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Forums: Cutting the iTunes cord, iPad mini 2 release date, Game Center gripes, iPhone 5 speed results


I do think about cutting the cord sometimes, but I think I'm just waiting for many of the channels I watch to be available everywhere (all cord-cutting solutions). Hopefully the charger is the next thing Apple cuts...

Game Center gripes??? How about some attention to the horrible battery drain bug Apple introduced with iOS 6.1????

I am definitely due for a new tablet. My old galaxy tab 10.1 is showing her age. I've always like the form of the iPad mini. Hopefully the mini 2 will be awesome.

The forums are for sure heating up with great threads, posts and comments and we are lucky to have added to new Modes to thew group like Keith and Darrick. They have really added to Johns Mod group.

I own both Android and iOS devices...

The problem I have with iTunes is that, in order to completely cut the cord, you have to pay $24.99/yr for what Google Play does for FREE (and does just as well).

I can upload local CD's to my Play Store account and have it available on all my Android devices, I have to pay Apple to do the exact same thing. No bueno.