BlackBerry 10 launches today, makes iOS the oldest major operating system in mobile

BlackBerry 10 launches today, makes iOS the oldest major operating system in mobile

BlackBerry is holding their BlackBerry 10 launch event today -- technically several events around the world -- and CrackBerry is live in both New York City and Toronto, and they'll be bringing you back everything you need to know. (Basically whether this'll be Rocky 3 for RIM... or Rocky 5.)

Most interesting to us, when BlackBerry 10 launches, it'll make iOS the oldest major operating system in mobile. Back in 2007 iOS was the newest, of course, and a massive leap beyond the old, instantly outdated Symbian, BBOS, PalmOS, and Windows Mobile operating systems of the time.

Then Google began to pivot Android into what eventually launched with the G1. Palm ditched PalmOS for webOS. Microsoft put down Windows Mobile in favor of Windows Phone 7. And now even RIM has replaced BBOS with BlackBerry 10.

Whether it works for everyone or not isn't the point. Whether it's ultimate successful in the market doesn't matter. Either way, triumph of tragedy, it'll bring new ideas to the table.

We're still months away from iOS 7, and hopefully Apple wowing us all over again.

But today is RIM's shot.

Keep it locked on CrackBerry for full BlackBerry 10 live event coverage and more throughout the day.

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BlackBerry 10 launches today, makes iOS the oldest major operating system in mobile


Yeah, I just bought a Surface and have had an Android phone for over a year. I will say both are far from perfect and although they work best for my needs they aren't for everybody. But the interfaces on both are leaps and bounds better than iOS in my opinion. iOS looks like an old feature phone in comparison.

It will be interesting to see how Apple responds. The simplicity of iOS was what the market needed at the time and Apple's iron grip over the entire experience made for quality products and big profits for them. But I don't think they can go another year without a major revamp. They certainly have the resources to come back with something much better.

Actually Rene, I must correct you on one point. Today is BlackBerry's shot. The RIM name is no more, remember? I think it's a good move by them to make that name change. The BlackBerry name is much more identifiable to the world (in general) than RIM.

The thing most people aren't talking about this innovation is the Nokia n9 came out sept 2011 and seems to be a part of the innovation blackberry got for its Inspiration meego harmattan had this swipe os already I love my Nokia n9 and am going to either go with jollas device or this blackberry 10 depending on what one is more open and what one has better command line access and better hackability the edge to edge screen was already in the Nokia n9 over. Year ago go google that device to see where blackberry got this inspiration from

That is one HELL of a run-on sentence. If it wasn't for you accidentally hitting the "." button, there wouldn't be a single point of punctuation. That was tough to read

BB10 is like Charles Darwin, may not have come up with all of it on their own, but they are putting it ALL together and adding enough to it to make it all smooth. Also the Hub I believe is completely on their own, and that is one of the main pieces of BB10.

I doubt it. There will be small changes, but I'm betting iOS 7 will look like iOS 6. Apple is stubborn and just like Palm and RIM of old, thinks what they have is perfect the way it is. History has shown how well that has worked out.

I say kudos to BlackBerry! I jumped to iOS over a year ago but I still hold BB in my heart. I keep a second phone for work that another employee and I split using and it may get upgraded to a BB10 device IF it impresses me! My iPhone will definitely be staying primary, though. ;)