Welcome to iMore... Richard Devine!

Welcome to iMore... Richard Devine!

Richard Devine is no stranger to the Mobile Nations team, at least not for anyone who's been following his work over on Android Central for the last long while. He's been into tech since he was 8 years old and first got hooked on Sega Mega Drive. While he started off as an avid console gamer, he quickly got into mobile, first with Windows Mobile/Phone, then BlackBerry, iPhone, and Android. He's no stranger to Apple in general either, having bought his first iPod 9 years ago, which quickly led to a series of Macs, and iOS devices.

Richard's also a self-confessed motorsport "nut" -- I think they call them petrol-heads in the UK? That's what my years of Top Gear viewing have taught me, at least -- and spends ridiculous amounts of time at the track, at least since he got his license last year.

Why am I telling you all this? When Chris Oldroyd went back to the real world last month, it left a gap in our coverage -- a UK-sized gap. Richard, as you might have guessed, is based in the UK.

So we stole him.

That means, from now on, Richard will be bringing you the latest Apple news on devices, apps, accessories, and ecosystem starting well before most of you get up every morning, as well as feature pieces on a variety of topics. He'll also be helping us out with iMore 3.0 -- more on that in a few weeks -- and all the great stuff we're building for you going forward.

He'll also be popping up across Mobile Nations -- so AC fans, don't fret -- and will continue to be contributing towards cross-site, and cross-platform events in Europe and elsewhere.

For now though, please join me in giving Richard a warm welcome to iMore, and if you aren't already, you should follow him on Twitter @ricker666.

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Welcome to iMore... Richard Devine!


Thank the lord, another English guy to keep these guys right! Welcome Richard and its great to have your coverage on iMore!

Welcome. What´s more it lends to more credibility when you see members from other teams in Mobile Nations writing articles for various platforms. Imagine while reviewing an Android device for example, you have opinions from Kevin, Rene, Derek and the guy from WP as contributions to the review. I would be quite refreshing.

That probably wasn't necessary... But I laughed anyway! It has become the Samsung promotional hour over there in the last 6-9 months. It's quite refreshing for an old iOS vet like me coming back to this platform full time in the last month to not have to constantly read up on Samsung & well... Not much else.

Oh & welcome over Richard. Your reviews, & Alex's at AC (steal him too please!) were always
very professional & a good read.