!

Chad Blakeman says:

Hey there iMore. I'm a brand new member who registered just for this opportunity. I've followed you via Flipboard for iPhobe 5 for quite some time. I'd like an iPad Mini 32GB w/ LTE BY Verizon. I have a MacBook Air I am selling bc I want the mini so much. It's the perfect size, weight and look that the original iPad should've been. The 9.7 is great but a little too impractical. The 7.9" is absolutely the perfect size. I really hope I win, but if not, we can still be friends! ;)

goylalu says:

Any iOS device would be a dream come true for me, because i never HAD one. but if I ever win this i would rather give it to my mom and dad as a gift. My dad has worked abroad for my studies, and the least i could do to make him proud is study the hardest.

Let me win this so i could give my parents an iphone, the most amazing phone so that they could communicate easier and faster :) thankyou!

ill be wishing, praying and hoping for this.

juustin56 says:

I would love to get an iPad. It would be a great gift for my girlfriend. :)

Coffeegrower says:

Since I received 2 cases for my iPad mini for Christmas, I'd get another mini, and give the set to family.

iJohan says:

I would like an iPad 4 because I have a crappy android tab that sucks! I cant afford an iPad :{

ramiromedina says:

I would like an iPad mini! I want to do everything I do on my iPhone but on a bigger screen!

linkinmars84 says:

I really need to win this for my wife. She deserves it and wants one more than anything else. Please choose us and thank you for this opportunity. Imore you guys rule.

ble3p says:

Would love a iPad mini. I need a device to
Take down notes daily and keep things organized

ojleblanc says:

Would love an iPad with Retina Display with cellular connection to use on my weekly 6-hour Amtrak commute between NYC and home. It would make a great replacement for my laptop and make my backpack much lighter! Happy holidays, all.

JSho101 says:

I'd love an iPad mini! I'd give my iPad 3 to my mom :) Got my aunt an iPad 3 for Christmas today and she can't put it down. I'd love to get my mom one!

jadihussain says:

I need ipad mini because my wife needs one

faithnomor says:

I would live an iPad for schooling. The few 1990s windows desktops we have at the school are, well, 1990s windows desktops.

johnstad says:

Lego Ninjago took over our holidays this year and left nothin' for the rest of us. Would love to win an iPad Mini to use at work and for educational apps for my kids to help with their schoolwork.

koolguy442 says:

I'd like an iPhone 5 because my current iPhone is getting too old.

djnukleus says:

I'd love an Ipad, simply because I do not have one and I am jealous of all that do... ;)

djrollerx#AC says:

My new job bought me an iphone 4s because all of their managers are issued one. Unfortunately, that left my wife with her old flip phone from 2004. We tried to get her a new iphone but the carrier demanded a $500 deposit that we cant afford. I would love to be able to get my wife a new iphone in white. It would make her Christmas.

Hussien black says:

I wish me happy chrismas
I wish you happy chrismas
I wish i wish i wish and ipad mini to :)

Les74 says:

iPhone 5

Would give it to my fiancée because of issues she is having with her 4. Also,it would help financially.
Thank you!

champbaka says:

Would love a iPad mini! The light weight and size is just unreal compared to a regular ipad!

dtrujillo says:

I would like an ipad mini because.. I don't have a tablet

assassin25 says:

I'd like to have a brand new iPad!! My iPad has been out of date and sometime makes me mad. Thanks iMore! :)

cybercho7 says:

I'd love an iPad Mini to give to my mother-in-law who just retired after working as a nurse for 40 years...

Antrikshy says:

iPad mini! Because I already have an iPad 2 for my handwritten college note taking.

brianmg says:

I would love to get an iPad Mini!

ashwyn021 says:

I would love to win the latest iPad, as in College it comes very handy for doing projects and using it for carrying my ebooks and .pdf study notes, as its is portable. My friends have it but I can't afford it as it is to expensive for me to buy.

DZD says:

I would like a black iPad mini please - why? Because I don't have one! :) Thanks.

Gabriel Denis says:

Looking to finally win a sweet new iPad mini, I have twins with autism and have a device like this would help. There are apps that help and small enough to travel with. Best of luck to you all and happy holidays.

Rev0Luz says:

I want the MacBook Pro 15 with Retina Display because I would like to start my design business career and I've seen it's the best machine to work with: portable, fast, smart.

tyler_zyco says:

iPad Mini would be awesome :) thanks for doing this iMore.

Carlos Martinez2 says:

I would like the new iPad to be able to use the newer applications. I have an older iPod touch that will not let me download any application that requires ios 4.3 or newer.

gramamoose says:

iPhone 5!!!
Time for a new phone! Mine is two years old!

James Smith III says:

I would like the ipad mini, because im a broke college student who would love the chance to carry around all my: books, notes, and lectures in a light device. Please mobile nations.

Rev0Luz says:

iPhone 5 white for my wife!

Italianblend says:

I would use the gift card for an ipad mini because I'm a Trekkie and it's the closest thing to a functional "padd" that they used to carry around. Just right in size and light as a feather! Make it so...

psalcido1 says:

I would like to buy a iPad mini because of the size.

posativnrg says:

I want a new IPad mini because I gave mine to my granddaughter for Christmas. Her mother has fallen on some hard times so she didn't get much else from Santa.

Sinneronezz says:

Got a first gen ipad from my boss... Used and abused. Would really love an ipad mini with cameras. Fml

km381 says:

I would love an Ipad mini for school

John Yester says:

iPhone 5 Thanks for the chance and great work iMore!!

Kbunjin says:

Ipad 4! my little sister is in nursing school and that would help her in taking notes without having to take a huge laptop!

pinochalibre says:

A new iPad mini please! I just would love to win once in my life one of these. I would be a complete person.

Ricardo Ventura says:

I would like an iPad mini. I don't have a computer and will be starting school within a month. Thank you and merry Christmas

Lmcphear says:

I am going to be petty and use the it's my birthday next week on December 31st card lol plus an iPad Mini would help for when I get into Oriental Medicine school...

rbiro says:

I would like an iPad 5 when it comes out.

Mroper says:

Ipad mini so I can have fun and help my students to learn at the same time!

CBTaylor says:

I'd prolly get an iPad!!

BizarreFoodie says:

I'd like the iPhone 5, I think it would be awesome with all of its new features.

dc91666 says:

iPhone 5 because my screen too small

ynchris says:

I would like an iphone 5. I'm still using iphone 4 and there are tons of new features not supported by my device!

horatio0 says:

An iPad Mini please as it will be a great device to help me with my school work.

tmazon says:

iPad mini! It's the perfect size

Rusi125 says:

I would like an iPad mini because that is what my sister wanted for her Christmas gift but I could not afford it right now.

Sushipirate says:

want an ipad mini so i can carry it around with me, I was sufficiently impressed, more than I was expecting to be. I'd trade my iPod touch for this! the ipad 3 is too big!

Vostok says:

Probably an iPad Mini for my mother so she can use facetime.

zcweber says:

iPad Mini! I became hooked after I used my Uncle's that he got as a gift. Why didn't I ask for one? Haha

Mikan1089 says:

I would like a new black iPhone 5 because mine came with a scratch on the back right out of the box and apple didn't do anything about it :( mahalo!

ElRyanApplegate says:

I would like to get a MacBook Pro so that I can do the different design and web projects for the business I am starting. My Dell laptop that I've had for 4 years just isn't cutting it ha. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!


dezi20 says:

I want an iPad because I have close to 50 movies I would like to watch at work

shaolinali17 says:

I would like an iPhone 5 because it's the best and I'd hoped to get one this year. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

Rocket_Girl says:

Mini! Because its so cute!

fuzzeeman says:

I really want an iPad mini so i can video chat with my long distance girlfriend and see her beautiful face on a bigger than iPhone screen!

mjs763 says:

I want an iPad because my wife took my iPad.

Brady Atwood says:

MacBook Pro retina... My wife took my computer, so it would be nice to have some extra money to put towards a computer!!

TimPossibleOne says:

I would like an iPad mini for my mom because she isn't as mobile as she used to be and can't get to church but maybe once or twice a year. She could could use the iPad for reading her bible (since she's up in age and the print in her bible is getting hard to read). And my she could view my brothers sermons on there. It would also come in handy to keep her entertained and informed more so than her tv. And it's lightweight and it'll be easy for her to handle. If you guys could bless her with that I'd be so grateful. Thanks for listening.

counterculture says:

Would love an iPad with Retina. My grandmother had been mentioning how much she wanted an iPad for awhile now and my mom planned on getting her one, so I decided to forego major Christmas gifts this year so my mom could afford to purchase my grandmother an iPad with Retina. We gave it to her today and she loves it! College student here, so would love it for textbooks and easier notetaking in class as well as all the cool things it does! :-)

sgillila777 says:

I would ask for an ipad mini for my wife. She likes the mini because it's a great form factor.

Electronic Chong says:

Here's to a lucky new year! I need an iPad since my hardware is out of date ..

Vilen Aydinyan says:

I want an iPad mini because I'm a student and need it most for doing lessons or reading books and much more...please make my dream come true

BKac says:

I want an iPhone 5 so I can give my son my iPhone 4S. He has an older generation ipod that can barely play these newer game apps requiring more processing power.

Sasha Oelsner says:

I would love to get an iPhone 5 for my dad because he is the only one in our familymwithnout one and it would be nice to all be one iOS!

inocent3 says:

My girlfriend needs a new phone badly, I iphone 4s or 5 would be fantastic!

Steve Park1 says:

I wanted a ipad 4. There was too many expensive and either me or my family could afford one.

intuicity says:

I want an iPhone 5 please...that's my dream. thanks

ourhero69 says:

I'll be different - I would rather have an iPhone 5 as they look really snazzy!

Gooshyz says:

I would like an iPad 4 for something light and thin to use for schoolwork.

bigjohn99 says:

I want the new ipad cause my ipad 2 is getting old!

RaWr says:

In all honesty, I would like to win the prize. Not entirely for selfish reasons. While I'd enjoy a new idevice as much as the next guy, if I win I intend to use half of the money to donate towards our jailbreak magicians, those guys that allow us to customize our iphones, ipads, ietc to suit our every digital need. May it help to get a new A5+ jailbreak to the masses, or merely as a beacon of hope that there are still people in the community that truly value your work.

GlennRuss says:

iPad Mini. Throw my name in the hat. Good luck to all.

nowhereslow says:

Any iPad!!! 4 or Mini!!! I just got engaged and I would love to give one to my fiancé!!!

slydog327 says:

Any iPad mini!!! I wanted one from Santa, I've been a good girl, and still didn't get one : (

alin008 says:

I would like the iPhone 5 to replace my Android. This way I can sync all my existing data with my iPad 2 and MAC desktop - and the trio will be complete. iPhone 5 rocks in weight and functionality, and I'd love to be able to start memorizing class lectures while on the go.

jagaa says:

WoW, I want to win iPad:)

joeytino says:

I'd like a new iPad. My wife has one and is pretty smug about it.

AhTim says:

I want an iPhone 5, because it is my Dream Phone!!

Jaydon134 says:

I would love a new iPad!

khalid7412002 says:

I would love an ipad mini for school given the smaller form. thanks for the chance to win!!

fdesa12 says:

I'd like an Iphone 5. Color doesn't matter compared to the experience of an Apple product. There's only so much you can learn and understand from reviews compared to hands-on use for a week.

I love helping people, mostly when it comes to choosing a device that's best for them. I've used Android and Windows Phone so those I could always give my pros and cons on. It's always the Iphone where I can't say anything since I really don't know what it's really like.

Ron Ortiguerra says:

I would love an ipad or ipad mini! It would make it so much easier to get some reading done as well as get myself up to date on technology!

pretheeshmt says:

Would love to win an Ipad mini to give to my wife for her birthday!

Sorin Moruz says:

I would love to have an iPad mini, 'cause it's very useful for my University!! =)

Lucian Darko says:

I have an iphone amd that is why i got my mum an ipad. But after purchasing, setting up and playing with it a bit I now realise I neeeeed an ipad. Editing photos, FaceTime and of course reading your great articles are much more fun on a bigger screen :)

Sagar8186 says:

Ipad 4!!! my b'day nxt week!!!

florian44 says:

I want an ipad mini because my girlfriend took mine....

smartnphone says:

iPhone 5 because it's super portable and sleek. Thanks for the contest!

PaulCostello says:

An iPad mini, because it would fit perfectly on the pulpit I use to preach from every Sunday and Thursday at the church I pastor. Thx

Pinkycheeks says:

My iPad. 1 does not cut the mustard anymore, thus I would like to win a new one from I more. I need face time.

pdxwayne says:

ipad mini because dad's ipad got hijacked by the wife and child. :)

Shadowxpr says:

It's mine already lol! Merry Christmas!

Chris See says:

I would like an iPad because I'm learning how much of an educational tool it is for my children and I can't give them mine because I use it for work. Thanks.

MorkSal says:

I'd like an iPhone 5! Because I have a really cheap phone right now =(

wing_zero says:

I would like an iPad mini. I really want to get one so that I could I use them in my university, most of my friends owned an iPad, so I'm hoping I could get one before the start of the new semester. >< thank you iMore.

NimaBokhar says:

hi i'm from iran and i love to have an iphone 5 but because of restriction there is a few of them here and very expansive 32 GB iphone 5 is about 1500 dollars :(

Richard Thompson7897 says:

I would like an iPhone 5 64Gb. I use my iPhone all the time for everything. Unfortunately I've been running out of space a lot these days.

Basel Runner says:

Good Morning from Switzerland.
Hope you all had a great Christmas.
I would love the new iPad Mini.

gameson says:

If I win, I want an iPad as I don't have any tablet now :) Thank you for the chance. Merry Christmas

czhDavid says:

iPhone 5 or 4S. for my mom which have to suffer with android

JaysoNMackubeX says:

iphone 5! i haven't really tried using an iphone and they say iphone 5 is the best!

Jack Smith1 says:

Any iPad. I need it for study in medical high school

Carlos Santos1 says:

I want a IPad mini. Because.

dominikj says:

I want iPad mini for my family and it would be nice to read some books on it and so on.

JMichael27 says:

Hi guys i would love any apple device because my blackberry playbook was just a waste of money... And we work hard for our money!

Neca94 says:

I want iPhone,doesn't matter which one I want it to be an iPhone,simply because my Android smartphone is lagging so much, it's driving me nuts every day it's something different if it's not the battery, then it's the screen,if not that than I can't open this app because it's incompatible with my phone and so on and so on....and that's why I need an iPhone

mfazlie says:

Iphone 5 - android and blackberry user here.. would luv to try ios

aaronkaiser says:

I'm looking to get the 32GB iPad Mini black/slate with cellular to replace my aging original iPad that is still stuck on iOS 5 and keeps crashing half my apps.

lloydpearsoniv says:

iPad mini. iPad functionality, but way more portable and practical.

Smayn says:

I would like the iPad mini. Because it's perfect for in car entertainment for my son when we travel back and forth in the country to visit grandparrents

Le Ba Trong Khang says:

The iPad Mini to help me to read book. It's very helpful for education.

jimmyantonio7 says:

I want an iPad, iPod, iPhone, etc, etc, etc, everything Santa wants to give me.

Mattatattatt says:

iPad mini - so I can take the Kindle off my 'want' list!

The_Dnalloh says:

iPad Mini would be great!

Carsten Strippel says:

I would like to win an iPad Mini in white & silver, because it is just an awesome device! Thx.

archie222222 says:

I want an iPad Mini to replace my 5 years old Nokia smartphone...'Coz I'm being left behind and this would be a comeback....Thanks iMore....

Tomas_Rudle says:

Merry Christmas to everyone! I ´d like to win new iPad mini in white colour...

dougbenfield says:

iPad mini all the way; I have a three year old little girl who can not put my iPad down and I think it would be the perfect tool for her. She has used my iPad for a while now and it has been a big help in teaching her to count, learn her alphabet, and she is learning now how to spell and write.

Thank you

jmontalto19 says:

I would love to have an iPad 4 to use for reading and watching video. Thanks.

mady53 says:

i would so very grateful for an ipad mini
i would gift it to my grandkids.
thank you

ppertuz says:

I want the iPad mini, didn't found it in Christmas!

rushden4362 says:

Merry christmas,

I would love to get the ipad mini. And Happy New Year

Boobie12 says:

I would love an ipad mini, would be great for breaks during my next semester.

kinggodzilla says:

I'd like any iPad because I had to sell mine in order to be able to buy gifts for my daughters.

General ripper says:

I would love to win an iPad Mini to use on vacation because of its small size.

ozzymendiaz says:

Iphone 5 please!!! I've been waiting for it for a very long time, still isn't available in my country :(

Llcouttien says:

I would love to get in this contest for an ipad mini. I'm in need of a tablet so that would help greatly. Thank you.

Roundel says:

I'd like to win. Thanks iMore

playbook_007 says:

i would love the ipad mini because i don't have any ios devices. Thanks

Kenty Cumbria says:

Would love an I Pad mini as I've currently a tablet shaped void in my life and it would be nice to have that filled by the coolest Tech on the market today.. Would also like to say good luck to all..

LunarFlame17 says:

Well, I suppose I'd get an iPad 4, cause as much as I love my mini, I wouldn't mind a Retina display and extra processing power for all the gaming I do.

Epolletta says:

With this I could put it towards an ipad4, or simply an ipad mini. Ether one would be awesome, thanks for the contest.

immovablesoup says:

I'd love a white iPad mini to replace my ageing desktop PC, the iWork suite is more than enough to meet my requirements, and I'd save lots of space

Ultra50#WP says:

I would like to win an iPad Mini Please!!! Because its small enough to take everywhere I go ....

Kenty Cumbria says:

iPad 4 Mmmmmmm yes please!

K4RS says:

iPod touch 5 because i love apple

Manuel Lino says:

I would like to have an iPad mini, so I can always take my portfolio with me to show it to my possible future clients :)!

mmartins94 says:

I want an iPad mini to have a portable, comfortable way of reading ebooks!

pavancs says:

The iPad mini would bean incredible gift to my bro!

dragon44 says:

Fourth generation iPad 64 GB White with ATT because who doesn't want one?

imatty says:

i would like to have an iPad Mini because the regular iPad is just. too. big.

architorture says:

I would ask for a new iPad so that my computer-challenged grandmother could have one to use

Highrisedrifter says:

I'd love a Macbook Air as I need a lightweight laptop because I do a lot of travelling, need something ultra portable and the MBA is the best of the best. My last laptop died recently and I can't afford a replacement. Thanks iMore!

Zapflashgone says:

Looks like that would just cover a iPad Mini... I'm in!

phelanyk says:

Would love to get a Iphone 5 as i already have the Ipad!

Mtbcrh says:

An iPad mini would be nice for my wife:)

majorhunadadun says:

Ever since getting the iPhone 5, my iPad 2 seems soooo slow. Time for an upgrade!

davesoroka says:

Id go for a 32 gb ipad 4 with ATT service (which my phones have). I can forsee getting frustrated if out and about and no wifi available.

imdozer78 says:

I would love to Win a iPad Mini or iPad. Thanks

joemm12000 says:

iPad mini because of its form factor.

blak8830 says:

....because winning one is the only way I could afford it....

eltico40 says:

I want an iPod touch...was my wish list but did not get one

ssjakhar says:

I want an iPad Mini to gift to my father who has been lying in bed due to his illness. This will help him in keeping abreast to the world around him and will keep him busy too so that he doesn't keep thinking about the illness.

curtbork says:

Broke and would love an iPad mini as a replacement for laptop/eReader.
Thanks in advance.

EnJaNir says:

iPad mini to add to the collection

vinayak0521 says:

I wish I win the iOS device of the Year - iPhone 5!!

MikeCTZA says:

I'd buy a 16GB Black iPhone 5, my iPhone 4 is starting to feel a bit old now - so to win would really help me get myself a nice new phone

chrl98 says:

I would like the black and slate colored iPhone 5!!! I've wanted it for so long. Its got great features, like the camera with panorama, iOS 6 Maps (flyover), lightning connector, lightweight etc. I can also use it to listen to music, watch movies on the bus, play some games on it etc. Thanks for the giveaway iMore, really appreciate it !! :)

jasondusko says:

I want an iPad mini for work... A more compact design would be sweet!

Thanks imore... Happy Holidays!

imtravis says:

iPad mini would be awesome for resteraunt reading, and travel reading.

Pep Sucharikul says:

I want an ipad mini because it would be nice to use it on the metro

SagarK says:

Only device missing from my 'iCollection' is an iPhone.....

Nurseguy76 says:

I would love a 16GB WIFI iPad Mini!!!!!

pegb856 says:

I'd like to win an iPad mini 3G. I just hate to see that data share plan go to waste.

NOLA_Willie says:

Merry Christmas iMore!
I'd like to buy my wife an iPad mini for its accessibility features.

MichaelH1969 says:

I wanna New iPad Mini--my son just got one and it makes my iPad 2 look like a dinosaur!

jtarrio says:

iPhone 5. Because reasons.

waynehd says:

I have an iPhone 4s and an ipad 4 and I would like an ipad mini for work sine it is easily transportable.

purwater says:

My wife would love a new iPad mini to use when on the road. Help rescue her from my old nook tablet with a crappy beta version of android on it.

lcargile says:


hittrj01 says:

I would like an iPad mini for my wife so she can watch Netflix while I'm playing assassin's creed!

Jack Chatwood says:

If I won this, then it would be great to get a new black 64gb iPod touch, as my dad lost his old iPod ages ago and never got round to replacing it.

pokchop2a says:

iPad Mini! Would work great while on the job and at home!

Rosenthal says:

I would like to win and put these funds towards my first ever iPhone - the 6th generation. Very excited!

AntCarretero says:

Got everything but my iPad mini for Christmas, so I would love to win one from iMore!

Luisjr31 says:

I really would love an ipad mini for my mom. her bday is on christmas and she was dying for tablet that I couldnt afford. please!

djrakowski says:

I'd like to get an iPad mini and give my Nexus 7 to my 13-year old autistic son for use as a Netflix machine. Thanks, iMore!

coolpepper says:

I would really want an ipad mini since each of my kiddos got one this year and I feel left out. :(

0pusX says:

My Toshiba laptop is on it's last leg, so I would use it towards an MacBook Pro. Not really an iOS device, but it is what I really need.

coolpanino says:

I would love an ipad mini. It is the perfect size, and I would be able to give my current ipad to my parents!

j9user says:

iPad Mini :/ I saw it at the apple store n I fell inlove <3

damenace says:

A white iPad, because I haven't had the money to get one. Thanks!

dickkorte says:

I want an iPad mini to keep up with my kids...

Zeropia says:

iPad mini! Why?, Why not?

dmt316 says:

you guys are awesome!!!! id love an iPad mini because, well why not?? it would complete my ios device collection!! :)

troystaylor says:

I want an iPod Touch 5th gen - really want to have that beautiful 4" screen.

NoImSpartacus says:

I plan to trek the entire length of the Great Wall of China, visiting and experiencing the culture in different villages as I go. Is it an original idea, no, but I will be documenting my lifetime adventure for future me and mine.

Shock horror, I've never owned an IOS device, so getting my first one, an iPad, seems a great choice to accompany me on my journey.

First hurdle, overcoming my phobia of flying, a 10 hour flight can't be any more scary than a shorter one, can it? Both involve the lunacy of being shot into the atmosphere in a thin metallic (and now plastic) tube!

Scott Leadbetter says:

iPad mini. To replace the iPad 4 I can never play with because my kids hog it.

sawinter says:

I would love a new iPad with Retina Display. It would be an awesome upgrade from the iPad 2, and then I would give my iPad 2 to my parents. Thanks iMore!

lezleeann says:

iPad because...I don't always use a tablet, but when I do, I prefer a retina display. :-)

Charlf says:

Didn't get one from christmas but hope will get this one

sshih says:

I want the new iPad4 becuase my wife bascially took the iPad3 from me.Of course if I do get the 4, she'll probably take that and give me back the 3.. Happy wife, happy life, so they say...

Batman2372 says:

We had a light Christmas this year. An iPad would change that. Thank you for the contest!

delanscott says:

Well, since you asked nicely. I would like a new Iphone 5, it would complete my transformation to Aplle after switching to an MBP and getting an Ipad.
Thank you
Happy Holidays

LPL8 says:

please me, iMore Team !!!

alexandrusteimle says:

I want a iPhone 5, the reason I would like a iPhone 5 is it would help me with school a lot. It would also help me with work because of the fast processor. I would ask for a iPad but I am always on the go, and need something small and fast.

donnyjones680 says:

Want an Ipad mini to use at work due to its smaller size and lighter weight.

biglee115 says:

Well I currently have all the apple devices I want and need but after seeing my younger sister over Christmas and the laptop she's using, this would be a good amount that could go towards a new macbook for her... She's a college student and currently is using a Dell Inspiron 1545 that rarely connects to wifi and has to stay plugged in to stay powered on. I would love to take this gift card and use it towards that MacBook she's always wished she had but she never asks for anything... This would be the most amazing prize to win!!!

Good Luck to everyone!!!!!!

Symphomed says:

Hi All,

I wish to win an iphone 5, so it can fit the case i've been offered this Xmas!
Yes someone offered me an iphone5-case, and I just have an iphone 4 ...

Merry Xmas at All


hsiegelman says:

I would like an iPad Mini because the arthritis in my hands make it difficult for me to continue to hold and use my full-size iPad. Thanks.

daveinpublic says:

iPad 4 - so I can have a REAL New Years celebration!

cap says:

Time for a new phone for me. This would definitely help.

hhenriquez says:

I'd like an iPad mini for my daughter, It would be the best Christmas present!! Good luck and happy holidays everyone. :)

Madan Vivek says:

I want iPad 4th generation.Because I'm a medical student it would help me in my studies.

DJT5 says:

Gave my mother the latest iPad but I have the 1st gen. and it would help me- help her if we had the same model.

fcortese says:

An iPad mini would be a huge gift for me.

D V says:

I want an iPad Mini... and an iPod touch....but for now I will gladly accept an iGift Certificate that will allow me to ponder which iDevice to actually procure. Why couldn't Santa just decide for me?

benitoastorga says:

I would love an iPad mini. Would be a great substitute for big bulky books for college. eBooks are here and there anyway, spare me the weight!

Happy holidays iMore

a_kdas says:

I want a new iPad mini because its a perfect size for me!!

Ron McLaughlin says:

I want an iPad Mini. I teach Children's Church at my Church and would love to load a Bible App on it and teach. The iPad Mini would allow for lightweight carry and be a great new technology gadget that I could pass around for the Kids to play with and enjoy as well.

CJM says:

Would like to win to put towards an iPad or iPad mini.