Monday Brief: BlackBerry Q4 earnings, a Google Watch, and the last Monday Brief ever!

Ashley Esqueda

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west3man says:

Nice one. I almost fell for the "last" part but the "HP" part revealed the to gue firmly in-cheek (as I'm sure it was meant to).

Also, the way it was cut off made it seem like she was going to say another 4-letter word, other than "show."

uwatto says:

I actually fell for it, for a min or two , but great video

shinuyuki says:

I'm hoping Blackberry's growth continues at a constant speed. I would hate for them to die and not mess up this duopoly between Android and iOS. We need a new player to push everyone harder to innovate, not so much in hardware, but software.

NetMage says:

"iPhone 4 for $69 and iPhone 4 for $15"?
"HP purchased the Momday brief"?