Currency for iPhone review: Convert between currencies on the go

Currency for iPhone review: Convert between currencies on the go

Currency is a super simple, yet beautiful, currency converter for the iPhone. It features a clean design and historical charts. If you're an avid traveler or have financial interest in other currencies, Currency may be an excellent app to add to your collection.

When I say Currency is simple, I mean it. The main screen is a list of all the currencies you're interested with the primary currency at the top. So if you have 400 USD set for the main currency, the equivalent amounts for the other selected countries will be displayed below. Swiping the main amount to the right will reset the amount back to zero; sliding to the left will go back to your previous amount.

When you tap on the main amount, the keyboard will slide up from the bottom of the screen, or you can manually slide it up yourself. Swiping the keyboard to the left will review the historical data over the past six months for your #2 currency. Ordering your currencies how you want is a bit of chore, however, because they appear in the order tapped. So you if you want USD followed by CAD, then you need to tap CAD to bring it to the top, followed by USD to push CAD down to the second spot.

The good

  • Beautiful design
  • 160+ currencies
  • Offline Mode
  • Always up to date
  • Simple gesture interface
  • Live historical charts

The bad

  • No decimals
  • Can't reorder currency list
  • Not a fan of the fact that the keyboard is never completely hidden (top row is always visible)

The bottom line

Although it can benefit from a few more features, especially decimals and the ability to reorder the list, Currency is a beautiful currency converter and I appreciate its simplicity. There's a lot of potential in this little app.

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Reader comments

Currency for iPhone review: Convert between currencies on the go


I like the idea, but the app I use for converting anything (and I mean anything) is called Converter and it is free. It regularly updates various currency exchange rates, too, if I'm not mistaken.

Currency changes constantly how can it stay up to date when it can operate in an offline mode. When you go to exchange your money at a bank they will check the rate just before make your transaction. Enough with the rant... I do however like the simplicity and design of the app.

The app looks nice, yet I see no point on spending $2 when there are other apps that do the same in a great way, for free. I have used globe convert and now using convertible, both convert not only currencies, but any other you need to convert, both are great apps!

Take a look at my Currency+ app for the iPhone and iPad. It has all the features and ease of use that you might be looking for.

I don't rely on currency converter apps really... But simply keep tabs on forex for the latest exchange rates. Not that this is not a useful app, but for me not that much!