Delta Air Lines adds iPad app, updates iPhone app with redesign, Passbook support

FlyDelta app Delta Air Lines today finally released a proper iPad application and its iPhone app to Version 2.0, bringing with it a much-needed redesign and, perhaps most important -- the ability to use Passbook for boarding passes. The iPad version of the app also gets a particularly cool "Glass-bottom jet" feature that shows information about what's under your plane as you fly overhead.

You're also able to purchase Economy Comfort seats and trip extras (such as Wifi and priority boarding) straight from the app, and managing your Sky Miles account is much easier now. That said, while the application itself is much easier on the eyes, it's also pretty quick to dump you back into a browser view for some features -- the difference is readily noticeable. But we're not going to turn our nose up at this update at all. Check out the iPad demo video below.

Phil Nickinson

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firesign3000 says:

Great. Now maybe Delta will concentrate on being a decent airline.

tvartboy says:

Anyone figure out how to send the ticket to Passbook?

Dionte says:

The ipad app is 266 mb it must include the flight manuals, lately I've been tight for space. It would be nice if the ipad had a micro sd card slot, 64 gb isn't lasting like it used to.