How to buy movie tickets with Siri on your iPhone and iPad

How to buy movie tickets with Siri on your iPhone and iPad

As of iOS 6, Siri has been able to help you find movie theaters and showtimes. With the iOS 6.1 update Siri can also help you purchase tickets to the movie of your choice with help from the Fandango app. All you have to do is have Fandango installed and then ask Siri to find tickets.

If you aren't sure how, follow along...

First, you must install the Fandango app on your iPhone or iPad in order for Siri to help you buy movie tickets. It's available for free in the App Store.

  1. Press and hold the Home button on your iPhone or iPad to activate Siri.
  2. Ask her something like "Find showtimes for Zero Dark Thirty." She will then pull up a list of showtimes.
  3. Siri may find the movie playing at multiple theaters with different showtimes. Simply tap on the theater that you'd like to go to.
  4. From here tap on the showing time you'd like to go to.
  5. Now tap on Buy Tickets.
  6. The Fandango app will now launch and you'll be able to complete your purchase through there.
  7. That's it. Your tickets will be purchased and you can either print them out or pick them up at the theater.

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Allyson Kazmucha

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How to buy movie tickets with Siri on your iPhone and iPad


unfortunately another service only works in the USA, the Czech Republic very drashy phone that is not dspozici many functions,,,,, apple customers from smaller countries discriminates

I'll wait for the non Fandango solution. I absolutely abhor the company. It's about time that theater chains like AMC, Regal and more take ticket purchasing in house.

I'm not sure how this is really any easier than current. Cooler maybe, but easier?

Using Siri to change playlists while I'm lifting and my phone is in my pocket, sure. But some of this stuff has come out, looked cool but not really cut down on the time, effort or swipes required to do something. It still requires you to click the show, click Buy and then go into the Fandango app anyway. This is AFTER Siri pauses to understand what you just said.

I think this is some of the indication of what's trending lately. Its like developers have thought us content to fiddle with a device more and more instead of giving us truly more efficient ways to do things. I mean how hard would it be to have a default payment method setup in Fandango/iTunes/Passport, have Siri ask you to buy tickets and seal the deal verbally OR buy via one click?

I see such huge areas to truly innovate and leverage this platform into something amazing. But instead, we get half-baked things like this.. :/

Sorry Allyson, didn't mean to hijack your timely, detailed and concise instructions! I guess I clicked on this article hoping Apple had given us something super simple. But after reading your directions realized it wasn't what I had hoped.

Gotta laugh at Apple's new Siri "feature", total fail that you have to have a separate app, all they added was a link in Siri to go to Fandango.

Where's the innovation? Never thought i'd see Blackberry build a better mobile OS than Apple!!