Did you jailbreak iOS 6 with evasi0n? [Poll]

[evasi0n], the iOS 6 and iPhone 5 jailbreak, has been live for a couple of days now, so we want to know: did you pull the trigger? And if so, why?

For some, jailbreak makes the mainstream iOS decidedly more pro-friendly, adding numerous tweaks, themes, and other features that not only round out, but complete the experience. For others, it makes a stable system just as decidedly unstable.

If you did jailbreak, tell us the features you couldn't live without, and what you've done to make your iPhone or iPad perfect for your needs. If you didn't jailbreak, tell us what concerns you have, or why the jailbreak features aren't, or are no longer, compelling for you.

I haven't jailbroken yet, though I'll jailbreak my secondary phone as soon as I have time so I can play around with it. Prior to iOS 5 I was jailbroken almost all the time, primarily for LockInfo and BiteSMS. iOS has come a long way now, often by copying jailbreak features. There's enough there that I don't feel the urgency any more. What am I missing out on?

There's no wrong or right answer, no one and only way to go. We just want to know which way you went and why?

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Did you jailbreak iOS 6 with evasi0n? [Poll]


I jailbroke my iphone 5. One of the main reasons was typophone, it turns the bland lockscreen into a really awesome looking lockscreen. That and winterboard.

I jailbroke my iphone mainly because of Cleverpin. That Cydia app allows me to only mess with a lock-pin code when I'm away from my saved wifi-connections. When I'm at home or at work - I don't need a pin code. When I'm away and I might lose my phone/iPad, the device is locked and secure.

This is amazing. I'm always having to turn my code on whenever I'm away from home and turn or off when I get home. Thanks for this!

I decided to jailbreak for the first time mainly to make my iPhone 4S easier to use. I'm severely disabled (quadriplegic) and have enough movement to make having such a device worthwhile but some things can certainly be easier than they are. So far the jailbreak has already improved things for me. For example the combination of Zephyr and Auxo has greatly reduced the need for me to press the home button and has also made the interface easier to navigate. Being able to quit all running apps simultaneously alone is a huge improvement over having to tap the tiny little "x" on every app in the multitasking bar. Things will improve even more when all the Siri tweaks (like the hands-free one) are made compatible with iOS 6.1.

I am a big supporter of Apple but frankly I've gotten a little tired of sitting around waiting for them to implement such obvious improvements like the ones that can be found on Cydia so I took the plunge and I'm glad I did so.

I did and I've I've been a long standing jail breaker in the past but having to wait so long for a new jailbreak, I've come to the conclusion I don't really need it any more!!!
There is not one tweak I find so invaluable, that its worth holding back on iOS updates sometimes for several iterations at a time!
I know a lot of people will think the opposite but that's my honest opinion, what I also find unacceptable is imagine paying as much as $20 for an app like MyWi ony to have it unavailable for several months at a time waiting for the next JB!?

I wouldn't pay much for anything either for the same reasons. This is just toying around for me. When I get my fill of it i'll restore back to whatever update Apple has later.

I can hardly imagine that, either. I'd much prefer to imagine holding back on upgrading to iOS 6, to continue to have access to something like MyWi.

The real issue ought to be: imagine not having the functionality of MyWi - PERIOD.

No, thanks.

I have never jailbroken any of my ios devices because I don't feel it takes away from my ios experience. How I feel if you feel you need to tweak anything in ios ecosystem then you simply do not belong in it. I know some may disagree but this is my opinion.

You may want to re-read and edit that - and not just because your opinion is raggedy.

re: "I have never jailbroken any of my ios devices because I don't feel it takes away from my ios experience. How I feel if you feel you need to tweak anything in ios ecosystem then you simply do not belong in it. I know some may disagree but this is my opinion."

If someone wants to change anything stock iOS doesn't allow for means they don't "belong" using it? It's early yet but I think that will probably be the most ignorant thing I hear all day. I've been jailbreaking since iOS 3. Back then I saw it as nearly essential as it opened to door to so much more functionality. Now I see it just a fun thing to do. Was definetely missing sbsettings on my 5 until now though and am very happy to have it back.

Debating. So far this is the only phone I have not jailbroken instantly because I feel there is no real need to do so. iOS6 brought a lot on to the table and of course, there are some nice apps to use.. IntelliScreenX was great but not much anymore. CallBar is still a very nice app to have but not really needed. SBSetting is still a great app, but with the great battery life of iphone 5, I just leave anything on now.

I wish we could get rid of the "TeamPure" silliness. TeamJailbreak/TeamPure were made up names back when Chad, Georgia & Renee were the regulars on the TipB podcast. I have never liked those names because, while fun & irreverant, it implies that people are either hard core into jailbreaking or hard core into being "pure". There are people on both sides that are that way but there are also many of us in the middle, myself included. I used to jailbreak, now I don't. I'm very "meh" about the whole thing. So it doesn't feel right to call me TeamPure. I'm TeamDon'tGiveADamnOneWayOrTheOther.

my pet peeve is the qualifiers in the polls. They could easily go "Yes" or "No" for the question "did you jailbreak?" but nope they added "teampure for life" which implies i'll never jailbreak again which isn't true. I may i may not. I haven't decided it's "for life" yet. The poll qualifier language always ruins meaning for me cause it rarely matches my state of mine.


I'm not debating or deliberating, in any real way. I just want to make sure everything's working right and that I know how to go from jb to jb (most instructions tell how to go from pure to jb).

yeah on my i always had trouble going fro JB to a pure upgrade. it always messed up or crashed, or i couldn't do over the air but no once did i not have to wipe my device which was annoying. So it's kinda nice to upgrade and not be one of the few people in forums asking about error messages or hangs.

I have jailbroken all of my previous iPhones dating back to the 3GS! And I loved everything about the jailbreak community!! They really make some great improvements on the OS in my opinion. But I do agree with apple in some degree as to performance issues taking place if you do jailbreak because I on a few occasions noticed slow data and features such as HD video sharing thru iMessage not working while jailbroken.

If apple will take anything more from the jailbreak community I hope it is something along the lines of bite SMS!!!!! This was the main reason why I ever jailbroke any divice. It is without a doubt in my mind the way apple should have made multitasking with messeging. So please apple take the concept and alter it how ever you want to give it your apple/iOS flair but please give is this feature!!!!

no i went pure with ios 6. I always had failed updates while jailbroken and had to reinstall everything. W/O jailbreak my updates go without incident. Plus there's nothing in cydia that interests me but the app that puts toggles in the notification center. I could live without that. Other than that the only reason i had was cracked apps and i just bit the bullet and bought the ones i actually wanted and used. I'm pretty happy if just to not have reinstall and recopy 40gbs of music everytime i try to update.

I would love to jb but last time I did on my 4, it really messed things up. I'm sure there is a fix for it but my phone got filled with "other" and I couldn't find the solution to get rid of it. It also started to really lag my phone. I have the 5 now and I have a feeling the lag wont be as much but I am still weary of it. Thoughts?

Jailbreaking has come along way with developers. I found jailbreaking offers functionality. Closing running apps in the background with one wipe, swiping up to close an app, cleaning up wasted cache on phone, multitasking etc.

Sure not a single alteration is needed due to the ease and flow of simplicity with the Iphone. But what you gain is a small computer that flows with efficiency for your everyday "smartphone" functions that are adaptable to your needs. Having a calendar on the home screen...the list goes on. Maybe you don't need that ! But, I appreciate the convenience.

*No lag, stability or battery life issues whatsoever.

Jailbroke for just 2 tweaks - just 2
1. IntelliScreen X
2. Zephyr

if apple can bring in something similar - i don't think I would in the future. I still love apple's walled garden ..... mostly.

I jailbroke for bite SMS, sbsettings & fake my location so I don't have any blackout restrictions when I watch hockey games (game center) or baseball (MLB at bat).

I jail broke my iphone 5. I have been happy with it but really missed Intelliscreen, SBSettings, and Activator. Also I am trying BiteSMS for the first time and love it so far. This jailbreak seems very stable.

I jailbroke my 5 for biteSMS. Thought I really needed it back but haven't had it in a few months so now I got use to not using it. SBSettings are not needed for me anymore, my 5 goes all day without turning anything off.

With this jailbreak I am installing minimal tweaks. I've gotten use to my stock iPhone 5. I installed BiteSMS, browserchooser to get google chrome default, mapsopener for Google Maps and fake carrier to remove the Verizon name.

Next I will install, 2 row app switcher to take advantage of the extra real estate iPhone has to offer. I feel Apple made the iPhone 5 larger but hasn't done much to take advantage of the additional space.

I jailbroke. I never have before, but I was/am fed up with AT&T screwing me. I have grandfathered unlimited data. I can't do a personal hotspot because I'm not on a tier data plan and I can't do FaceTime (off wifi) either. Plus those bastards won't give me the good pricing on the iPhone 5 even though I've gotten FIVE iPhones when they came out in the past at the good pricing. Why does a customer who's been with them the longest get screwed?

thats pretty weird. I have AT&T, never had an iPhone before this, and I did an early upgrade (about a year before my contract is up), and they gave me an awesome deal on the 5. They did the same with my last phone. The two times I've gotten a new phone, AT&T discounted it for me. and by a good amount too. We personally haven't ever had any problems with them. But different people have different experiences.

iOS is Boring! Looking at the same stuff over 5 years!
Had to get a brightness dimmer in the notifications bar among other things

i'm not really looking for excitement. i just want it to work and not be ugly. Windows was boring but i think i like window 7 more than metro or windows 8.

I jailbroke on day one but am now back to stock. I kept having issues with stability, jailbreak causing issues in stock apps, and I hate having to respring after every change. Stock works fine for me for now. I may revisit it again later on but for now I'll leave it be.

Same here. Lost my Phone pane in Settings, and it messed up Messages. Was also having Bluetooth issues, so I restored to stock 6.1.

Yes for IntelliscreenX and Auxo the new task switcher rocks. Octopus keyboard is a must. Those 3 items are essentially to me

I've been jailbroken for the last few years with rarely ever a problem, until about 3 months ago. Something went wrong and since I had last updated the firmware OTA, I was stuck with the only option to restore to stock 6.0.1. While I was back to stock, I missed many of my jailbreak tweaks like SBsettings, BiteSMS, Winterboard, Infinifolders, Infinidock, 3GUnrestrictor, Tetherme, Zephyr, Barrel, and all the Siri add-ons. Once the new jailbreak was available, back I went. Some tweaks are not yet 6.1 compatible, but that will come in time. For now, I'm happy to be back on my jailbreak. Apple has still not included all the function that a good jailbreak can. Do you remember when iOS had not included cut-n-paste and video recording? Yes, jailbreakers had that first. That seems life a lifetime ago. iOS continues to improve but, a long way still to go.

Now that evasi0n 1.1 is out I will be jailbreaking my 5.
I have been a long time JB'r and I knew to wait until a bug fix version was released.
Reasons I jailbreak? PdaNet, LockInfo, Springtomize, SBSettings.

I did it just to see what all the hype was about & to add a bit of fun to my iPhone 5. So far so good, haven't had any issues. When I get sick of it, I'll go back to stock but I like having an option.

I have iPhone 5 as well as iphone3gs , I jail Brocken my iPhone first time in my life ( 3GS only) , bcz I feel bit boring in iOS , I'm using iPhone from last 5yrs . After jail break , I really liked some apps , which is very useful for me ,( NC Setting) I dint understand why apple not applied these features till now . I also liked and found useful -activator, unfold , winter board and zeppelin