Chrome for iPhone and iPad updated, share web pages via Messages

Chrome for iPhone and iPad updated, share web pages via Messages

Google's Chrome browser for iPhone and iPad has been updated with the ability to share web pages via Messages. You can also now quickly access any page in your tab history by holding down on the back button.

If you're a Google Chrome user, go grab the update, now!

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Chrome for iPhone and iPad updated, share web pages via Messages


they need to have a "copy to clipboard" feature. often i am sharing a webpage to a group iMessage and it is easier to find my group and paste rather than typing all the names again.
Or sometimes I want to share via another chat app. i think any app that has a share feature should have copy to clipboard as a standard.

Thought it was just me but apparently not. New update broke my Chrome. Open it and it crashes after 3 seconds. It worked perfectly before the new update.

It crashes for me too. iPhone 4S 6.1.2 Jailbroken. I am curious if this new crash is related to being Jailbroken. Is this new update working for anyone?

Crashes on jailbroken devices. Only way i have been able to fix it multiple times is below (thanks to someone called mrd3sai).

Found a fix that worked for me:
1. Uninstall Chrome
2. Reinstall it from the App Store
3. Open Chrome
4. Check the first checkbox that says something like send anonymous data to help Chrome
5. No more crashes

To disable usage data
1. Go to Settings
2. Privacy
3. Send usage data
4. Never