Google Maps for iOS gets Waze incident reports

Google Maps for iOS gets Waze incident reports

People using Google Maps for iOS should notice a new traffic feature starting today, with real-time incident reports arriving via Waze. When Waze users report road closures, accidents, construction, and other traffic events, they will appear in the Google Maps app like any other incident report. The report itself will be noted as coming from Waze.

You don't need to update the app in order to see the reports. They'll just appear when reported. Waze report will work in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Germany, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Switzerland, U.K. and the U.S. The Waze app for iOS will also receive and update that brings Google Search to the app. This is the first major inclusion of Waze into Google Maps since Google acquired the company earlier this year.

Are you seeing incident reports from Waze users in the Google Maps app yet?

Source: Google Maps blog, via Android Central

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Google Maps for iOS gets Waze incident reports


I see a Waze incident report in Seattle if I scroll down the I5 a way's. Did not see Canada mention as a Waze/Google Maps integrated country, waiting for that.

Waze was helpful to me recently on a Seattle trip as well as locally here in Vancouver on the Waze app itself.

I have been using Waze on my android for months and have been extremely impressed with its accuracy and dependability. I installed it on my mother's i5 and she used it on her return trip to Florida from New England and also commented on its accuracy and ability to route her around trouble spots very quickly.