Nokia joins the Aluminum brigade with the new Lumia 925

Being iPhone owners, we're suckers for beautifully designed smartphones. So, when Nokia took to the stage in London to showcase their latest and greatest, the Lumia 925, we had to go and take a look. Our buddies over at Windows Phone Central were on the ground throughout the event to bring us all the full story. So, what's the Lumia 925 all about?

The Lumia 925 is an aluminum clad device, packing an 8.7MP camera complete with Optical Image Stabilization. We know Nokia makes good cameras, and they're promising some hardware and software improvements so we'd expect the Lumia 925 to produce some pretty impressive photos. The iPhone 5 camera as we know produces some excellent photographs, so for mobile fans it's great news that camera technology is being pushed across the board.

Nokia is continuing to tie up with big name application developers too. Also announced today, Hipstamatic will be taking their new social-based photo platform, Oggl, to Lumia devices. Oggl has only just launched on iOS, and currently isn't available anywhere else.

Summing up the Lumia 925, Windows Phone Central editor-in-chief Daniel Rubino:

For those of you who dismissing this as just another 920, we’d suggest you reconsider. The phone feels like a Lumia 720 (which we love) but it has the 920 guts inside, making it a very compelling device for those who want a thinner, lighter phone. It’s not an iteration of the 920, but “another expression” of it.

For the full story on the Lumia 925, be sure to pay a visit to Windows Phone Central. Let us know what you think of it in the comments below, does the Lumia 925 attract you in anyway? Could it tempt you from your iPhone?

Source: WIndows Phone Central

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Reader comments

Nokia joins the Aluminum brigade with the new Lumia 925


I love my iPhone 5, iPad 4th and iOS and am fully invested in unnumbered apps. It's great that Nokia is inspired by Apple's designs but that hardly makes me want to switch.

I wouldn't say that Nokia was inspired by Apple, this looks nothing like an iPhone. Rather, Samsung was giving plastic a bad name and I think that forced a response from Nokia. Just my 2 cents.

Lol! Your comment wouldn't be so funny if Nokia hadn't already released aluminum body designs back in 2010. I have a blue Nokia N8 - which consists of aluminum.

Nokia is not doing anything they haven't already done before with regards to materials that they are using on the Lumia 925.

While I do love the design of the phone, and I agree that the camera is second to none, my biggest problem lies with Windows Phone 8 and the lack of apps available. If the app store can land updates to current apps that are far behind (facebook and twitter) and get popular apps in the store (snapchat, instagram etc.) then I will consider it. Until then though, I will hold off buying anything until I see what Apple has up it's sleeves with iOS 7 and the iPhone 5S

I loved Windows Phone when I was using my HTC Mozart... and I love what WP8 has to offer - regardless of the lack of application support right now. And this Lumira 925 certainly makes me tingle all over...! ;)

But I'm certainly happy with my iPhone 5 for the time being. Might look at this though for my wife...

If AT&T snags it, I will trade up my iPhone 4S for it. I've watched WP8's app selection grow a good bit. Maybe by the time I can get this one on ol' Blue they'll have more than enough quality apps/games to keep me on the platform.

Re: "Being iPhone owners, we're suckers for beautifully designed smartphones."

... made by Apple. Not cloned by wannabes.

When has Nokia cloned Apple slavishly? People like you make the entire community look bad. Nokia made aluminum phones before Apple did. They also make great RF phones, something Apple didn't really achieve until the iPhone 5. Should I revisit Antennagate? I'd rather not.

I owned an aluminium-clad Nokia back in 2010, so it is not like they are now joining anything. And I held a metal-clad Nokia in my hand first time 15 years ago. That time, it was steel.

Although my Iphone 5 is my main phone Im am still using my Nokia E7-00 made fully in Aluminum and i can tell you that the iphone does not give that feeling of a solid and well constructed device my E7 gives the iphones feels fragile in comparisson with my other device . I have to say Nokia has always made beautiful products and if next iphone does not have a revolutionary desing instead of the same since iphone 4 i will switch back to a Nokia Phone.