BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) for iOS submitted to App Store, waiting on approval

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) for iOS submitted to App Store, waiting on approval

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), once the crack in crack-berry, is going multi-platform this month, including iOS and Android. While no firm release date has been set, BlackBerry's Alex Kinsella has just stated that BBM for iOS has already been submitted to the App Store. Twitter:

Just in case we forgot to mention, BBM for iPhone was submitted for review 2 wks ago. #waiting #BBM4ALL

Apple approved Google's Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, the indie WhatsApp, and a plethora of other instant messaging clients, so there shouldn't be a problem with the core concept. If BlackBerry is trying anything fancy, like screen sharing, that could complicate review. So could any issues related to this being their first iOS app, unlike other major competitors who've gotten past their first, painful app launches and settled into the App Store groove.

Either way, we should be getting it soon. Anyone itching to start BBM'ing from their iPhone?

Source: Twitter

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John Flud says:

I don't know a single person with a blackberry. everyone either uses imessage or facebook. LOL So no I won't be using it. I can see it being useful to people who do know folks on blackberries though.

luqman24 says:

Are u dumb? What part of multi-platform did you not understand? Incase you didn't understand the multi-platform part though, you will be able to use it on iOS, Android and BlackBerry. Meaning iOS to iOS, iOS to Android, iOS to BlackBerry, Android to Android, etc. will all work.

John Flud says:

LOL I answered the question. I have imessage. it works. for people that don't have iphones that I know we chat via facebook message. it works. thus I see no need to add an additional app. it doesn't add anything that I can't already do. if you want to call me dumb for my choices than frankly that says more about you than me. no I won't use that platform. I don't need it. don't like that? suck it up butter cup. if you do need or want it, then enjoy! no skin off my nose either way.

luqman24 says:

I called you dumb because I thought u thought BBM worked only if you the other person u were sending the message to was using a BlackBerry. But I take it back since I misunderstood you. It's up to you if you use it or not, I can't force you to use it if you choose not to of course. Me coming from BlackBerry a couple of years ago miss BBM so I'll definitely be using it along with almost all my friends. Can't wait till its out. One thing I prefer it over iMessage is the ability to post status updates and profileppictures and comment on them and also send music files or any small sized file back and forth to anyone so I'll definitely be looking for to using that again.

John Flud says:

oh yes I certainly see why many will be very happy about this, and will jump all over it. whatever works for you or makes you happy, I say. :)

supraking says:

The point is that you won't need "an additional app". In fact, it's going to take the 2 apps you use and condense them into one. If you prefer to use two, that's fine. Many people will migrate to BBM. When your friends start using it you'll be forced to migrate anyway.

RevJar says:

Been waiting for it. It's the one thing I miss from my BlackBerry days.

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ArGiEs says:

Same here. It worked like a charm & very fast when I used BlackBerry. My Android-toting son also had Blackbery & we would message like lightening all the time. Hopefully he'll want to install it as well!

jkomo001 says:

I'm stoked for it, too. my dad still has a BB so I'm excited

bfisher003 says:

I updated my iPhone 5 to iOS 7 about 10 minutes after it became available. Took about an hour altogether. No problems. Works great. I like it!

Gsarfin says:

Never used it, don't know of anyone who does. My sister has it, so I guess it'll have another option for messaging her... And who knows when it launches I may all of a sudden find a lot of people I know are using it after all.

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Daytona says:

@Gsarfin You said you don't know anyone who uses BBM and that your sister uses it all in the same post. I'm confused.

Gsarfin says:

My sister has a blackberry, therefore I assume she has bbm. I've never seen or heard of her using it since none of the people that I know she knows has a blackberry, therefore I can't say I know she uses it (she might). Her husband, all all of our family members use iPhones, and friends all use android or iPhone.

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Daytona says:

This would be as successful as NEXTEL releasing a chirp app for iOS and Android. Basically BBM is a great app coming from a company with a tarnished name that a lot of people forget is still even in business.

jkomo001 says:

The company has a bad viewpoint from US' perspective, but elsewhere around the world it's actually a really popular company. Even the US is starting to look at it differently with BB10- but the majority of US still looks down upon it. Looking at some countries, especially in Africa, it is the sought-after company (in many cases because of BBM- so that could change).

airjordanxx2 says:

I do know people out of the USA who still use blackberry and since I don't this could be great, I know that whatsapp right now it's the first message app around the word but still. I will try it

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Scatabrain says:

This might have been encouraging 3 years ago. Now it feels like admission of defeat. Really what would be great is the blackberry services and notifications for ios and android. They could have made some amount of $ off of other handset sales that licensed the service. 3 years ago this would have been a great partnership opportunity. Now others have messaging and notification solutions of their own that are adequate enough to not need BB services. It's a shame.

sk8er_tor says:

Then I guess Apple admitted defeat when they released iTunes and Safari on Windows.

Derrick4Real says:

I have no interest in BBM and no need for it. I have unlimited messaging so that's all i use. I don't know anyone using BB phones or BBM specifically. The topic has never even come up in conversation with my peer group. For me i don't have a clue what the fuss is about.

thefivetheory says:

I can see this being a big deal in certain parts of the world. My wife is Indonesian and it seems like EVERYONE in business there has BBM... To the point where people will carry a blackberry in addition to their primary phone. Just to use BBM. If they could drop the dead weight, I imagine they would.

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GOPphil81 says:

Who cares. Apple probably put this on the back burner to focuse on apps that really matter.

BBPandy says:

Apps that really another fart app?

GOPphil81 says:

Yes, a fart app matters more then BBM. I sorry you still use a dead messaging service from a dead OS. I use to use a BB until 2011, ever since switching the the iPhone I have never been happier with my phone.

GOPphil81 says:

Also stop trolling our blog with you BB fanboy crap. I DON'T CARE THAT YOU LOVE BB!!!!!!!

Indi Higgins says:

The more its dragged out the less excited people will be for it.

wendybeee says:

I still have many friends with BB's and it's the only thing I have always missed about my BB's so yes most def I will use it and scrap WhatsApp.

SaMaster14 says:

I used to be a huge BB fan. I'll definitely be using this to bbm the few of my friends still on BB.

svfd757 says:

Can't wait for BBM

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DravenX says:

I still have one penpal who has a BB so I'm hoping it comes out soon.

llllBULLSEYE says:

Still have contacts from my country with BBM
I cant wait

sinnaever says:

it will be handy for me since my co-workers are divided 50/50 on smartphones. Our office used to be 100% BB, and everyone used BBM constantly. Now we have begun to migrate to iPhones so half of us are no longer part of the BBM Chats, which is a good and bad thing. Either way, I am going to use it so my stubborn BB-fan friends can msg me without using txts. Apparently WhatsApp for BB is flaky and BB users hate IM thru that app.

sk8er_tor says:

Whatsapp for BB is not flaky. I use it and it works perfectly fine, never freezes, never crashes. The problem with Whatsapp has nothing to with BlackBerry but is a core Whatsapp engineering flaw across all platforms. For one thing, you can't choose who you want to add to your Favs list. Also, if someone has your phone number but you don't have theirs, they can see your picture, status message but you can't see them! Now think about that in a work setting where your business colleagues have your cell phone number but you want to use Whatsapp for personal reasons, post a funny profile picture, etc. You can't! With BBM, you're in complete control over who you add and want to chat with.

talluptallup76 says:

Can't wait

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talluptallup76 says:

Whatsapp has been a good alternative since I left blackberry, but bbm trumps it any day

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sk8er_tor says:

The article has misinformation. This is not BlackBerry's first app on Apple's App Store. BES10 is already available in the App Store and has been there for quite some time.

jefftam68 says:

What i like about BBM the most is the variety of features that come in the single app. BBM Channels, video chat, audio only chat, file sharing, screen sharing, and of course the old reliable messaging service. It was awesome when BBM Music was around too, but that died a slow painful death unfortunately.

cransmi says:

i carry an iPhone and a Blackberry (work), and my preferred messaging platform is iMessage. The single interface to private network messaging and public test messaging with transparent setup is what I prefer hands down. There are extra features in BBM but those are low value features in my world, but I understand others value them highly. Simple and effective always wins in my evaluation book.

However, there is one key reason that I will be getting BBM for iOS, my wife is a full time BBM user and travels frequently, To date, she's been fine getting text messages from me. However, when she's out of country I'll use BBM for iOS so I can stay on my preferred moble device even though it means referencing a 2nd app. International messaging costs win out over personal preference here. Unfortunately, once I use it for her next trip I know it will stick afterwards and I'll be stuck with a 2nd messaging app.

Prashant Bhaskar says:

Wow ...... I love bbming :p actually Bbm is a status symbol as good as Apple iPhone .... I m loving it though I have a blackberry and I use Bbm on it :)

kruff123 says:

be ready to download bbm on the september 12 :D

Ipheuria says:

I will probably try it out. My brother uses a BB and some of my other family members use Android. So depending on how easy it is to set up it will be a way for all the platforms to talk to each other.

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erikbock says:

Sadly I think it is too little too late. BB should have done this at least 3 years ago. I know so many companies that have ditched the BB in favor of either iOS or Android already. Let's face it BB missed the boat in 2008.

I might try it to see how well the platform works but my expectation is really low on this one.

tbwoy says:

I would really like it if apple stopped clowning around an released the damn sick of whatsapp and kik. i would like to delete them and have friends rather BBM me or imessage me ..... APPLE sort out ya life and give you consumers what the want and that bbm and quit the delay suckers

MariaLynette2 says:

BBM is one of the most favorite app by many users few years back. It is good to know that it is coming to the two major OS platforms. Hope it will attract many Smart phone users. Mobile apps are the leading one today. Thus they involves in most of our activities.As soon as they release it, I am migrating off bb to android, the only thing holding me back before was bbm, now its gonna be available on android, I don't see any reason to stay with bbm anymore. Find interesting mobile apps here:

Ahmad Kishani says:

i want bbm i cant wait to use it :)

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Elizabeth Oviedo says:

I will love have it i have a Blackberry too and the bbm os one of my favorites. Hope u put it in Apple store hurry couse some friends dont have iPhone and is really fast And have a lot if good things. I love iphone yo so if we can have everything what we have in Blackberry and in android is Going ti be the best iPhone couse actually i love it. And i haved all that phones.