Facebook app crashing for some users

My Twitter stream is being swamped by people claiming the iOS Facebook app is crashing for them today. It doesn't seem to have anything to do with the recent iOS 6.0.1 or iOS 6.1 beta 1 firmwares either, and people who haven't gone near either of those are reporting the problem. It also doesn't seem to be a problem for everyone, as other people are saying they're just fine.

Maybe some piece of content is causing a problem for those folks unlucky enough to have loaded it? Who knows. Let's hope it fixes itself, or Facebook fixes it, as soon as possible.

In the meantime, if you use Facebook for iOS, let me know if it's working for you, and if it's not, how it's not.

And if it's not, remember, you can always use facebook.com to get at least some of your fix in the meantime...

Rene Ritchie

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dtokarski says:

It is crashing for me. Just updated to iOS 6.1

dnorth86 says:

Updated to 6.0.1 on iPhone 5: Crashing seconds after launching.

Teresa Estes says:

Same here ap won't stay open over 10 seconds


Crashing for me shortly after opening the app. Have not updated to 6.0.1.

lucianif says:

Crushing just 2secs after clicking the app icon. This started when updating the facebook app. I've not updated iOS, that is still 5.1.1.

Maslin Andi says:

same thing happen to my iphone iOS version 5.1.1

Patty Lawson says:

Mine is crashing now, too. Just started yesterday, Jan. 16th. Never had problems before logging in to Facebook using my IPhone. Have not installed IOS 6.0. Can anyone help?

LA Negra Durauran says:

I have the same Problem and I haven't updated either and have 5.1.1

ChynnaBlue says:

Has anyone heard anything about this from Facebook? I'm on an iPhone 4S with iOS 5.1.1 and can't use the Facebook app at all since I installed Facebook's last update. It crashes a second after opening. I've uninstalled and re-installed, rebooted, nothing works and they didn't respond to my help request.

Love Luxe says:

has anyone has the solution yet? mine just crashed now. after uninstalling and reinstalling my facebook..

Billie Walters says:

I'm having the same issue. I installed an update and it won't pull up. Tries to pull up and then just disappears a few seconds later. Anybody know what it is?

jtlundy says:

Have not updated and works fine for me. A friend of mine updated and her's does not work. Rebooted. Uninstalled/Reinstalled the app, still no workie.

shack1108 says:

6.0.1 on iPhone 5: crashing every time app launches

mikem#AC says:

Just updated to 6.0.1 on Verizon iPhone 5, Facebook working fine for me.

mikem#AC says:

correction..... now crashing for me also..... started when I scrolled down far on news feed.

Eric Richardson says:

It is crashing for me on both my iPad 2 and iPhone 5. This started before I upgraded the OS to 6.0.1 from 6.0.

EarlMJames says:

I've been using it on & off all day with no issues. Then around 3:15pm (est) the crashing began. Tried deleting and re-installing but same results.

Ferny says:

I've got a 4S and Facebook worked fine this morning, but after the iOS update the program crashes when it tries to update Facebook info.

Ferny says:

I wonder if it might be a network protocol issue? It didn't work for me at work, but 15 minutes later at home it works fine...

jabon13 says:

I had a couple of crashes today while browsing the newsfeed. iOS 6.0, no patches or update.

cableguy619 says:

Same here after update it starting crashing. I scroll down and crash.

jog12345 says:

I have not test updated to ios 6 and Facebook app is crashing for me :((

jaymojones says:

Crashing on both my iPad 3 & iPhone 5, right after updating both. I was using FB on both devices prior to the update, with no problems.

ashleyraenolen says:

My Facebook app started crashing seconds after launching before I was even aware of the new software update. It was around the time that most sites are saying it started. I tried checking it at about 2:29 central time and that's when it crashed. Hasn't loaded since.

lizza1778 says:

Crashing on iPhone and iPad. So annoying!

Harris1271 says:

Mine keeps crashing on the news feed, if I'm quick enough I can get to another page and it works fine. When I go back to the news feed it crashes.

satx says:

Crashes on iOS devices only after updating.

RWWackostu says:

Wrong. I have not updated and mine crashes.

namn says:

Check if any of your friends linked to a picture of a boy who lost his father in war.
It says something about
"Keep scrolling if you don't care"

If I do that, FB app crashes...

CristianTM says:

Crashing on my iPad, updated to 6.0.1 already too. I was just accepting that probalby was some content that some friend posted causing some problem but now that I see this on my RSS, probalby is a bigger problem ;)

Corel8 says:

Updated to 6.01 on iPhone 5 and iPad 2. Facebook app seems to be working fine on both devices.

Harris1271 says:

Crashes when trying to scroll. I just updated iO6.0.1, but was crashing before also.

piranhadonna says:

Crashing for me too when I scroll down.

RWWackostu says:

I have not updated and it crashes on mine.

jgnova says:

Crashing for me - primarily when I click on a photo but also randomly while scrolling. Crashing both on iPhone 5 before and after 6.01 - and also on iPad 2 on 6.0.

Jakob Adolfsson says:

Just tested it and it works fine for me. Running iOS 6.0.1 on iPhone 4

namn says:

Y.O.L.O is the sender of this photo. Added on 17th October...
Could it be that?

Twinsplus01 says:

Updated (iPhone 4S) then Facebook would not load, kept crashing. Closed app, still crashed. Deleted app at redownloaded. Now my Facebook works fine.

kuchera4 says:

I have been having problems with mine lately as well (pre 6.0.1, iPhone5). Just last night it crashed seconds after opening and comments are frequently not showing up under statuses. I often have to comment on something before a slew of comments will show up. Have now updated to 6.0.1 and it has opened w/o crashing on one ocassion, time will tell on future crashes and comments showing up.

misnad says:

Mine crashed on iOS 6.0. Still crashing on 6.0.1. It happens when I scroll down on my newsfeed towards a certain picture (which happens to be that of my country's president!). Doesn't crash on my timeline though.

ni-ro says:

So I haven't updated to 6.0.1 and my FB app was crashing when scrolling to the bottom of the newsfeed on my iPhone 5. Solution for me seems to be to logout of the FB app. Once I pressed logout, the app recognized I was still logged in via iOS and gave me a 'Continue' button to log me back in. After that it has let me go to the bottom of newsfeed and will show older posts. Try it.

mikem#AC says:

This seems to have worked for me also.

acerace113 says:

Crashes for me when I sign in to the app every time on both my iPod touch 5 and iPhone 4S running iOS 6 and this starting happening around noon eastern time for me

jevmeln says:

Was crashing for me some time ago, now working fine.

piranhadonna says:

Seems to be working now on my iPhone but on my pc it is not loading previous comments or read more.

jgnova says:

Deleting and re-installing seems to have stopped the problem. Logging out and then back in did not.

RWWackostu says:

Mine is now working. Didn't update, and didn't delete the app.

wickdisco says:

Mine was crashing consistently every time I scrolled through my news feed on iOS 6.0.1 / iPhone 5. I just checked it a few minutes ago and it's working like a champ now. Stable as can be. So FB must be correcting the back-end issue.

Calistamay says:

Husband's iPhone 5 (6.0) crashes, mine does not (iPhone 5, 6.0.1)

pauliusmm says:

Crashing on my JB ipad2, OS 5.1

Vox says:

Mine is working on my iphone and ipad, both upgraded to 6.0.1

TiNuts says:

Facebook has always regularly crashed for me. It's a terrible app for how big/popular facebook is.

west3man says:

It crashes like mad on my iPad but I fine on my iphone. All I can do is sign in. As soon as it tried to load content, it crashes.

The browser page works fine, but obviously lacks upload functionality. I'm on 5.x.

davidstromberg says:

Crashes for me too - iPhone 5 with iOS 6.0.1. Didnt crash this morning

JPS962 says:

Just started crashing today. Both on my iPad and iPhone 5

Appletitude says:

Updated my iPhone 5, and Facebook is the same. And by the same, I mean I am in month two of no Facebook post alert sounds. It sucks.

bigdad84 says:

Mines working normal, MacBook Pro included

Enzo83 says:

Didn't even know about ios 6 update until tonight.......but my FB app DID crash for no reason earlier today. iphone 4, ios 6, verizon, and was on wifi. It would open up, load a bit, then BAM home screen and icons. lol. even restarted it, and same thing. but just checked it now (still have not updated to ios 6.0.1 and it did not crash). wait lemme try again.....ok yep still good. Phew!

Anthony Bouchard says:

Happened to me today on LTE. It has never crashed on me before. Odd.

Big Zeus says:

Worked fine all day on all devices, iPhone 4S and iPad 2 on 5.1.1 as well as 5 on 6.0 and after updating to 6.0.1.

lmocus says:

Already update to ios 6.0.1 on my iphone 4s... No issue till now. Facebook app just working fine for me...

tnrambler says:

I've been on fb off and on all day with no problems before or after updating to 6.0.1 on my 4s.

VeryConfused says:

Ditto here. Updated today to 6.0.1 0 iPhone 5 and Skype has yet to fix their app on the iPhone 5....yet nobody wants to talk about Skype???

VeryConfused says:

I mean ditto...Facebook is crashing on me after the update.

9thWonder says:

have not updated. works fine on my 4s

MisterMoody says:

Why are you all still using Facebook?
"Eben Moglen on Facebook, Google and Government Surveillance"

aWitch4Harry says:

Not only is my facebook app crashing since yesterday afternoon, my music and podcast apps are doing it as well. I am about to lose it! I did update to the new software but it isn't only my facebook that is affected.

Tylorjd says:

FB was crashing, did update, still crashing! Haven't changed a thing on my phone.

west3man says:

I couldn't try any logging out options because my app crashed before I could do ANYthing.

I tried, for the second time, to delete and reinstall. This time, the app did not crash. It has been less than five minutes, however.

H1.HeliosOne says:

While it's nothing in relation to Facebook, my iPhone 5 keeps crashing when I use Siri. It did not do this before updating to iOS 6.0.1

Off topic: Do we really need to have "Ads by Google" sprinkled all over discussion threads as well! Could we have at least that without advertising? Just how far will websites go to make a buck anyway?

Faraz A Khan says:

FB app ia also crash on 3g n 3gs on IoS 4.1 since 3 weeks still no updated by FB help center !!!!

Gians says:

My facebook app crashes after minutes of using it in my iPad 2 and iPhone 4. Both running iOS 5.1.1

Fenella Lozada says:

App crashes on my iphone after seconds of trying to open it. However on my ipad 3, i am able to open the app and then it crashes. Both running on ios 5.1.1

J18Way says:

Been using Facebook app on my iPad 3rd Gen wifi iOS5.1.1 for a long time and it's been fine but as of yesterday it started to crash the minute I start the app, tried to remove it and install a fresh copy but still no luck. My brother's Facebook app works fine on his iPad 3 iOS6.0.1 so I'm not sure what the problem is....but I have to note, my Facebook app has been getting really buggy especially after updating it to facebook v4.2 onwards...I think it was 4.2 and then 4.2.1 can't really remember what the version numbers. Hope it gets a fix soon, funny thing is Facebook still works on my MyPad+....

scubajew says:

Running iOS 5.1.1 on iphone 4 … updated Fb to latest version.

Symptoms: when try to view timeline hangs up on updating then crashes to home screen this happens every time on the app and safari as well.

AgentSphynx says:

My Facebook app won't even start up after I updated it to the newer version. Frustrating as I am traveling and only have my phone for Internet access at the moment. I'll try getting the full site on my phone. Hopefully Facebook fixes this soon :)

chainblade131 says:

I am having the same problem with my facebook app but i think its a problem with their login system for the app. I hav deleted the app many times and reinstalled it and it opens asking me to login. Once i put my login info in and hit login, the second it starts loging in it crases and crashes everytime i reopen it until i reinstall it again. I think thats because the login data is saved and it automatically logs in once the app is open and it crashes.

Steve Simpson1 says:

Mine also crashing (using 4s with latest updates). Was working fine until an hour ago. Reinstalled app, soft reset on phone...no luck. Facebook App..........well & truly broken on my phone, the wife's however is fine?!

Rutger Breedijk says:

Anyone having this problem also have a Jailbreak? I do and facebook app is crashing after login. I noticed however that you can restart your iPad in safe mode when jail broken by holding the volume up button while restarting. When started in this safe mode the Facebook app works for me again! Off course the jailbreak/cydia tweaks do not work in this mode as they are no longer loaded. They will load again after normal restart.

Shaharyar Baig says:

Here's a temporary to fix that first download ifunbox (http://www.i-funbox.com/) after download and installation connect idevice launch ifunbox expand the left panel where your device is shown go to user application open facebook folder in right panel then go to documents folder from there open prefrences and then open "com.facebook.Facebook.plist" in notepad use ctrl+f and find "mozilla"(quotations not included) after finding that you will see Mozilla/5.0 all you have to do is to replace that 5 by 4 so it should look like this Mozilla/4.0 close notepad save changes and reboot your idevice and congrats mission accomplished launch facebook to test it
(same thing can be done with ifile)
NOTE:This fix is not from officials.I just figured it out by figuring log files nerdy stuff :D

David Rogers2 says:

Want to try your fix, but for some reason notepad will not let me edit the file (.com.facebook.Facebook.plist). Any ideas why?

jusolomon says:

I have iPhone 3GS,just upgraded to ios6 an then app stop working

Lance Little says:

Facebook seems to be crashing while I am logged in but I logged in under my wife's FB account and it works fine? Could it be a setting in my FB account?

eswissa1 says:

I'm on IOS 5.1.1 ( I don't want to update).
And Facebook started crashing after I updated it to version 5.2.2 . Before the update it was working fine.

Elvinga says:

I'm on IOS 5.1.1 and facebook start crashing after i updated to 5.2.2, before the v. 5.2.2, it was working normaly

SomniusX says:

I've got one 4S and an iPad 2, both on 5.1.1 jail broken.. I delete the app and re install it on both devices, it asks for login credentials and after than it crashes.. each and every time I try after that it crashes, but, when another app asks for perms on my account, it works, after that still crashes!
anything guys..?

donmaico says:

it certainly crashed on my iMac

trfoster93 says:

My crashes shortly after opening on both my iPhone 4 and iPad 3. Have updated OS on both, but crashes started before I updated.

Alisa Leggett says:

My facenooks closes as soon as I open in on my iphone 4

Cathie Thomas says:

The app crashes on opening, iPad 2. Both before updated and after. Also Facebook.com in safari doesn't function properly either. Can't tap on comment, like, see more :-( ........

Damommza says:

I used it last night and it worked fine. Got up this morning and saw there was a FB update on my ipad so I updated it. Now it won't work. If you open FB, it it hangs for a second or two then closes itself. It works fine on my Droid phone..so..now what?

chaos energy says:

Hoped for update so I can use Facebook app on iPad again, still crash after opening, if I m logged in. deinstalled and new install, open close no issue until I try to do more then opening, so after entering login data. Good bye on 5,1,1 and ipad2

Michael Pilat says:

I have an IPAD 3 with the new OS. As of late through Safari, I am unable to share posts, respond to posts, or "like" posts. Have reset iPad without success. Insight?

DavidAlexander says:

Just updated to 6.0.01 on iPhone 4, and the Facebook app crashes upon opening. Have tried: removing and replacing app; rebooting phone; initializing phone as "new"; changing password on computer, then re-installing app and restarting; have tried everything I can think of to get Facebook to work. Visited three Apple Stores: King of Prussia, San Francisco, and Philadelphia: no one can solve the problem. The Philadelphia store said it was a hardware issue and wanted me to buy a new phone to solve the problem. So as a test, I updated the app on my iPad 3. Now it crashes, too. Grrrr! Is there no solution to this problem?

Steve Vercusky says:

Jailbroken Iphone 4 Facebook crashed right after login screen. I tried turning my Iphone off then back on and facebook app still crashed. I uninstalled the facebook app and installed desktop facebook from installous. Now facebook works.

Todd Richardson says:

iPhone 3Gs, IOS 4.3, Crash as soon as I stat FB

Awesomeshadow11 says:

I have kind of a weird case. So, I was using Facebook, and then it crashed as usual. (What else do you expect from Facebook?) So I tried to log back in, but it kept crashing. Finally, I reinstalled the app and logged in once it downloaded. It crashed, and I had to reinstall again. This time, however, I logged in with a different account and it worked just fine. I logged out and logged back into my original account, and then it crashed again. I haven't been using the Facebook app since then, and I use an iPhone 4 with iOS 5.1.1.

tiggertoo5 says:

I am having this same issue. Have you gotten this problem resolved? My phone is new and this is the only problem I am having. I am thinking it must be some setting in my Facebook account but I have tried to mirror the settings in the account that I could use to no avail. Any help would be appreciated.

Rimu Boddy says:

iPhone 4 5.1OS - Facebook app crashes a few seconds. Installed a second time, still crashes. Have not been able to sign in yet. Makes me wonder how they let it crash. What is it attempting to do - to have such a bug?

Fidler says:

Just found a fix for my case. Had the jailbreak app "IAPfree" installed. Just updated it and now I can login to Facebook again without crashing...

Tami Tucker Simpson says:

I installed the update for facebook yesterday. I have not been able to open fb since. It acts like it's going to start to open and then crashes after about 2 seconds. I deleted it and re-installed it twice. Turned my iPod off in between. Still crashes.

Erica Baker Bradish says:

I downloaded the latest Facebook update-now crashing prior to actually starting the app. I've not downloaded the IOS update- still on 5.1 I think. Any fixes yet?

kevn says:

Updating the Cydia app IAPfree as stated in here fixed it for me. I'm on 5.1.1.

splain2u says:

Was using 4.3.3 on 1st gen iPad when Facebook stopped loading. I finally upgraded to 5.1.1 and I'm still having the same issue. I've deleted facebook and reinstalled but it hasn't fixed the problem. Who's problem, Apple or Facebook??? Please help.

SantiDiaz says:

Crushing just 3 seconds after tap on the app icon. This started las week when updating the facebook app. I have an 3GS iPhone with iOS 5.0.1.

Stephen Souza says:

Yes Facebook app crashes on my wife's iPad currently updated.

twstdfeatrs81 says:

Crashes everytime i open facebook!! I thought it was the new update this confirms it. why do they change a good thing ? Just let it be!!!
white&neonGreen iPhone 4s iOS 5.0.1 Jb untethered LOVE IT

Kristin Yale says:

I updated my facebook app last night. Hadn't done it in a long time. Did not update my phone to the 6. Now Facebook closes as soon as it opens. So frustrating

Maura Babinger says:

Mine won't even load the app, it goes to a white screen with the Facebook blue strip at the top of the screen and it kicks me out like as soon as I try to go in. It's like in the matter of 5 seconds it kicks me out.

Maura Babinger says:

An I just did the new upgrade for it too.

Lisa Curtis says:

I've just updated Facebook on my iPod touch now it won't work at all just goes blank when I click on it. I've taken it off and reinstalled it loads of times now even rebooted my iPod . What can I do now

Nejka McGeachie says:

Same for me- updated app and now doesn't even load!! Anyone has an idea what to do next??

Sherri Lewis says:

grrr i have the 6.0.1 installed was working fine until i signed out of facebook on my iphone and tried to sign back in, thought i'd try on my ipad but that didn't work either so i followed the instructions to try to "fix" the problem but cannot open the help center on my iphone either. even if i just try to go to anything with the word "facebook" in it in my safari it will not open, every other site works just fine. super frustrated. even tried to uninstall and reinstall and that didn't work. any ideas, anyone?

Kelly McFee says:

I am still using the older iOS and have not updated to 6.0.1. Today I updated my apps, including my Facebook app on my iPhone 4 and now the app starts, has a blue bar at the top and then disappears without connecting to FB. I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled with no change. I have rebooted the phone, no change. When I double click on the start button the Facebook App shows as started, but if you select it is does the same thing again. When I check my account on Facebook online through my laptop the iphone session is shown as active. Would say there is a problem with the new updated app. Help!!!

Ashim Dahal says:

Kelly, same problem to me too, but how to find solution?

LA Negra Durauran says:

I haven't updated my Iphone 4s 5.1.1 but after I updated the Facebook App Facebook stop working. It crashes two seconds after I try to open so it wont even open all the way for me

Mermegan11 says:

Updated to 6.0.1 on iPhone 5: Crashing seconds after launching. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, tried power off and then on and still crashing. wth

ccwillits says:

I just updated my Facebook app to version 5.3, and now it shows a blank screen and crashes whenever I try to open it. I have an iPhone 4s, iOS version 5.1.1. I've tried restarting the phone and reinstalling the app. No luck.

Maryevelyn98 says:

havent updated to the latest IOS (6?), but have an iphone 4s and after updating the app, I can't launch it. Have tried uninstalled/rebooting/resetting phone multiple times to no avail.

Andrea Layden says:

My fb app opens and works until I try to type anything (commenting or status updates). I can get 6 letters in and it freezes. I can't do anything other than close the app and try again. I have to open it twice to see anything. This has been going on for about a week.

Harsha Desai says:

Just downloaded FB app on iPad and iPhone, both crash on the opening. tired everything from deleting app and re-installing to hard re-boot. other than setting it back to factory settings which i dont want to do, what could be a answer.

Zagros Os says:

I didn't have any problems with the app before upgrading to iOS 6 and after upgrading. It starred suddenly without notice, the Facebook started crashing and it is not launching either until I keep pressing the icon several times until it works but it crashes after minutes of using, I was wondering if there's anyway to remove the cache of the application because even removing it and downloading again doesn't work too.

Melissa Hanejko Mason says:

Facebook has a new update
that came out today- solved the issue for me!

Namrata Sethi says:

Bloody hell!! Mine fb is also not workin...please fix it soon..

Ichan Placio Torrefiel says:

What the Hell is goin on here? My iphone 4 just 4.3.0 version my facebook crsh!!! Please fix this.

Noel Martinez says:

Just insane!! it crashed, then now i cant see the fb icon on my phone!!! tried to reinstall fb...i have the icon on itunes but wont come out on my phone!!!fix this!!!!!!

Ashim Dahal says:

Yesterday i updated Facebook apps in my iPhone 4, but now the apps is not running . Its terrible, why so ?

Carmen Fierro says:

updated to 5.4 on my iPad and now face book is not working at all when the link is tapped ugh

Courtney CantelopeTurtle says:

ok the same thing happened to my ipod, it worked again when i synced my ipod to the computer, hope it helps c:

Michael Kirkpatrick says:

Using iOS 6.1 on an iPad 3 and the newest Facebook app crashes every time I start it.

Rachel Fortune says:

I foolishly updated my iOs and Facebook won't open.

Cheryl Lawler says:

Did the update of iOS 6.1 on my IPad today and now Facebook crashes.

David Thomas2 says:

I don't think it's an issue with the ios 6.1 as I've not been able to use the facebook app for weeks, if i use app version is never loads fully anyway before crashing and i use the web-based version though safari that will crash after a minute or so, also using games on the iPad that need to log-in to facebook is impossible as it stalls. Oh and I'm still on the 5.1.1

Luke Thompson says:

Just got the iPhone 5 and installed Facebook but crashes every time I click on someone's status or picture to comment. I can browse absolutely fine without seeing comments etc (I'm nosy like that!). I'm on iOS 6.0 but have an update waiting for iOS 6.0.1. I don't think it's the software that's the problem it seems to be facebook. Strange that its fine on the iMac and iPad? Someone please find a fix its driving me insane!

congressdj says:

Luke, I am having the exact same problem. It's been going on for nearly a week. It's completely Facebook account-related, as my wife can sign in using my phone and not have a problem. But the second I log back in to my app, it crashes when I open someone's feed to comment. Updating to iOS 6.1.2 didn't help, either.

habeeba26 says:

My Facebook app is also crashing and I didn't do any upgrade. Pls I need help.

William Smith3 says:

Facebook app been crashing for weeks on my iPad but works fine on my iphone. What gives?

Samuel Berkowitz1 says:

Ever simce I upgraded to IOS 6.1.2 facebook has been crashing in a few seconds factory restore did not help either

David Kistner says:

Mine crashes and freezes temporarily. It will just stop working when I click a pic and after rubbing around all over the screen, the app crashes or it backs me up a screen. Also it's impossible to type comments n such when it's slow like that because every letter takes about 7 seconds to register and appear on the screen

Celia Lynch says:

My heart is broken since I upgraded to IOS 6.1.2. Facebook completely useless. I can open it & read for max of 10 seconds. I can't post anything. I feel I've lost my family as its how we all communicate.
I have deleted & put on again several times. Rebooted & done everything advised. Still unusable.

multisat says:

Fix for Facebook not working on iPhone is simple
It is to do with java so you need to go into
Setting and turn java off this will work best
Off luck guys

Rey Gutierrez says:

Same problem here i just got my new iphone5 and already updated ios6.1.2 same problems facebook notification photos :( i think the problem is facebook facebook application need to update..

charmaine albury says:

My Facebook app won't open at all!!!! I've tried the getting more free apps suggestion and rebooting- nothing!

Adam Esabri says:

I've just restored my iPhone to Iy is original settings and Facebook doens't lunch anymore

Marsha Haulmark says:

facebook is crashing on my iphone 3gs with ios 6.0.1 i have to open facebook 3 times before it will actually open up, and it will open up on the 3rd time everytime.......

Chris Bryan says:

Got an ipod touch and facebook has NEVER worked without crashing or messing up. I can't wait to get a non apple device to replace this thing.

chickenwatt says:

I am 99% sure that Facebook should be made by android partners and they make this app a nightmare for IOS hardwares, because they can not be such an idiots to make a bad runnig app for so long...f...them

Nasa Parent says:

Crashes for me every time I try to read a comment.

Sue Strieby says:

I just downloaded the new update for 11-8-2013 and it was for bug issues. I tried to load it but it changed my ap to a dark color and now unusable. So I deleted the app and plugged in to the Itunes to sync with the phone, no good either. So I went to the app store and tried to re-download it and it says its doing it but its not then I get a pop up yo try again later this is for Iphone4S with IOS7

Simonetta Diversa says:

I tried everything and still crashes. I searched the app store and I found this great app: Facefull https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/facefull-for-facebook-full/id408260441?m...

You can use Facebook like on your PC or desktop.

Kasia Bergh says:

Hi for the past two days whenever I try to open Facebook on my 5s it crashes seconds after it opens up. What must I do? Thx