Vancouver Apple store robbed by bear spray wielding thieves

Vancouver Apple store robbed by bear spray wielding thievesThe Vancouver Apple was robbed on Monday evening by three men armed with bear spray. Bear spray, also known as pepper spray is used to fend off bear attacks and is equally effective against humans. The men stormed into the open store and hit around 40 people with the spray causing mayhem and confusion. The men made off with iPods, iPads and laptops from the display areas.

The attack occurred just before 7 p.m., as approximately 40 customers were in the store, according to a statement from Vancouver Police. Five would need to be treated by paramedics for exposure to the chemical, whose active ingredient is derived from cayenne peppers.

Nearby Vancouver Police K9 units were on scene moments after the attack. Although they were unable to find the three males suspects, they discovered a quantity of product discarded by the men as they made their escape. The trio reportedly fled by car.

For hours after the event, the malls of Vancouver's Oak Ridge mall were still filled with the stench of the bear spray. Thankfully no one was seriously hurt in the incident this time with only minor injuries caused by the pepper spray.

Apple stores are always a popular target for thieves and on New Year's Eve last year, the Paris Apple Store was the subject of an armed robbery where thieves were thought to have got away with more than a million dollars of Apple products. This one was a much smaller scale robbery.

Source: National Post

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Vancouver Apple store robbed by bear spray wielding thieves


I've always been curious about this. Are devices stolen from stores traceable? Like, are the devices MAC addresses or some other unique identifier detectable by authorities when they go online?

We need a ban on all bear spray type devices. Large pepper grinders should also be on the list (anything that holds over 30 peppercorns). This kind of tragedy recently happened at my local Walmart, and dozens have suffered needlessly.

So what happens to the people who use those types of sprays to defend from bears? Do you just condemn them to death!?

Turin's Apple Store in Italy has been robbed too last week. It's the second time since it opened.