iPhone 5 comes to Walmart and Straight Talk

iPhone 5 comes to Walmart and Straight Talk

Walmart and Straight Talk Wireless will soon be carrying the iPhone 5 starting January 11. It will only be offered at its full, contract-free price, however, Straight Talk is offering an unlimited talk, text, and data plan for $45 per month, significantly cheaper than the plans available from the major US carriers.

In addition to Straight Talk’s plan, Walmart will be offering customers with a Walmart Credit Card a financing plan that will allow customers to pay $25 per month to avoid the large up front cost. According to a statement Walmart representative, the total cost of the plan will be lower than most plans from one of the major national carriers:

“We believe customers shouldn’t have to choose between saving money and having the latest technology,” said Seong Ohm, senior vice president of Entertainment for Walmart U.S. “Now customers can have the coveted iPhone with unlimited talk, text and data without a contract for $70 a month thanks to our exclusive Straight Talk plan and industry first financing offer.”

This is just the latest in the expansion of the iPhone to a variety of US carriers. While carriers like Straight Talk and Virgin Mobile use the networks of the major carriers, they are able to offer customers lower prices on plans while usually charging full price for the handset. The Straight Talk/Walmart deal is unique in offering customers the ability to pay for the cost of the iPhone over time without requiring a contract. Straight Talk Wireless uses AT&T’s network, and at this time it isn’t clear whether or not customers on this plan will be able to access AT&T’s LTE network.

Source: Walmart

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Reader comments

iPhone 5 comes to Walmart and Straight Talk


So it's going to be $650 for the phone with a plan thats five dollars less than what I pay at AT&T and no LTE. And no offense to some people but the majority of Walmart's customer base will never be able to swing $650 for a phone.

How come whenever someone starts a statement with "no offense or no disrespect" it turns out to be just that....disrespectful and offensive! Lol!,

$650 means contract free, that means if you, for whatever reason don't want a month or so of service you can, and it also means you can use your iPhone overseas since it's SIM unlocked, I travel a lot between Mexico and the States so this is a good option for me.

The average customer of almost any store in the U.S. can't swing $650 for a phone. And this will be true for more and more people, as long as that idiot is in the White House. "No offense and no disrespect" to the man in the White House!

That's why Walmart is offering it on their credit card for the low low price of $25 per month. It's the American way! Plus add taxes and fees to that and how much are you really saving? Doesn't sound like much. And no discount for additional lines that I can see so unless you're single with poor credit this doesn't seem to make much sense.

Here is my math. I pay ATT $98 (after tax) a month for the cheapest plan possible. The phone was 200 on a 2 year contract. So 98*24+200=2552.

With this Walmart deal at 45 (before tax), over 2 years: (45*1.21)*25+650=1956.80.

Not sure how you came up with only a $5 difference.

I believe the author may want to do more homework. I'm sure Straight Talk will also allow people to bring in their own iPhone, AT&T or Verizon, and get set up on the Straight Talk plan.

So you could be on either network, depending on if the phone is chip-set for AT&T or Verizon. Your coverage/signal will be accordingly.

Pick your iPhone model, carrier, and unlimited everything plan, calculate the two year contract price, including the phone price. Now do the same on Straight Talk. Then calculate the difference, and I believe most will be quite surprised at how much less you'll spend for the same service and product.

Your Virgin Mobile is on Sprint, afaik. Straight Talk is on AT&T/Verizon/T-Mobile. Some people would like to pay $45 a month for unlimited everything on a GSM carrier, as they want Voice+Data at the same time.

how often do you actually use both at the same time... its a convenient feature but people (or just me) dont really do both at the same time too often... and when that is needed, i use google voice or another voip app to make the call and have access to my browser... but good point though..

I use it all the time. Lets list a few. Tethering to the laptop and get a call. Hmmm. On the phone and want to look something up on the Internet. Streaming radio an then get a call, the audio pauses but the stream keeps buffering and I don't miss a thing. On the phone and someone says, "let me forward the email to you so you can read it". Do I really want to say, well I will have to let you go and call you back. Duh.

I wish we could stop rehashing the value of simultaneous voice and data all the time.

I switched from at&t and used straight talk for 6 months. They were ok, but I noticed a lot of lag in my data plan. When I would open an app on my iPhone 4, I'd sometimes have to wait a while for the data to flow. A lot of times I'd have to force quit the app in the multitask bar, then reopen it to get it to work. I never had that problem before with AT&T. I've since gone back to AT&T and haven't had any issues. Another thing I disliked about them is the lack of 3G coverage. I live in the pacific NW. I leave town a lot and travel just outside of the city limits, say 30 minutes east of Portland. As soon as you drive past those city limit signs, you can kiss your 3G goodbye, you'll have to deal with 2G for the rest of your trip until you enter another city. My travel buddies on at&t would all be connected via 3G, but not me. I checked their coverage maps and its seems to be the same story all across the country. I called their customer service while i was shopping for my iPhone 5 and couldnt get an answer as to whether they would have access to the new 4G network. While I like to save money, I think I'll gladly pay the extra $300 a year ($25 month) to know that I have access to 4G/3G everywhere, with no lag in connections on my new iPhone 5.

I haven't had those issues. ST was just as fast AT&T, I was getting a steady 4meg.

This seems to miss that ST isn't that great when you go over some invisible data limit. I had been threatened by them several times for "excessive use" of my unlimited data. They would magically throttle me to literally 40kbps per second. I asked them, first time they said it was a bug, second time they just fixed it. Third time I was said to be violating some vague part of their TOS. When I read it, it mentioned torrents and tethering. I wasn't doing either. I had to technically enable tethering*** (through TetherME) as they wouldn't provide a SIM that enabled the "APN settings" thing, as TMobile does.

***I didn't tether, I just had to use that tweak from Cydia to get my APN settings.

Pay upfront, your bill with ST if you chose the $45 plan will always be $45+tax and here tax is only 6% so my ST plan is $47 on my iPhone :)