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There are no shortages when it comes to photo editing apps for iOS, so when you find one that stands out above the rest, it's a special treat. PowerCam by Wondershare is an award winning app that packs so many features in, you'll wonder how you ever took pictures without it. You can capture photo and video and add special effects while shooting, or afterwards. Take panorama shots and add special effects to those as well! In fact, PowerCam has over 60 different effects you can add to your images and videos, including filters, frames, and so much more. Once you're done editing, easily share to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, E-mail, and anywhere else you like to share. Powercam is just $.99 and is one you're going to want to check out if you're into taking pictures or video on your iPhone.

The team at PowerCam is so excited by the great reception their app has seen since its release in 2012, and wants to pass on their thanks to everyone that has made their success possible. As a special Thank You to all of you, PowerCam is giving away three iTunes gift certificates valued at $50 each! To enter, check out the widget below. You can earn up to 10 entries by following on Twitter, Facebook, and leaving a comment! The contest ends next Tuesday at midnight. Good luck!


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There are 152 comments. Add yours.

songbird says:

Thank you iMore & PowerCam! Hope i win ;)

MichaelTheGeek1 says:

Wonderful contest! Thank you. 

Carsten#IM says:

And the winner is ....?

Hopefully here. :-)

khalid7412002 says:

I would like to win.


Justintefft says:

Great contest. Hope I win this time.

Yacine Bekkar says:

Great contest. Hope I win.

Mr.Chow says:

winning this would be awesome!

dougtheneard says:

Very nice giveaway. Thanks!

killthepig says:

wowww!!!.........i'm sooooo in!!

theuillo says:

dont`t have all entries (not user of twitter) but i hope i will get one gift card..
Love iMore and PowerCam

ran avni says:

Thank you iMore & PowerCam. Hope i win ;)

rebel5fx says:

Thanks iMore and Powercam

akdj says:

I feel like a Real 'Winner!'

projectman says:

Sure would love to win this! Thanks iMore and PowerCam.

dgrass90 says:

Yes please! I can haz?!

PeeBrains says:

Thanks for the awesome contest :)

double3 says:

pick me. pick me! please.

epaminos says:

Good luck to everyone!!!

breadguy_paul says:

I'm gonna hope and pray that I win.

tooney144 says:

Pick me to win please !!!

Prince_Basil says:

I'd love to win this!!! Pick me!!!

dsunmade says:

PowerCam and Imore set to conquer the world. Really need this gift card to offset my itunes debts! lol

bgwebbjr says:

Would love to win and start 2013 off right!

voyager25 says:

I wouldn't mind a gift card .

clealsgirl says:

I want, I want, I want!!

Cantico says:

That would be great!!!

sonar_chris says:

Trying to win a gift card!!

Finzor says:

One of my favourite apps! :D Love it!

ChrisLuce#IM says:

This is a great giveaway!!

walker023 says:

Could definitely use one

iMike44 says:

Great contest! Thank you!

tizocman says:

Love when devs give back

Bacco says:

Thank you for the promotion.

mgmiller68 says:

It's so nice to see iMore having all of these contests! Sure hope I win. Thanks so much! :-)

iDonev says:

If I win I'll be sure to try the app :)

Josiah Myers says:

May the odds be ever in your favor!

steve.truong says:

I just got myself an iPad Mini the other day and would LOVE to win an iTunes Gift Card so I can get some apps for college! :D

pthompson913 says:

I would like to win this item!

RevJar says:

Thanks iMore and PowerCam for the contest.

greentj says:

Awesome app & hopefully I win the gift card as well.

kvand says:

Thanks for the contest!

dtdschmidty says:

love editting apps. looking forward to using this app.

alg_TMR says:

A great way to refresh my iTunes credit balance!

Commonstock says:

What a wonderful and thoughtful thing to do.

mattoaks says:

Good luck everyone, but I'm pulling for me!!

davjaxn says:

I love photo apps! Hope I win!

jnichols_ttu says:

If I win, I will use $.99 to purchase this app.

Christ0f says:

I want to buy Mailbox when it's released!

freitame says:

This will be sweet. That'll be my first purchase...

310mike says:

I would love to finally buy something other than an app on iTunes! :) thanks guys.

SciTeach3 says:

I have always been pretty disappointed in the stock camera in the iPhone in terms of the features it has so I love finding new apps. I just recently started using Camera+ but am totally checking out $0.99 how can you go wrong?

spalten says:

Thanks for the great contest!

rich1017 says:

cool looking app, i know where my first $0.99 of the $50.00 would go!

ef4ervescent says:

great app and contest. thank you

oniontears says:

Would love to win. Thanks!

Talker says:

Mmm comment... yep I want it!!! thanks

Rossce214 says:

Thanks a bunch for the chance! Here's to hoping :)

gorexinfx says:

Help a poor college kid out!

sandman369 says:

Could always use another iTunes gift card!!!

Sheldon Werenka says:

i love itunes and all the stuff on it! i hope i win

asksteevs says:

I am really hoping to get some apps! @asksteevs

madmissilekid says:

I hope to win the card! I can't buy one on my own atm xD :)

dark-hail says:

Hope I win it will be a good present :)

sam81 says:

Excellent application and even more excellent contest!

amyleestonexo says:

Hope I win, and good luck to everyone! :)

Freddy Loza says:

the color splash option is pretty nice. just wishes the resolution was better.

Enzo83 says:

Thank you so much for these opportunities!!!

MikeCTZA says:

Nice, could do with $50 of new stuff !!

KekoaLani says:

Aloha, thanks for the chance to win!

icecrystal23 says:

Who doesn't want iTunes $$??

ronjiedotcom says:

Hey, is this open to anyone in the world???? Hope I win and I'm eligible!

Maureen Regala says:

pick me. i never had a nice phone. :(

Michaelmoves says:

Oh iMore, you know what I like :) says:

Count me in, could use it for textbooks!

Alessio Agrusti says:

Amazing contest :) I would love to win! :)

Eindeutige says:

Crossing my fingers. Thank you for this opportunity!

heatwave16 says:

Looks like an amazing app. Thanks for the contest

asuperstarr says:

Thanks iMore and PowerCam for the opportunity! Good luck to everyone!

bagarwa says:

Awesome. Count me in. :)

kfrye707 says:

Pick me! IMORE!!! Pick me please!!

Tmil2000 says:

i really do need some ( i )moremusic on my iphone

Ken Pandian says:

Its far from perfect, but when you consider what voice functionality exists on Android or Windows, it’s heaven.

Divya Gupta says:

good contest hope i may win ......:
Its far from perfect, but when you consider what voice functionality exists on Android or Windows, it’s heaven.

Austin Cooley says:

love Apple and it's products, hope to win!

girish bhari says:

please god atleast the powercam thanks