Are you experiencing problems with Photo Stream, Documents in the Cloud, iCloud backup?

Are you experiencing problems with Photo Stream, Documents in the Cloud, iCloud backup?

Apple's iCloud services aren't having a great morning, with problems being reported for Photo Stream, Documents in the Cloud, and iCloud Backup. According to Apple's System Status:

Multiple iCloud Services - Some users affected

Users are experiencing a problem with the services listed above. We are investigating and will update the status as more information becomes available.

Looks like it started around 4:30 am and persists. If you're having issues, let us know in the comments, and when things clear up, let us know that as well. If you want to keep track, hit the link below.

Source: System Status

Rene Ritchie

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There are 9 comments. Add yours.

nino63004 says:

Working fine for me right now. I'm in Michigan

sweetstyle says:

Everything seems good in the UK...

vesperdem says:

Getting a Connection Error when trying to log into the website. Otherwise, seems OK...

Fritzthetwit says:

Just updated my iPhone. Photo Stream problem notification popped up.

eatbear says:

just backed up my iPod Touch to iCloud from Portugal

markrgers says:

Everything working okay for me. Tested out backups, photo stream and documents in the cloud.

iDonev says:

Rene, try to include timezone info whenever possible. 4:30 AM gives no info to someone who stumbles upon iMore and this post.

Richard Peach says:

Whatever Apple did, they "broke" the usual way that some phones with Android Jelly Bean connect to .me & .mac. It is not every phone, but different people are finding that they need different Manual set ups for each phone depending on the make & model. For me all was fine on February 27th. Then I was travelling all of 28th and when I finally got back Home I could not get emails either by my data plan or my Home wireless network. After trying every variation for days I finally am able to check mails again. All my apple devices have worked fine throughout, just the Android phone was affected.

Rinn Yan says:

New apple product user. Bought iphone5 before vacation and took more than 1000 photos. Accidentally deleted photos from Camera Roll only to find out Photo Stream only stores the latest 1000 photos. How do I recovered the earlier taken photos which were purged out from Photo Stream? No, I do not have my iCloud on at that time.